University of Northwestern Ohio Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It seems like the teachers rely on you having already completed a high school vocational automotive program whereas I was homeschooled and was not able to attend one.


I dont really have anything wrong about the school. This would be my first time going year round so that might take some getting use too or maybe the fact that classes are on even and odd calendar days instead of a monday, wednesday, friday set up. I feel like that will be confusing at first as well.


Where its located. The town of Lima doesn't have that much to offer for students. Going bowling or to the movies are about the only thing to do around here.


The worst thing about our school is the town we are located in Lima, Ohio in the 5th worst city in Ohio to get a job in. Also in this town on weekends there is rarely anything to do unless you are involved in an activity, or if we are in are dirt tack racing season which runs from early April til Mid September but during the winter is the worst time to stick around on the weekends.


There is not a lot of activities to do in and around the campus.




The lack of hands on experience in your field of study.


since this is a tech school there are pretty much no girls at all at this school.


The worst thing about my school is that we don't have all the sports facilities. Tennis courts, out door volleyball court..ect. It's the worst thing because I love playing other sports and we don't have a play to play them.


The lack of extra curricular activities and having no inter mural sports.