University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The atmosphere at the University of Northern Colorado is hands down the best thing about the school. All of the students and professors are friendly and go out of their way to lend a helping hand. I admire this more than words can describe, as it provides me with a positive work environment in which I can grow and learn.


The best thing I consider is how great the teachers that I have had are. My teachers actually interact with each student to make sure what they're teaching is understandable.


Best thing about UNC is that the class sizes are smaller and you have better opportunity to have a professional relationship with your professors and educators. Take time to meet the teachers.


My school has the best support services for incoming freshman they offer advisoring for people belonging to the certain programs within the university and they have many clubs or organizations to chose and belong to join and have fun in.


I consider the size the best thing about my school. The class sizes are perfect and I feel a sense of community.


Being that it is a smaller university, it feels more like a mini community where you know most everyone around you, rather than a large college full of strangers.


The best thing about the University of Northern Colorado is that there is a lot of diversity on campus.


The major programs they have here are great.


The best part about my school is a tie between the Greek system and Monfort Business School. I have never felt so fulfilled concerning my education and social life.


How easy it was for me to determine which of my community college classes were transferable (what their equivalencies and areas they comepleted were) and which weren't. Fortunately, all of my local community college classes transferred without a problem, which meant beginning my academic time at UNC with almost half of my credit already completed. Also, they allowed up to 90 transferable credit hours as opposed to 45-60 like almost every other single university.


The best thing about UNC would be the sense of community felt around the campus, and the willingness of the professors to help students. I have yet to meet a professor who would not help a student outside of the classroom, and office hours.


The best thing about my school is how nice the campus is and how well kept the buildings are. Another thing is the teachers are mostly willing to help you at any hour of the day weather it be over e-mail, the phone or their office.


The price of an education at the University of Northern Colorado for what one receives is phenominal. Also, nearby towns such as Denver and Fort Collins provide social and professional opportunities that come with concentrated commerce, and the Rocky Mountians are only two hours away.


Teachers are the best asset. They focus on the class that they are teaching in, and not on the other classes that thehy have. They make known to students when they are available for extra help and are always quick to respond to any questions or problems.


I believe the best thing about the University of Northern Colorado is how friendly and helpful the Professors are towards their students. At UNC, the professors are always happy to be around their students, they love teaching us, and they are more than willing to help us whenever we need help with anything. And the professors are some very highly educated people, so they are really strong in the topic that they are teaching. Also, they are all willing to help you out with some of the classes that they are not the teacher of.


The best thing about my school is the variety of clubs and activities that are offered. There is a little something for everyone. Students are easily able to join more than one group on campus.


The best thing about my shcool would have to be the Residence Life program. They for one go through extensive training and are amazing people. I have been inspired by my halls RA's to reach for my dreams and they will help me get there. Getting involved with the RA program has opened my eyes to more diversity and to have an understanding heart. I find that the Residence Life program is unique because they draw us in like one big happy family and an amazing community.


I have to say the best thing about my school is the enviroment. It is small enough to have a fair and individual teacher student ratio, but large enough to feel like you are no longer in high school and out in the real world. The Campus is beautiful, friendly, and wonderful. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.


I like that my school is small because it allows for good relations with the proffesors and makes you feel like you are an individual and not one in the crowd.


The closeness of the school. It is really easy to get around and find classrooms.


The best things about my school is that the classroom sizes are great. The professors enteract with the students and they are able to help each and every one of us. The other thing that I love about my school is the safety. The campus police are always around, and protecting all of us. The final thing that is the best about my school is that all the advisors encourage studetns to do their best no matter what situation we are in.


The best part about Northern Colorado is how free the campus is. There's room for doing whatever you want be it frisbee golf, pick-up football, reading, studying or just relaxing. There are always activities for you to go to that aren't forced on you. It's your choice what you want to do. Basically, you are open to do whatever you want to on campus...for the most part.


The School of Business. It has a lot of funding so all the professors are well-qualified and the curriculum is at a higher standard then the rest of the departments.


The psychology faculty


UNC is a fairly small school, which enables smaller classes, more one on one activity with teachers/tutors, and the ability to interact and meet students with similar interests.


Greeley is like a small town trapped in a big city, so everyone actually living there is super nice and helpful.


The department that I am in is small, so I get tons of attention in my area of study. The professors are also well versed in there area of experties.