University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

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Northwestern is a small, beatiful school. It also has professors that care and was also in closer proximity to where I live.


Northwestern is a cozy, tucked away college in St. Paul. The campus is absolutely beautiful! Everyone from professors to students is incredibly friendly and willing to help.


Our school is solely centered on Christ and we take that seriosuly. We are sinners (students, teachers, faculty, etc) and we mess up often, but because Christ and the Gospel is the focus on this campus, we extend grace to one another and encourage each other to become more Christ-like every day.


The most unique thing about my school is the wonderful sense of community and the small campus. I love my school because of the Christian influence that it has and how I am able to continue to grow in my faith while i'm here through my classes and the biblical perspective from teachers. We have a beautiful campus that is private and tucked away and surrounded by a lake. Yet, we still have the benefits of being very close to the cities and access to many stores and resturaunts.


It has a great Christian community and it is right onw the outskirts of Saint Paul so you don't have to live in the city, but can still be really close to it. It is also a really accomodating school. They put a lot of emphasis on the success of the students in the classroom. The staff does a great job of working with students to make sure this happens.


The Christian community is amazing. The amount of growth I've had in my faith can be much attributred to the community and encouraging environment at this school.


I think the biggest unique trait is our community. Northwestern is very tight. Everyone basically knows everyone and we basically all get along. The other thing is we are a Christian school so we are all striving to be more like Christ. It is a different atmosphere.


The course work is just from the books we read, there is also an emphasis on understanding the Christian values that pertain to the area of study and integrating them into the class. The atmosphere is calm, focused on Christian values and over all a very pleasant place to attend.


This school holds strongly to Christian aspects, and encourages students to grow in their Christian faith. Northwestern does not tolerate drinking, either on or off campus, or drug use. There are specific standards to which students much live. This school also takes academics seriously, and does an excellent job at preparing students for their careers.


I've considered a curriculum of my major and amount of scholarships that they give. I also loved how my school is actively perform so many concerts every semester. Northwestern has fabulous program and supports in music and theatre. Particularly, I loved the fact that anyone from other department could be involved in choir and theatre. Northwestern's curriculum is designed to help students to be a well-rounded person. I really love how all programs are open to explore individual's talents and strength to find the true self-portrait.


It's a small school led by caring faculty. It's a Private Christian school and they really do focus on you growing in your relationship with Christ. Daily chapel is a unique aspect of Northwestern and many well known speakers are brought in throughout the year to speak to the student body.


I would have to say that the high quality of Northwestern's music program is definitely unique as compared to the other schools I applied to. Also, the strong Christian atmosphere was also a definite draw for me.


My school is a christian school, where every class that we take ties in someway with the Bible and God.


The Biblical foundation of the teaching, teachers, activities and focus of the school.


Sweet campus, Christian worldview in every class.


There is a huge sense of community within Northwestern College. It's a place where, I believe, everyone feels welcome and at home. Everyone is extremely caring and is genuine in their concern.