University of Northern Iowa Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its education program. The teacher education program is excellent.


Education Majors.


The Univeristy of Northern Iowa is best known for its energetic students and teacher. Besides showig school spirit, working hard, and going to the football games we love to dance. There is not a sporting event that goes by in which the whole student body does not dance. There is a constant stream of dance parties that go on during the year that truly bring us all together and works off our stress. UNI is known for its signature dance called "The Interlude" that never fail to get people excited and moving.


My school is best known for its diversity as far as organizations. We are very open and are ready to have a discussion, no an arguement, over issues we disagree on. I find this very refreshing.


My school is best known for its Education majors and Business education. Also we are known for upsetting the number 1 team in the nation last year in the NCAA tournament!


It's highly accredited College of Business Administration and it's excellent College of Education. A majority of newly minted teachers in Iowa graduated from UNI.


The University of Northern Iowa is best known for training hight quality educators for all levels of schooling.


The University of Northern Iowa is known for their teaching and business programs. UNI's teaching program is the best in the state of Iowa (and most surrounding states). UNI's accounting program is also one of the best. An up and coming program at UNI is their entreprenual program. It allows real-world experience with the support of UNI and its faculty.


The University of Northern Iowa is known for having professors that will work with you as an individual and get to know you as a person. The professors actually care about your learning experiences and provide many services to help you succeed within their classroom. These services include having office hours in which you can go in and ask for help, e-mail, optional study sessions, and tutors available for additional help.


Education program, campus is very close not spread out.


Business adn Education getting the students lots of real life experience in their field, they are also known for having small class sizes once you get into your specified area of study, and finally for helping students with securing a job after graduation.


I think our school is best known for their education program. The University of Northern Iowa was formerly known as the Iowa State Teacher's College.


Our school is best known for their education program.


Football, our education/teaching program.


The University of Northern Iowa is very well known for being the smallest public school in Iowa, but also for its excelling programs in Education and Business.


Education department, but I don't think the program is challenging enough, nor does it set it's standards high enough.


Preparing future teachers and business professionals.


A very strong school for anyone wanting to be an educator. Has a great early childhood and elementary ed program and also prepares all good teachers in all secondary subjects.


Our school is historically known for its education program; it was once called the Iowa State Teacher's College. Today it continue's this tradition, but is well known for its accounting program, business department, and speech pathology program. These programs are nationally ranked and highly accredited. UNI is a perennial powerhouse for division I-AA (FCS) football and plays in the famed "UNI-Dome." The UNI volleyball team is also nationally known in Division 1, having made frequent appearances to the NCAA Sweet 16. Our distinguished alumni include quarterback Kurt Warner, Senator Chuck Grassley, and many state business leaders.


being a suit case college




My school is best known for their teaching and business programs.


the football team, sports in general, multiple Christian ministries, multiple clubs on campus, various organized student activities, etc.


It is probably best known for our education major and business major. Also our amazing football team.


The University of Northern Iowa is best known for its education program. Many of the students who come to Northern Iowa are going to become teachers. Northern Iowa is also known for being a bigger school with a small town accomodating atmosphere.


Our school is probably best known as a teacher's college. We educate a lot of teachers at this school, quality teachers. However, we are also known as a suitcase campus as hardly any students stay here on the weekend. This works for me though as it allows me to concentrate on my studies which is why I'm in college.