University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who doesn't like to get involved, doesn't like to attend class, and doesn't to to push themselves shouldn't attend the University of Northern Colorado.


This school seems to have something for everyone.


A person who should not attend UNC is someone who is just looking to have a good time. This is probably a pretty common answer, but it's true. UNC is a school that can have many distractions. There are groups of people every where you look who are only at the school to party, and although this is rather typical for any college campus, I feel UNC can either make you or break you. If you are not self motivated to succeed, UNC's party life will quickly draw you in and won't let go.


The type of person who shouldn't attend UNC is a person who doesn't believe in Bear spirit and pride! UNC is a school and has a surrounding community that is very supported and willing to go as far as possibly to make sure you have the greatest experience here. If you want a professor who is easy to talk to and get in touch with, and actually cares about you as a person, this is the perfect school! Students who look for professors who only write research papers should'nt come here.


People who dislike small towns. People who don' like the cold. People looking for a strong science, or journalism major. People who expect things to do off campus that are in town.


Anyone who wants to be an engineer or who wants a bigger school because it is medium sizes so the classes are not that big. It is more of a liberal arts college too so no math or science people should go there because it was not as strong in that area.


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone who needs constant interaction with people. This is a farming town and is not a bustling city. It has less than 70,000 people and 10,000 of those are students at the university.


Someone who is looking for a very diverse student body, or someone who prefers a smaller school because this school is larger than some.


UNC is a good environment for all different kinds of people. People who are energetic and creative will have a great time with all the plays and events on campus. UNC also offers a wide variety of classes for creative people. However, it is has a focused environment to it and the classes are high quality and very academic so anyone who is more studious will also fit in. People who have a sensitive nose shouldn't attend UNC due to the smell. Also, UNC isn't a big party school so I would not recomend it for that.


Whoever does not like to walk, should not attend, the campus is a little more spread out than others. If you dont like cold weather also do not attend, in Greeley you never know what the weather will be like.


People who like big cities with something happening every night. UNC does offer many activities, but is also very education related. UNC does have students who like to party, but there is not something going on every night because school is viewed as very important here.


People looking to party should not attend UNC because its a very focused kind of school, so the people who choose it are typically here for the UNC degree, not the social scene.


You shouldn't attend if you're not deturmind and focused on your studies. Sure you're able to have some fun, but you can't blow off all your studies. This isn't high school anymore, you're expected to be an adult and take charge of your own actions.


My school is not the type of school that is specific to certain types of people. There is a fair amount of diversity within our school. We have different ethnicities, races, religons, and personalites. The school is not tailored solely for the scholars or the partiers or the volunteers. There is a little bit of everything here. There are tons of scholarly and fun things to do all throughout campus for every type of person. I would have to say that the only big factor that might detract is if a student is unable to live in a quiet city.


Anyone shoueld be able to attend this school, but if you do not like to be away from home or don not like to be around alot of people this place is no for you. Here at the University of Northern Colorado you are able to experience so much and meet so many new people and it wlil get you out of your shell which sometimes is a good thing.


I cant imagine anyone truely hating UNC however UNC is a smaller school and therefor people who want a big school should attend one. UNC is also located in a small town and for that reason people interested in a party town should also look elswhere; there is still fun to be had but once again, smaller school and town results in less places to go out.


Somebody who wants a city environment with a lot of culture.


The people who shouldn't attend the University of Northern Colorado are those who want every one of their classes in big lecture halls. Although the University of Northern Colorado has many classes that take up big lecture halls, that is not the kind of school it is. This university is a more moderate sized university.


An out going and liberal person. Someone who wants to learn about as much as they can. It's an ok college, but there are many out there I've visited that seem so much better for more ambitious people. It's so important to push yourself not only acedemically, but personally while at college and this is not the college I would recommmend for that.


If you like the city and big crowds, don't come here. Our campus is surrounded by farmland and is not in a very big or very wealthy part of Colorado.


Someone that is not willing to socialize and meet new people, or someone that does not like getting one on one experience and help with professors beause the classrooms are fairly small (ie; 30-40 people)


People who are looking for a degree in engineering or law; this school is a great school for business, nursing, and education. If you want a big school good for agriculture or medicine or engineering, the other schools in Colorado are world class. UNC is good for all races and religions, the town may not be, but the school is very open-minded from my experiences.


someone who is ready to make a difference in the world!