University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The chair of the Special Education department was extremely close minded which made it extremely difficult to talk to her about different possible professions that a student could get with a Special Education degree. It became so frustrating that in the end I changed my major to Psychology.


That not everybody is academically focused


The most frustrating thing about this school is that in the surrounding area, there is really not much to do. This is partially due to the development and location of the school, and so because of this, most students hang out together and such.


The only problem I have had with my school so far is my school I.D. I have to use my I.D. to get into the building my dorm is in, to get into my dorm, and for my meal plan. My card doesn't work half of the time and after filling out a problem form it still has not been fixed. Other than that I have no problems with my school.


Nothin is really frustrating about UNC except what you make frustrating. Many things can be good and bad but whatever you make out of it then thats what will make you frustrated. For me the most frustrating thing was getting out of my comfort zone and trying to find my major, I wanted to to alot of things but was not sure what the right thing for me was.


Not a ton of school spirit, many people dont care about activities going on around the school or sports or related activities.


Financial Aid for out-of-state students is pretty poor.


The way kids don't put all their effort into their school work.


Not much to do in the town. The campus is awesome but not much night life.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of diversity. We do have cultural centers for Latinos and Blacks but not many people are embracing them or taking use of them. It feels segregated on campus sometimes. I feel very uncomfortable in class sometimes when there are 50 plus students and I am the only black student. It is also frustrating having to keep to my culture because I have a lot of social drama within that circle but yet I don't feel totally comfortable attending a mainly white party or social function.


The meal plan, if you don't use all of your meals everyday while you are a freshman you don't get reembersed. Also, while you are a freshman you can't pay for other people to eat on your plan. The sprinklers water sidewalks/roads/parking lots, which in turn wastes water/money. When Winter comes along all the water freezes and cracks the sidewalks thus UNC has to pay for more sidwalks to be installed.


student bills don't get posted for fall until 2 weeks before school starts; admin is very unorganized (to me)