University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are supportive and creative.


My classmates in the Special Education program were extremely competitve because we all wanted to be among the very first students to graduate with a degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado.


Everyone in class is very friendly.


The students at UNC are very nice and open minded. Our campus is a cornucopia of people: Jews, Muslims, Gays, Straights, rich people, poor people, and in-between people. No student would feel out of place at UNC. There is no separation of people at UNC; if there were 4 tables in the dining hall, there would be no way to stereotype any of them. If you were to look at an average class, most of the students would be wearing casual clothes, for example, jeans and a t-shirt and maybe a hoodie. Most of the students at UNC live and grew up in Colorado, so we know that we might need a hoodie later if it's warm in the morning. Politically, students are aware but not predominantly active on the left or right side. If you searched very hard you might find one hard core wing member, but at UNC he/she would be preaching to the choir.


I don't have any experience with racial or religious groups on campus, i believe most students would not feel out of place. I believe the students need to get involved in activities on campus and be outgoing in order to make friends and get to know the people around. Students wear relatively conservative and casual clothing to classes. The tables at the dining hall are very widely diverse. Most of the students seem to be from Colorado and have a lower to middle class financial background. I do not know if students are politically aware, i do not hear much about this and i would not know which way they vote. And no students do not talk about how much they'll earn one day.


The students at UNC tend to range just like any other university. The amount of people UNC has are diverse and vast. Students at UNC have no problem establishing connections and relationships with other students, because of the diverse backgrounds at UNC.


My classmates seemed to keep to themselves but most of them were nice if you talked to them.


My classmates are absolutely amazing and are one of the main reasons i decided to go to UNC.


My classmates are diversely intriguing, with a variety of goals and hopes, but still maintain connections with vastly different individuals.


My classmates are very supportive and helpful; they also know how to study, take notes, and have fun all at the same time.


The students at UNC are a fun, exciting, and diverse group of students focused on learning and enjoying life to the fullest!


Some classmates can be rude but most of them are very nice and if you get to know them, you can have study groups and help each other with homework.


My classmates are eclectic- there are the Catholic youth group members who don't wear shoes to protest abortion, sports fans decked out in UNC basketball gear 365 days a year, cowboys (and girls), chemistry nerds, sorority sisters, and single parents. To define them in one sentence would be impossible.


My classmates are sincere and inspiring people who are, along with myself, growing into all sorts of new ideas and experiences that College has to offer.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful, willing to help you succeed at anything they can.


My classmates are diverse and yet friendly enough to get to know them. Study groups are easy to form because of the fact that they are open to getting to know other students.


Each class has a variety of students with different backgrounds, ethnicity, culture, etc. Every classmate has their own vision of college and their views become apparent if they're showing up to class on a regular basis, completing every assignment, etc. I've seen too many students waste their time and money by not showing up to class and not taking responsibility for their work. However, I have classmates who do the best they possibly can, attend class every day, and don't hesitate to ask questions.


My classmates are all familiar with one another, like another family, because the college is so small and we all share a common goal/bond which is to become teachers.


They are nice, willing to learn and help out others with needed.


As an education major, I find that the students in my classes are really focused and desire to do well.


My classmates are a diverse group ranging from very focused students to students that don't know exactly what they intend to do with their education. They range from happy to sad, artistic to athletic, and are also racially diverse to a certain extent.


My classmates are focused when the information and/or professor is interesting.


Focused and determined to graduate with honors.


Friendly, most of them know where you're comming from if you're having a bad day, many relate to you because they have been through things you have been through.


nice and there to help


Classmates are easy to get along with and have the same intrest in the subjuct.


Everyone has their own personality and their own diverse way of dressing, thinking, and relating to others on this campus.


Hard-working (sometimes over-worked), dedicated students who (for the most part) want to suceed in life.


The art school is small and friendly, there is always someone to talk to.


My classmates are my family. I'm an out of state student, and my network of friends has been my primary support system while away from home.


Inovlved, hardworking, and opinitated describe most of my fellow classmates.


Now that I am in the higher level classes, that are more major centered, all the students are very focused.


they are very talkative


Almost all of them are caucasian females. I like that my school has more latinos then the other big schools, but there are definately still a lot of blonde haired people and overwhelming number of girls, but blonde girls aren't always a bad thing if you're a guy.


My classmates are all various. They all tend to have different opinons about a lot of different subjects. Some things we agree on and some stuff we don't. None the less I still respect them as people and understand that everyone is allowed their own opinion. I can not singlely describe them all with one word because they are all too different to form into one category. However, in each class we talk and that is how I learn just how different everyone is.


My classmates at this University are very friendly. We all work together and are able to accomplish our work as a team. While most of my classes involve the same people over and over , things can be redundant but the people that i am able to work with on a daily basis are essential towards my success