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University of Northern Iowa

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What is your overall opinion of this school?

UNI is a great school to go to! It is a very compact campus and is truly a home away from home! It's the perfect size for a college campus! Being a state school, we have plenty of resources for students to use also. Currently the NISG (Northern Iowa Student Government) is doing a trial of bringing the NY Times to campus. For a while, we get free copies of the New York Times newspaper in the Maucker Union on a first come first serve basis. NISG is going to try to extend it for the rest of the semester and perhaps even next year and after. UNI is a respectable school to graduate from, and if you want to be a teacher this is by far your best bet! It is a great school to go to for an education major. Also, there is a ton of school spirit here. Everyone loves the Panthers in Cedar Falls! Many of the people here are also Iowa or Iowa State fans too, which is okay. You can still bring in your old team favorite and still be a Panthers fan! The biggest recent controversy on campus has been the rise in tuition prices that all of the state schools are now feeling. UNI is being most affected by the state cutbacks as compared to the other state schools of Iowa since we have a greater percentage of funds coming from the state. Besides tuition, one of the biggest complaints is the food in the dining centers. Usually, the food is good and there is a wide variety from pasta to ice cream to subs to pizza, and more! However, on the weekends the food selections aren't as good.

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My overall opinion of UNI is that it is a great school and a welcoming community. It is very easy to meet people and get involved on campus, especially living in the dorms. One of my favorite things about the school is the size. Its bigger than a private school, yet you don't get lost in the crowd. I see familiar faces all the time, yet people don't know everything about you. I spend most of my time on campus around my dorm or in the student union. The community in Cedar Falls is also great. It is a safe and friendly place and the campus is in an enclosed area. Students can choose if they want to be around students and stay on campus, or go off campus and get away from the classes. People at UNI and in the Cedar Falls area are proud to be panthers and I will carry that pride with me after I graduate as well!

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How helpful everyone is from teachers, classmates, advisers, and counselors. I feel like a student and not just a number here at UNI. More interaction among different cultural and racial groups. JUST RIGHT! They react positively and think it's awesome! In the Union, library, or Sabin Hall. College town, but also family town. Good and looks out for our best interest. The closing of Price Lab education building. Yes, so much! Panther Town! It is a beautiful campus all located in one area of town. It feels like home. All the amazing times I've had here with all the new friends I've made. How windy the campus is, prices going up, computer system changes.

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