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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The most popular groups on campus are the residence halls and the Greeks. These two social groups contain what I estimate as nearly 85% of the entire student body. In the residence halls your floor will have twenty people or more that you can get acquainted with. Since I moved into the dorms, I have become friends with about twenty people in my dorm, not to mention ten more friends in the dorm I used to live in across the way; four of those friends are my best friends. I met many of my friends just by walking through their open doors and talking to them. Now, my floor and I go to the basketball games together and sometimes an assembly where a guest speaker is presenting. The residence halls will be a great place for you to meet new people and find best friends. The Greeks are a great place to meet people you wouldn't normally see in your dorm. There are many different kinds of Greeks at UNC including normal Greeks, major oriented Greeks, and multicultural Greeks. A lot of college parties are held at the frat houses such as delta chi or delta tau delta. The fraternities and sororities are a big part of campus life; however, they are not the most important aspect of campus life. Each year UNC has various fund raisers. For example, in March, UNC hosts relay for life to raise money for cancer patients. There are also various student run fundraisers that differ from year to year. There are quaint activities that you can do with your friends. For example, last weekend I had a Start Wars movie marathon with my roommate and friends, then, we played Call of Duty (COD) for a couple hours. At 2:00am we ordered calzones from our local college restaurant DP Dough. Weekends like that make me appreciate being independent in college. Come and visit UNC and find your own favorite activities.

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Our school has a Quidditch team, which is very popular. Each year the GLBTA team hosts an awesome drag show, and all of the profits go to the funding for other events like queer prom. These events tend to sell out very quickly! There are usually parties in the neighborhoods surrounding campus every weekend- however most students are responsible. Personally, my friends and I like to host movie nights in the lounges in our residence halls on the weekends, rather than to party. From my observations, this campus (politically) is very balanced.

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