University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Of all of the large universities in Colorado, it is one of the most diverse.


The University of Northern Colorado is best known for two things. One is there education/ teaching program. The other is for the numerous amount of different types of trees that can be found on campus.


My school is best known for the awesome nursing and education programs


Our school is best known for its nursing program


Are school is known as a school where people go to become teachers i had a few teachers in high school that came from here.


Its known for there businesss and education degrees


UNC is best known for its nursing and teaching programs.


My school is best known for having a great music school in the state of Colorado. The claim is backed up as well as the orchestra has won the Downbeat Music Award multiple years consecutively and many successful job placements are made.


I think my school is best known for their music, nursing, and bussiness programs.


UNC is best known for its theater program which has produced many actors who are now performing on Broadway and in movies. This creates a fun campus environment since there are many unique personalities. In addition to this UNC has a great nursing program which can give you the knowledge to get your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). While both the nursing and theater programs are difficult to break into, UNC is renowned for them and a degree from this school looks reputable.


My school is best known for their variety of quality academic programs. Our programs range from Business to Psychology to Recreation and Tourism. The Benefit of the variety of programs is that it attracts many people of different backgrounds creating a diverse community.


My school is best known for the business school, teaching, theatre, and nursing school. All of these programs are very heavily enrolled in on campus and many students attend from out of state for these programs. The Monfort College of Business was a Malcom Baldrige Excellence award winner.


One of the best education, business, and nursing schools. Many people tend to come here because they are looking for a career in one of these fields. UNC is also known for being a socially active school where people can make great friends and concentrate on their education.


I attend the University of Northern Colorado, it is known for their nursing program and the elementary education program. However the biology department is gaining strength and is known for its difficulty around the state. UNC is a school small enough to offer one on one attention but large enough to offer many programs and activities. The school is very well rounded and diverse with everything from basketball to hula club. UNC does a great job keeping up with students and helping them in any way possible.


The University of Northern Colorado is best known for its excellent Nursing and Opera programs. And, in recent years, its ever improving Business School, The Monfort School of Business. I would also say that UNC is well known for its reasonable cost of tuition and wide range of on campus activities. (camps during the summer, intermural sports throughout the year)


The University of Northern Colorado is known for the diversity of people, the Monfort Business School, the Nursing Program, the Educational Program, and the good food!


Honestly, our school is one of the best teaching schools in the country. Most of the people I know are ed majors and are on the track to graduation. My friends that have already graduated with a teaching degree have found a job within months.


Our school is best know for the smell on campus. There is a slaughter house near and it makes the campus smell ocasionally.


This school is great if you want to get into music,e ducation, business or Nursing. The class sizes are small so you are on a first name basis with the professors and you learn a lot more than in huge lecture halls. The students are all laid back and friendly, and there is no rivalry between this school and others in the state.


Smelling like cows unfortunately, the old Momfort slaughter house is less than ten miles away and the stench surrounds Greeley, but other than that, it's definitely the reputation as an excellent teaching/nursing/business school.


The University of Northern Colorado is best know for its nursing , business, education, and music programs. The Music programs (especially Jazz Studies) are rated top in the United States. The facutly are known for being the best of the best in fields of expertise. The university has one of the best hockey teams in the United States for the college division. It is a fairly small school that focuses on the individual work of the students so they can be prepared for their careers into the real world.


nursing and business


My school is most known for its music education, its business, musical theater, nursing, and education. Our business school is well known and has won a business award and the only one to do so. Our school of music is very good. It is a consevatory feel at a university price. and we have the only music library in the state. Our school has always been known for its education program.


we have one of the best nursing schools in the nation