University of Northwestern Ohio Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Resumin my education after a medical leave of absence, getting frustrated with some of the run-around.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so far away from me, I moved from Lima to Northern KY.


There is not enough room for all the students to live on campus or for the ones who commute. The school accepts more kids than what they have room for. The scholl has to rent out hotels to kids until they room on campus. Kids at the school dont take it seriously they look at it more as a community college.


The most frustrating part of UNOH is that it is a small school that is not well known. This makes it difficult to find a job after graduation. There is a career service department, but they don't help as much as I feel they should. They do a simple job search for you and that is about it. Career fairs are limited, with only a few local employers. I would like to see more companies, especially companies from all over the United States. Companies that are not just located in Lima, Ohio.


Sometimes I'm frustrated with how small my school is. I wish we had more trees and benches to sit down on. But we are growing and things are getting better.


I am not very frustrated about anything with the university really. If I had to choose one thing it would probably be the community and the disrespect we recieve.


The parking is not very good because there are more vehicles then they have room for.