University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


There are 2 stereotypes at UNC; one is good, the other bad. Before I convey these stereotypes, I will specify that both ate not 100% accurate as there is great diversity among students at UNC. The good stereotype for students at our school is that we are just a school for teachers, nurses, and theater majors. This stereotype just outlines the biggest majors here, but there are many other excellent programs at UNC such as our business program and our linguistic program. The bad stereotype for students at our school is that we are stupid. Some call us the "University of No Choice" (UNC). This stereotype The main reason this stereotype exists is the freshman class graduation rate is 49%; this is definitely not a good rate. In fact, I'd say it is quite terrible. To explain this graduation rate phenomenon, I'd like to embellish on the types of students who don't graduate. Many students who don't graduate from UNC either don't have the funds to go to UNC for all four years or transfer to other schools before their senior year.