University of Northern Iowa Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about my school is the campus environment. Everyone up here is very welcoming and friendly. If it seems as if someone is lost, students aren't afriad of asking the lost person if they need help. We also have a huge variety of options for being involved on campus, which I think makes the environment a whole lot more welcoming.


The best thing about UNI is that classes are small and you can make friends quickly.


There's a lot of stuff to do around campus, no matter what your interests are, there's always a group that shares that interest with you


My favorite thing about the University of Northern Iowa is definitely the size and "family feel" of campus. It is a big enough place that students feel like they are getting the full college experience and that they are attending a big university, but it's small enough that they are getting a more individualized education and don't feel like they are just a face in the crowd and simply just another student. I particularly enjoyed this about my college experience because I am the type of person that needs to feel validated and I got that at UNI.


I consider the class sizes one of the best things about my school. I also consider the professors to be very considerate of the students.


Our school has a beautiful campus with beautiful senory surrounding it. There are wonderful bike trails throught the town and surrounding areas to encourage students to get out and stay active.


I consider the student involvement to be the best thing about the University of Northern Iowa. There are many different ways of becoming involved at this particular university. Whether you want to become a member of an organization, start to volunteer, or even work there are an abundance of opportunities available to you. I have met numerous undergraduates from this school and all of them have been extremely welcoming to and accepting of me. I hope that I will continue to make these kinds of life long friends on every path that life leads me.


I consider the atmospher to be the best thing about UNI. Most people are friendly and welcoming, it was very easy to make friends my freshman year. It's easy to consider UNI home.


The best thing about my school is the size. The size is not too big nor too small. One is able to get from one side of campus to the other in fifteen minutes.


Medimum-size university in a active community, easy to get around. Ideal class sizes, not too small, not too big. Professors have strong credentials, knowledgeable and current. Tops in business, accounting, bio-chemistry, teaching. They also make an effort to know you. Public university with the feel of a private school without the cost. Campus is comfortable and I feel safe. Lots of opportunities in sports; Go Panthers!


The friendly community is the best thing about UNI. The people are welcoming and friendly, and it is easy to make a lot of friends. The class sizes are just right, and you get to know the other students in the class. Professors are willing to help and are approachable. The on-campus living is the best option because there is always something to do, even activities that don't involve alcohol.


My favorite thing about UNI is the small town feel it provides. Even though Cedar Falls is a good sized town, many of the students here are from small towns in Iowa. The campus is also small enough that it's not difficult getting from one side to the other. The size of the school and the students make UNI feel like a community of students and staff that gives UNI a great environment for learning academically and socially.


The best thing about being at UNI is the amount of pride shown by all students who attend here and the staff who works here as well. Everyone has a strong sense of community and would do anything to help a fellow student or coworker out. There is never a day when I don't see students showing school spirit and pride.


I truly enjoy the size of the University of Northern Iowa because it offers so many opportunities. The school is small enough that one-on-one interaction with teachers is easy to come by. However, the school is large enough that it offers many opportunities for extracurricular activities; rugby, tennis, trapshooting, etc. It is overall a great atmosphere in which to learn.


I like that it's a smaller university. There's about 12,000 enrolled students, so classes are relatively small.


The size because it's not too big or too small. It's big enough that there are several opportunities offered to meet new people and have new doors opened for career options, yet small enough that it doesn't take more than 20 minutes to get across campus.


The best thing about UNI is it doesn't feel like there is as many students as there are on campus which is 13,000. The teachers are very willing to help and provide many ways for you to succeed. They really follow the motto of putting students first. On the other hand, Its up to the student to get help or not they will not baby you. Also there is plenty get involved in whether that may be sports or just on campus organizations with out a doubt there will be something for you!


UNI is the 'right size.' I can get a college experience relative to a public or private college - whichever I prefer. The professors are approachable, and I feel very connected to my school.


The quality of education I get for the price of tution.


The atmosphere. The campus is not to big, 13,000 students is perfecr. You get the small class and one on one experience with your teachers. There is a good amount of school pride and a lot of activites that can fit in with anyone's personalities!


I would say the best thing about UNI is the atmosphere. all the people you meet are freindly and accepting. there are so many diffrent communities in the student body with witch you can relate to. i love the libral and artistic climate.


I really like how there are so many ways to get involved. We have hundreds of extracirricular activities. I really like this because I like to be involved so I have things to do and so I can give back to the school I love.


It's really a great home away from home as we call it. Actually while I am living there during the year I call it my home. It's such a wonderful community to be a part of, and a really great place to live!


The overall atmosphere of the campus itself as well as the surrounding area.


The students on my campus seem to have a deep sense of unity. I am a theatre major, and our department is very close. Beyond that, most students seem to belong to some organization that ties them to the univerisity.


The campus size. I think the school isn't too small, and isn't too big. It's easy to meet people, become friends with classmates, and get to know your professors.


UNI is such a friendly atmosphere with people who care about your education and help you succeed.


The honors program, it is well run, has excellent facilities and the advisor is excellent


I like the campus best. It's a very beautiful campus and none of the building are too far from each other, so everything is in walking distance. There are also security stations set up around campus in case you're walking alone and you need the campus police.


Small class sizes, easy to find help if you need it. Professors are very helpful and want you to do well.


I love how friendly everyone is. The staff are very helpful and most professors are very approachable. There are many activities and different types of people to choose from.


The faculty and staff are incredibly friendly and easily approchable. The student body is very friendly as well. Any person can make friends here, and people respect you for who you are.


Its a beautiful campas and perfect size. Everything is easily accessable and class sizes are small. Everyone is friendly!


The size and feel of it. It's not too big but small enough to walk around campus and not have to rely on the bus or cars.


The facilities.


At UNI, students have a major say in how things are done on campus. Our motto is "Students First" and that's because the students have the largest and most powerful voice on campus.


being able to get into sport events free


My favorite part about UNI is that even if something goes wrong, there is always someone there that you can find to talk to about it. Someone will help you--persistence and endurance are key for getting what you want in school.


I'm getting a quality education


One of the best qualities of Northern Iowa is the size of the school. I believe this because students are able to recieve assistance from professors without having to deal with any hassles. Students at the University of Northern Iowa aren't just a number to professors, everyone is treated equally and gets an equal opportunity to succeed. Also many of the classes have forty to sixty students so it is very easy to get to meet new people and interact.


The best part about my school is the friends. Nearly all of the people that I have encountered are genuninely friendly. It is easy to sit down in a class on the first day and strike up a conversation with almost anyone, in any grade level, and make a friendship. The size of the campus also makes it easy to meet many more people, and often see people you already know.

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