University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The city that it's located in smells unpleasant at times.


The worst thing I consider about my school is there isn't really a lot of minorities. I consider this the worst thing because being one of the hand full of African-Americans on campus racial comments are common.


The worst thing about my school is that the meal plans are very expensive


The worst thing about this school is the high cost of books that you can only obtain from the author publishing their own version. You have to spend the some odd hundred of dollars on a course book that the professor put together just for one semester.


The Unversity of Northern Colorado is a smaller school with a "Rural" feel. There is limited student activities and not much to help you take pride in the University. Get involved, study hard and be smart with your finances because you are a grown-up now!


The worst thing about the University of Northern Colorado to me is the cafeteria food. I pay $2,500 a semester for my meal plan and the food they serve is not the healthiest. College students are already away from home so we do not have our parents to cook us healthy meals that include the major food groups such as meats and vegetables. But the cafeteria at the Univeristy of Northern Colorado serves us "junk food". Yes they have a small salad bar but they lack healthy vegetables and other food groups.


I don't think that there is anything bad about the university in specific but because of the farms and the meat plants that are close by there is an occasional smell that isn't to fun to be outside in but other than that i think that things are good


The worst thing about this school would be, in my point of view, the students’ fear towards Greek life. The students’ and faculty view of Greek life is highly impacted by the media’s portrayal of it. Therefore many students have a skewed view of Greek life, which is seen as a large group of students who socialize irresponsibly and harshly haze their potential new members. This is not too common at this university but it could still be a potential danger to the continued growth of Greek life. In my opinion this is the worst thing at the university.


Campus is spread out and cannot be traveled on foot. Cost of tuition is moderate to high for the area.


The worst thing about UNC is the random farm-like smells around campus. Keep in mind, Greeley is a farm town.


Our football team does poorly, and there is limited cell phone service in the dorms, whish makes it hard to talk to my family. I also dislike the food served in the dining hall because after a time it is either repetative, or too foriegn.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food. Not as healthy as I would like, and they serve the same thing more than everyone would like.


The worst thing about UNC is that we have some very old buildings that need renovated. Some of our buldings have old layouts and need to be updated, but the school doesn't have funding for this. Since budgets are being cut, students are going to have to pick up the fee to help keep the campus up-to-date. This is hard on all of us, especially in an economy like we have now.


The worst aspect of my school is its reputation as a less academic alternative to larger schools in nearby cities. I always feel as if I am judged for my choice in universities. The fact that this university does not accomodate as many students does not detract from its academic rigor. Due to the nearby universities having larger reputations, this university is often overlooked.


There are times when our surrounding community, Greeley, is a bit frightening and unproductive. The city tends not to relate or participate with university students and it does have a high crime rate. I feel if we had a more supportive community around us then it would be easier for us to venture out in it and get involved in their activities. As it stands now, the students primarily stay on campus, or even go to other surrounding cities for a weekend of fun., rather than immerse themselves in their own city.


How some of the female professors are sexist towards males. I am a male so this counts against me.


I wouldn't give much criticism to the this school as it is the one I chose. I would have to say for a beatiful school like UNC it seems out of place in forever degrading downtown Greeley. As a music student I would like to see a much more grand and larger music library than what is here.


I believe that the worst thing at my school is that meal plans are so much money. I would like to get one becasue I live off campus but canno't afford the,m.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the smell.


The worst thing about my school would be the smell. I know that seems kind of weird, but I really like the school; it's just located in the middle of Greeley, which is all farms, and certain times of the day it just smells like the zoo or stock show. The school itself is great in my opinion, it just is a stinky place to live.


I would consider the worst thing about the University of Northern Colorado to be its location. Outside of school events, there is not much to do within the community. Also, due to its location, it is known for its horrible smell that fills the Greeley air every so often. If it was located elsewhere, it would be a perfect school!


So far, I have liked everything about my school except for the smell of Greeley. Cows are not very pleasent. Overall, UNC is an amazing school academically and socially. I have met so many new friends and I continue to make more.


