University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I usually talk about the class sizes unlike CU who’s classes are like 200 to one professor UNC classes range from 35-40 which is nice because you are able to connect to your professor more and they know your name not your number . I also talk about the fact that most if not all the professors will give you there lecture notes with in a week before the class so you already have them and can ask questions, plus the school in general has so many academic tools that will help you stay in school which is nice.


The thing that I brag the most about to my friends is how beautiful the campus is. No matter what the weather is like the campus is always so amazing.


I love the professors at my school: not only is there a small student-teacher ratio, but the teachers are engaging and are very willing to work with students. I enjoy some of my professors so much that I'll intentionally chose classes from them, even though they might not be teaching material as interesting as untested professors


One thing I love about UNCO is the classroom size, a lot of the classes are fairly small and individuals can get more attention during and after classes. The professors are very good about having time with their students.


When I brag about the University of Northern Colorado to my friends, I tell them about: the openminded faculty, friendly students, and the wonderful opportunity to succeed. As a freshman I am already involved in two clubs and I as I become eligible I know about three more that I am going to join. Also, because of wide variety of classes at UNC, i'm going to be taking summer classes just because there are so many classes that I want to take and I can't fit them all in.


That the basketball team is good. The dorms are great and that the people are awesome. Everyone is friendly and willing to help almost anyone especially if you are lost on campus.


The students at UNC are incredibly friendly and welcoming. There is always something to do around campus. The residence halls are kept up really well. The campus is absolutely beautiful.


Getting good grades. So many students do not put any effort into their work, that when my professors read my papers and saw my projects I almost always got an A, because of what they considered to be excellent quality. (Granted, I did put a lot of energy into my assignments, since one paper I submitted for a class was later accepted to a professional academic conference, but I was surprised at just how many A's I received in such a variety of courses.)


When I tell my friends about my school I usually tell them about the smaller classrooms so its easier to get one on one help from th teachers. I aso tell them that the people here are very friendly and the dorms are all different and nice to live in.


I was told that the University of Northern Colorado has an outstanding undergraduate (and graduate) program for teachers. Though I am not in the field of ever becoming a teacher, I think it says a lot about the teachers currently employed at the University. After all, I'd like to think that great teachers breed better teachers.


When I tell my friends about my school I tell them mostly about all the good things that my fraternity does in the community. We do a lot of things to help improve the community and make it a better place to live and go to school. Greek life is a major social network here and sometimes it can be hard to get connected with anything else.


When discussing colleges with my friends, it is easy for me to jump to the subject of music. UNC has always demonstrated excellence in music. I love to brag about what awards students have won here and what groups are nationally known. I love playing the CDs of the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble for others to show them just how hard we work and just how passionate we are for music.


When telling my friends about the University of Northern Colorado, I brag about the class sizes, professors, and academic advisors. Having small classes allows for more student involvement within classes. Professors make an effort to get to know their students, and they encourage students to drop by during their office hours for help with class assignments or concepts that students may be struggling with. The academic advisors happily do anything they can to help students as well. They do an excellent job of informing students what classes to take and when. The amount of support here is incredible!


When I brag about my school, I mention how much school has expanded my thinking and knowledge. I also mention the great professors I have that go that extra mile to ensure that their students get the most benefit out of their classes in order to prepare them for the workforce.


Whenever I tell my friends about the University of Northern CO, the first thing I usually brag about is the campus. The campus is welcoming to all students and is just an open and comfortable environment to be around, especially since it's not a huge university. Buildings aren't too far apart and everything is within walking distance. If I don't brag about the campus first, I will brag about the Education programs. I'm majoring in Elementary Education and my sister is majoring in Special Education - all we hear is positive things about the Ed. programs.


I brag about the wonderful program i'm involved in. I discuss the nurturing, motivating, and limit-pushing attributes my school posseses. I also like the small classes and really enjoy the new innovative classroom structure used in the department of theatre.


That it is a really good school, good location, and the people are very friendly. It is also a lot of fun.


My school offers a lot of different activities so eveyone does something different. My school is also the perfect size in my opinion its not to big or small. I also went to a school that not many people i knew went to so i have gotten the chance to meet a lot of new people.


The class sizes in my departments (Philosophy and Political Science) are smaller than in high school, and the professors are very wise.


I brag to my friends from home that it is a very big city compared to our hometown which equals there is a lot more to do up here, activity wise. I also brag that it is so close to Denver, that it allows more activities and other options when a student gets bored with just being in Greeley. I also love the scenery that Greeley has to offer, other than the cow smell that new students often find when they first arrive. But, other than that I say it's a beautiful campus, and an amazing theatre.


I brag about the class sizes as well as the great community of people that attend UNC. The small class sizes allow for more individual time with the professor and more in depth class discussions. Another great thing is the smaller campus that is very well kept.


The amazing community we have! Staff and faculty are there because they care about us students! We really have a great student body! Go Bears!


I would tell people about how great the music program is. We have great bands, choirs, and orchestras. There is always an opportunity to watch either the university ensembles, solos, or community groups.


When I brag about my school I mention the convinent location to denver and the mountains as well as small class sizes.


That I was accepted into the exclusive acting program at UNC, and it is one of the best theatre schools in the Region.


Amazing business school!


The small classes, state jurisdiction campus police, good business school, teaching school, nursing school, music program, awesome history teachers.


small classes, not a partying school


I love the program I am in at this school and the professors related to that program.


Vincent Jackson, the wide reciever for the San Diego Chargers attended school here. Our univeristy one 3 consecutve national titles in football. Our basketball program is the best in the state. The fan attendance at the basketball games are sold out most of the time. Overall, it is an awesome college town, with a lot of parties. the bar and club scene is nice because its all college kids. The Greek life here is awesome. And the school is at a perfect size with 16k students. The campus in the fall is amazing.


The small class size and availability to get help from teachers.


The School of Music is one of the top in the country. The best faculty are here for both jazz and classical. UNC Jazz Lab I was named the best college jazz band in the country and same with the UNC Orchestra.


our sports are division I