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Every university is unique with its own student life and activities. One thing that I never knew about Northern Iowa was how the faculty and staff support the students throughout the whole year. It is nice to have someone interested in my life and want to know what is going on and how I am doing instead of just seeing me as another face in the crowd.


UNI is the size of a small private school with the backing and resources of a large public institution (and the price tag). The professors and faculty/staff are what make UNI shine, I know first hand that from the RAs to Academic Advisors to almost every Professor, their goal for you to succeed. Whether that is offering suggestions or providing opportunities (or even being woken up at 3 am to read your final paper as you silently freak out in the corner) the resources staff offers is truly invaluable.


I really like the area. There are a lot of good restaurants and stores surrounding campus.


Our faculty helps the students in any way they can. We are our own little community and it's a friendly environment to be around.


It is a small town feel with several different opportunities. You can be a part of a small group or a large organization.


The students at UNI are unlike any other students I have seen before. Each and every student that I have met have all told me that once they first stepped onto the UNI campus they knew that they were at the right college from them. The campus has its own unique personality and atmosphere that draws studnets in and makes them feel at home; it gives us students a home away from home.


It's more compact and has a friendlier environment. One can walk across campus in ten minutes and probably run into someone they recognize along the way. It also has well-known business and education programs. Other schools I looked at were so large and spread out that taking a bus to class was almost a necessity, and weren't focused in the areas I was looking into.


My school is what you make it. You can be involved or you can choose to keep to yourself. There are so many ways to make relationships here and be active. It also has small and large class sizes depending on your preference. You make your future here. It isn't up to some cookie-cutter plan.


It's nt too big, nor too small, just the right size with plenty of diversity in students, staff and activities.


The class size is relatively small compared to other state colleges. The campus is kind of large but confined to one area of Cedar Falls. The campus is beautiful and safe for students.


Upon graduating high school, I didn't know if I should attend a state college or a private college. The private colleges were nice but really expensive, and the most of the state colleges were just too big. However, the University of Northern Iowa was just right. With close to 13,000 people attending UNI, it still feels as though it is a small college where people can recieve individual attention. I really like the fact that I can get to know my professors, and I don't feel lost walking around campus. UNI is the "just right" college.


I like the small class sizes, this allows everyone a chance to participate in discussions without feeling embarassed about speaking in front of a large crowd of people.


I picked UNI because the size of campus and class sizes. The campus is in a cluster, unlike other schools that I had looked at that had their campus scattered out across the town. So it is easy to walk to classes and nothing on campus is further than 10 minutes away. Also the class sizes are small compared to the other universities that I looked at. They are larger than in high school, but all of my classes only have about 40 students in them.


University of Northern Iowa is known for its Education Department and its Accounting Program. The classes are the perfect size when you get into your major. They start out a little big with the General Education courses but it quickly changes.


The University of Northern Iowa gives you all of the education, opportunity, and excitement of a large state school, but with a small, close, community feel. The surrounding community is a big supporter in the athletics and academics that the school offers, and the University returns the support with their volunteer organizations.


My school is full of unique opportunites to meet new people and succeed in every way. It is full of students willing to learn and go above and beyond the classroom to improve their knowledge of many subjects.


UNI is unique becuase it's the perfect size and just the right distance from my hometown.


Two things really stood out to me about UNI. First, it is a small campus; a person can walk across it in 10-15 minutes. However, the landscape gives the area a spread out feel with plenty of open, grassy places to play games or study. Second, my professors really understood the power of experiential education. We didn't just learn about the things we were studying, we were able to experience them and put concepts into practice because the curriculum and professors encouraged it. This allowed us to get to know each other and the material a lot better.


UNI seems very wellrounded ompared to the other schools I've interacted with. It places great emphasis on all areas - it supports athletics, the arts, music, theatre, academics, etc. without "shortchanging" another area. I feel like I'm experiencing an enriched education, because I have so many resources around me.


What I really like about the University of Northern Iowa is the size of the campus. I felt the campus was too big, at other schools I had visiterd, wheras at UNI every walk is less than 10 minutes. University of Northern Iowa's student population is also right in the middle, not too big but not too small which played a huge factor in deciding where I wanted to attend college. I also love how much school spirit UNI has compared to others.


the friendly environment and sense of community


The comunity and the people involved with the university are very supportive, open-minded, and helpful. The neighborhood is unique and eclectic, representing people with different perspectives, interests, and backgrounds. A fantastic place to learn and grow.


It's size -- it's the only school of it's size in Iowa.


The University of Northern Iowa is unique because of it's size. Of all the Iowa universities, U.N.I. is the perfect size.; not too big, not too small. It's size makes many things possible for a college student. Some of those things being meeting new friends, finding jobs, and being involved in on-campus activities. There is a great student-to-faculty ratio. Class sizes vary, but most classroom sizes allow you to get to know your professors on an interactive bases. U.N.I. is just right.


The students are very happy and involved with their eduaction, and with their social lives that surround the campus.


The size was just right and the campus is self contained. Some schools were too big and spread out and others were too small.


The atmosphere and friendliness of students on campus.


it's the only Division 1-AA school in the state


It is a smaller college which gives it a small town atmosphere but it has the facilities of a large university.

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