The worst thing about my school is its reputation. UNC is known as a mediocre university in a small town that smells like manure, but after spending a year at the giant that is CU, I feel so blessed to be here. Sure, there isn't a whole lot to do, particularly since cow-tipping is a lot harder than it looks, but I am more than just a number here. I don't mind when people roll their eyes and ask, "UNC?! Why would anyone want to go there?!", but I wish everyone else knew how great it is.


While the campus may be beautiful and the teachers considerate and helpful, the town of Greeley is at best deserted. There is never anything productive to do and most students go home for the weekends. Also there is a meat packiging plant, so often the town smells strongly from the slaughter house, i.e. boiling blood.


There is nothing really bad about my school. I guess if i would to say the worst thing is the noise in the dorms. The quiet hours are not enforced as well as they should be. It is really hard to sleep and study.


Mostly girls.


The worst thing about my school is the because it is a community college many of the teachers also teach at a state university as well. for this reason I noticed that some of these teachers tend to not take the class seriously and will be lazy regarding our assignments and may do nothing more than play videos during class time. Teachers such as these cause a bad learning environment and make me feel as though I am wasting my money.


The worst thing about the school for me is the campus involvment. There are a ton of ways to get involved on campus. However, only certain groups or events are widely broadcast. Personally to get involved in the activities that interest me would take a little time and research. This is not to say that there is no campus involvment whatsoever. It is simply that I have differing interests than other members of the school might have and that my particular interests are not those within the most popular and thus the information is a little difficult to find.


It is hard to think about the worst thing about my school when I can't even think of a bad thing about it. I have no complaints about the University of Northern Colorado.


Trying to figure out what order to take the classes since they are not always offered each semester.


The worst thing about Northern Colorado is that it is very much a suitcase college. Many people leave or go other places during the weekend. Therefore, the college is relatively dead throughout the weekend times. Sometimes this is a very good thing but for many people this could be a turn off.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the threat of gang violence in and around campus. Though campus itself seems safe it is uneasy to know what occurs close by.


The location is the worst thing about UNC. Greeley, CO is uneventful cow country and also has a very high population of Mexican gangs.


Students with different majors do not interact as often as students with similar majors.


The worst thing about this school is the seperation between central campus and west campus. I never even knew half of the students over there because all my classes were on the other side. There should not be this barrier between the parts of the university.


Location, Greeley Colorado. Smells bad and there is not a lot to do.


The worst thing about my school is the smell. The classes, professors, and clubs are all really great, but Greeley smells. It's a big cow town and really reeks a lot of the time. It is not too bad in the wintertime, but it does smell still. It is a great school other than that though. People say that you get used to it, but i have not. : /


Ice winds, biased political science teachers, LAC credits which are required credits that no one wants to take, the new + - system of grading.


The worst thing about the school is it has a bad reputation. The school is much better than people think.


The town it's in. It's a very small town with no focus on the community. It's also conservative and not to many open-minded people outside of campus. The size of the town also makes it hard to find a work while attending. Which can make it very hard for you to afford college if you don't qualify for financial aid.


UNC is very much a "suitcase" school. There aren't very many social activities to choose from unless you want to drive to a nearby city (which is only about 20 minutes away). It is kind of the best and worst thing about this school because you don't have an opportunity to just go to a club or bar to meet people but if you stay in town over the weekend you can get all your studying done. You meet people here through classes, and extracurricular activities.


The city this school is in is sometimes blind to the fact that there are college students here. It would be great if Greeley would become more engaged with the campus.


The Greek life, they need to be shut down because of drinking and other illegal stuff.


The lack of creativity and those who don't look at the big picture, and rather focus on drinking and video games instead.


The financial department is unhelpful and rude . My mother submitted an email to administrators crying for help. After continually complaints we got assistance. When I transferred ,no one informed me of scholaships that were available. Unfortunately, no counselor was appointed to me when I entered school that gave me advise about my schedule. I have to go another year because of no assistance. They are paid for doing nothing. In the educational department, Mrs. Middleton discourages students in the secondary education. Many students filed complaints but nothing is done. Students fear complaining. This department needs to be reevaluated .