University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


As an Anthropology Major, my classes are rather small. I think the largest class I've attended at UNC averages 50 students. The smaller classes really make a difference when taking into account one-on-one interaction with professors. My classroom experiences have been very positive thus far. Professors really enjoy mixing their personal experiences in the field with their curriculum.


The academics at UNC are excellent because the small classroom sizes allow students to meet their professors personally. Many professors at UNC are extremely helpful and understanding if you get to know them; at the least the professors will know your name. My favorite class is Global Systems (GS) taught by Richard Jurin. GS is a MIND class geared to exercise our minds by learning about the ecological impact of the human race throughout history. The class is very interactive and Dr. Jurin makes the class fun. No matter what major a student has, he/she is required to take a minimum number of Liberal Arts Credits. (LAC) Personally, I love the LAC requirements of the school because it guides students toward a profession they will love. LACs are a buffet of classes meant to give students a taste of all skills.


The academics at my school have their ups and downs. Professors in the smaller classes do know my name, and in the larger classes they don't. My favorite class is spanish and my least favorite probably calculus. I don't see many students having intellectual conversations outside of class and i don't think students are that competitive. My major is currently pre-engineering and my department is very highly educated professors. I rarely spend time with professors outside of class and i feel that the school's academic requirements are actually pretty easy. The education at this school I would say is geared toward learning for its own sake, so to say.


The academics at UNC depend on the type of student you are. If you work to get good grades then you will have no problem at UNC, but if you don't care about your academics then you will not enjoy all of the things UNC has to offer. The class sizes tend to not be too large, which makes it easier for you to form a connection with your professors. The professors tend to know your name, and work with you if you need help. They do a great job of offering help outside of class, which is very nice. I tend to study a lot because grades have always been important to me, but once again it depends on the type of student you are. UNC has made it very easy for me to establish relationships with my professors because they genuinely care about each and every one of their students.


1) Professors do make an effort to get to know their student's names. 2) My favorite class was my Basic Audiology course because AudiologyClas is awesome! 3) My least favorite class was History from 1877-present. I personally think history can be quite the snooze fest. 4) Students study however much they feel the need to and however much that student is driven to succeed. 5) Class participation is for the most part expected, at least in my experience. 6) Students do have intellectual conversations outside of class frequently. 7) Students are highly competitive on this campus and believe in achieving greatness. 8) The most unique class I have taken has been an American Sign Language introduction course. 9) My major is Audiology and Speech Language Sciences which involves balance, hearing and communication. 10) I do spend time with professors outside of class and even got the chance to conduct research with a few of them! 11) The school's academic requirements are high but feasible. 12) The education at this school is geared towards finding a job after graduation.