University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereo types of students at my school is only education majors and theater students. This stereotype is not fully accurate, I feel as if a lot of the students I have met have a wide variety of majors beyond just education and theater.


The stereotypes of students at my school can be seen as members of Greek life, not a lot of men at UNC, and a smaller campus. The stereotype of students being involved in Greek life is somewhat accurate. UNC makes it very possible and easy for students to become involved in Greek life, if that is something that you wish to be a part of. There are a lot of opportunities available for students to join Greek life, and there are a lot to choose from. The stereotype of not a lot of men at UNC is accurate. The ratio of women to men is 60 to 40, so that can be good or bad based on how you look at it. The stereotype of a small campus is somewhat accurate as well. UNC is a smaller campus when compared to CU or CSU but in general it is a decent size campus. I love the size of UNC because it gives students the chance to get to know one another faster than being at a huge university.


The biggest stereotype at our school is that we have a terrible football team and that people go to UNC for academics. This is definitely accurate at the current time, because the football team hardly ever wins. We have some of the best colleges in the state here. UNC is very academic oriented and it shows.


The stereotypes at UNC vary, there are many teachers, business students, stoners, partiers, and of course, the cow smell. The stereotypes are true about the teachers, the 60/40 ratio of girls to guys makes it easier to find a girlfriend. The business students really do think they're hot shit, there are a lot of stoners(not as many as boulder!), and the partiers do know how to party. Be careful of the police though, they really like to give out MIP's if you don't party smart. And yes, it does smell like cow poop; not every day, but when it does smell it is pretty gross. fortunately the pros outweigh the cons and there is a niche for everyone.


My school is largely education majors. So, people tend to think of goody-two shoes and everyone loves kids. Other than that, people tend to think that UNC is for people who "didn't get into CU or CSU" which could be true... but essentially the people who go here go for the lower cost and the specific majors we offer! We get the "uncool" status for not going to the two-big schools in CO. Plus, our sports teams suck (especially football).


University of Northern Colorado has a very diverse population of students ranging from jocks to computer wiz kids, to greeks, religious groups, atheists, drama/musical students and the list goes on and on!