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What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who should not attend the University of Northern Iowa is someone who does not have a true destination in mind in terms of where they want to go in life. This school is amazing at getting a student where they want to be. The programs are top notch and the professors are phenomenal at not only being references but also helping students succeed in any way possible.


If a person wants a really big school where classes can reach to over a hundred students then the University of Northern Iowa is not for him. It is a small community that is not too big and not to small, but it is not big enough to get lost in. Also if someone loves big fancy malls then they should go to another school that is not in Iowa or the midwest. The university is great but there is nothing but corn fields surrounding it.


Someone who shouldn't be attending school because you're not ready for the responsibility of taking credit for your successes and failures then this University, like all others, is something should stray from until you are ready to begin to take ownership for what you do and how you choose to present yourself. UNI will help you along the way to becoming a "real adult" (as if there is such a thing) but not without some effort from you as well. If you don't want to grow in who you are, don't come here.


I don't think there are many people who shouldn't attend The University of Northern Iowa. I love my school, and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. The only thing that I would want to change is the how far away it is from my house, but other than that I don't think I would change much of anything at UNI.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who does not feel like they need to work hard to achieve their goals. Someone who just wants to go to the parties and do none of the work is someone that should not attend UNI.


Honestly, I would recommend UNI to any student looking for a college. The staff and professors here are very personable and are very helpful. It is a slightly larger campus compared to a community college or private college, but it is small enough for a small-town student looking for a change. It feels like home here!


You shouldn't attend UNI if you want to keep to yourself and blend in to large lecture classes. Many of the class sizes are small, and you are expected to participate in class discussion.


A person not willing to work hard and not willing to be involved on campus should not attend this school


I think everybody is accepted here. There is no one group to be singled out in any situation. There are clubs and activities that involve everybody, and they do not discriminate for any reason. They support students in any financial situation, to get the money they need for their stay here at UNI. If you do not have school spirit you might be a bit of an outcast, because we love and support our sports teams.


People who are not career focused, people who do not want to succeed, people who do not want to be in college but are going anyways, people who are not academically smart.


I think that this is a school for all types of people to attend. There is something for everyone and I feel that if you do not want to continue on after high school then college is not for you.


Anybody could attend this school, it's a great campus with an amazing staff dedicated to the student.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who is looking for the big city experience with fast-paced social life. The Univeristy of Northern Iowa is a smaller state school in which academics are the primary focus. Cedar Falls, Iowa has no downtown with mile-high skyscrapers or freeway systems that cause hour-long commutes. What Cedar Falls does have is one of the best bike trail systems in the state, as well as, a traditional "main street" in which most of the businesses are independently owned.


People who should not attend this school are those who are looking for a smaller school to attend. The University of Northern Iowa is small in area, but there are many students who attend. Those who are looking to have all classes with under fifty or seventy-five students should not attend. Most classes have around that amount but there can also be up to two hundred or three hundred students as well. People who aren't looking to find a close knit community should also not attend the University of Northern Iowa.


If a person does not want to work hard for something they are passionate about doing, they should not come here.


Someone who thinks they're going to get away with just sitting around and not going to class. My first roommate did that and flunked out the first semester. Bad idea...


Lazy, non-determined, and people not willing to take a challenge should not attend my school.


Get involved as early as possible


Every potential student should consider UNI! It's size and student body are very unique with an emphasis on the future as well as a strong liberal arts program.


i think its good for everyone


Someone looking for a highly cultured environment.


Unmotivated, unsure about higher acedemia persons.


This school is open to everyone


Everyone would want to attend here! Unless they want to live in huge city.


A person who is committed to doing well in their classes. The professors are kind and caring, but they will only go out of their way to help you out if they see that you are actually trying. Life on campus is not all about partying and drinking, so if you're looking for a school where you don't need to go out and get wasted every night to have "fun", then UNI is the right campus for you.


If you aren't looking to learn, apply yourself, or gain a broader experience of the world and other cultures, the University of Northern Iowa would not be a good fit for you.


A person who likes small classes rather than large classes.


Someone that just wants to party and not study. They will not make it through if they only party.


People who want to slack off.


Students that aren't punctual, prepared, or responsible.

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