University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


This school is very student-need oriented. I find that there is always somebody willing to answer any questions I may have. The faculty here also encourage independence and goal-setting to make your education important to you.


The best thing about this school is the on campus environment, everyone is very friendly and socialable. Although one thing i'd change is to intermix the central and west campus students more. I believe my school is about just the right size and i spend most of my time on campus in my dorm. I would definitely not say Greeley is a college town, and the biggest controversy is the gang related neighborhood. There is some school pride, but not a ton and one experience i'll always remember is the welcome week/ homecoming week at the beginning of the school year.


My overall opinion of UNC is that it is a great university. I love being a student at UNC because of multiple things. UNC's campus is so beautiful. The old and new buildings all around campus are so pretty to look at. There are so many people at UNC too. I enjoy all the people I have met, and the friendships that I have formed. The size of UNC is just right for me. It is not to big nor to small, it is the perfect size for a university. I am so glad I made the decision to attend UNC because I have come to love the campus and the university.


Honestly, the best thing about my school is the cost compared to the opportunity. It has a lower tuition and the living here is much cheaper than that of Fort Collins or Boulder. The school is great, the majors provide so much opportunity and I know that out of school I will be able to find a job and not be as much as in debt as I could be. The downside, is the town. Greeley is smelly (because of the slaughterhouse in the next town) so on certain days it smells like cows. Not too fun, but you get used to it, and it doesn't last long. The town is also just smaller and there is less to do. It would be more fun if it was in the city or larger town. I also like that it is a smaller school however, it is less overwhelming and you can get to know your professors somewhat better. The campus is pretty, and easy to get around! People my age usually react in that they don't think UNC is "cool" because of all the hype CU and CSU get. Adults however, always praise it as a good school and know it for its educational qualities and knowing people who have graduated from there. When on campus you can see me at the library or gym (when not in class). The gym is great! and the library is a great place to study. The administration is great. I have for the most part loved all my teachers. I do hate the financial aid office. It may be other schools too, but it is so hard to get a hold of them and figure things out. The sports games here are fun, but definitely not as much spirit because it is a smaller school that is not known for their athletics. Last year the basketball team was our biggest "hit". The stands were so full, especially for the game to get into March Madness! Because that was a rare occasion, it was really exciting. I still have fun at football games, but it is not as intense as it would be at bigger schools. Overall, I love my school, and am just not a big fan of the town. However, with friends you always have fun at school, Denver and Fort Collins are close, and the education is all worth it in the end.


Best thing: The university is big enough to meet tons of new people, but small enough to have adequate class sizes and have the chance to actually get to know the professors and faculty. One thing I would change: The location! Greeley CO is not exactly the greatest place for college night life and the smell can get pretty bad sometimes. School Size: Just right :) Reaction of other people: "Do you get used to the smell?" Where I spend most of my time on campus: In my lecture halls or the Michener Library. College town?: Not really The school administration: For the most part they are very helpful and update with the information they give to students and ensuring that student success. Recent controversy on campus: An ex-university student is believed to have hit and killed a man with his car. Is there a lot of school Pride?: It depends (not really for our football team, but our hockey team rocks!! ) Anything unusual about UNC: Not that I can think of off of the top of my head. One experience I will always remember: Joining the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Research Program. Being in this program entailed some of the worst and absolute best days of my life. Most frequent student complaints: Some of the parking lots are small and do not have adequate student parking which is very frustrating and parking permits are too expensive not to be able to use!