University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school is any and everyone. We have a great community, Its a very chill, and laid back. If your looking for a place where you have alot of freedom to grow as a person. We have lots of clubs and sports for you to join! The education is amazing! If you need help in class, your teachers are avaliable during office hours, or free tutoring for UNCO students! If you need anymore reasons, I suggest that you come to Colorado, and see for yourself.


Someone who is willing to do their work outside of the classroom and not get caught up in the extra curricular activities.


People looking to expand their horizons in the fields of; Education, Theatre, Dance, Buissness, and Art. People looking for a great school atmosphere.


Anybody can really attend this school. Its a great school with lots of different people from all over the world. Major wise, I would recomend Business Majors to come here. UNC has a great Business program. Other than that it is really a school for anybody.


I think this school is good for students who want to attend a university, but are scared of being at a big school. UNC is big but the classes for the most part are smaller which makes it less intimidating.


Someone who likes a good house party but doesn't need to go clubbing every weekend. Also, someone who likes a tight knit community and the laid back feeling of a small town. It gets pretty cold and snowy in the winter and the weather is never predictable, however the summers are mild and all around comfortable.


A person that should attend this school is one that wants to excel in any area of their life. This school has a wonderful campus that anybody can become accostom to. One can fall in love with the green scenery, the athletics, or the captivating music that engulfs the air.


A person that is fully ready for a university should attend this school because college always has distractions trying to pull you away from your studies. I have seen people and my friends get taken away from there studies and they ended up dropping out.


A person that wants to have a lot of fun and get to know a lot of different people. Also, someone who doesn't want to hassle with walking around a huge campus and perhaps not making it to class on time. This university is a very nice home away from home.


The University of Northern Colorado is so diverse there is not just one kind of student that is drawn to the university. There are many different people from all walks of life coming together to form our student body. There is a little something for everyone. We have clubs, sports, organizations, and much more. Whether you are a band person or the captain of the football team you could feel comfortable calling the University of Northern Colorado home!


UNC is well known for it's nursing, teaching, and theatre programs, but the school really offers something for everyone. It offers large university opportunities with a small campus feel. There are all kinds of people at UNC, and as long as you love to learn, UNC is the place for you. UNC asks that all first year and freshman students live on campus, so everyone is bound to find the place they belong.


A person who is focused on getting a good career who wants to have all the things a large campus has without it being too big.


Someone who wants a good education for a good price.


Anyone who wants to major in performing arts, teaching, business, or nursing.