University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


We are very sheltered from the "real world" or what life after college really looks like.


Northwestern College is rather expensive, but with financial aid it is possible to go here.


I love this school with all my heart, and the only thing bad about this school is sometimes the food.


There is a lack of cultural diversity that does not enhance the school. Sometimes I also feel that the students are lacking a direction or purpose, so they are simply coasting along.


The worst thing about my school is probably the fact that it is in Minnesota, where it is colder than I would like for 3/4 of the year. Mostly just during the school year. This is especially problematic, as the parking on campus is mostly a 4 minute walk form the majority of the academic buildings. Other than that, I have very much enjoyed my time at Northwestern, and would recommend it to most people.


One of the hardest things about school is finding the financial aid to aid you with your schooling. I find that here at my school, I have found less help in financial help than I would see in my friends and relative when they find themselves with plenty of scholarships at their school. All their scholarships are provided through sites from the school and here I do not find as much as I should. Yes, FastWeb, can help but other than that is no guarantee in getting them. If the school provides, I believe that it would be fantastic.


Faith and learning. Small classes and deep community. These are two of the main reasons I chose a small Christian college, but those very things have caused significant frustrations for me as well. Because Northwestern College is so small, there are few opportunities that would have been prevalent at a larger university -- opportunities like varying forms of athletics, "fun" classes that broaden the students' horizons, people from varying racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and a larger campus. The lack of these options has been a limit to my college enjoyment and are something that I must seek elsewhere.


Our cafeteria is not the best ever. The problem has to do largly with space, in that the cafeteria was originally created for only a few hundred students, and we are at nearly 2,000. It is being worked on, though, as the school is currently in the middle of an expansion project that would give us a new cafeteria. We have been promised that then the cafeteria will be able to regularly house all of our favorite dishes. Otherwise, there is a healthy, diverse variety, but not a lot of typical comfort foods.


Northwestern College could improve with green/environmental initiatives, diversity of student population and political views, and tutition costs and available scholorships. This school also enforces strict rules and are very attendence focused, which is both good and difficult.


The only complaint I have about Northwestern is the food program. It is frustrating for me as a working student to have a meal plan. As a sophmore I am required to have 8 or 10 meals per week, but with my busy schedule I only use about 3-5. Most days I do not have a lunch break and do not get up early enough to catch the shuttle for breakfast.


The worst thing about my school it is very community related, so it can seem like it's a bubble, but then during the years there it prepares you for the world outside that bubble.


The cafeteria food. It is always a hit or miss. All the other prepared food on campus is always good except the cafeteria food.


Honestly, I havent found anything I can say "the worst" about my school. They really listen to the voice of the students and work on anything that needs to be developed and complimented.


It can be a time consuming institution for those who already know what they really want to do. This institution might expand your view in life, but it is hard to completely devote yourself into your chosen major. As a Liberal Arts College, everyone is required to take 4 credits of many pre-requisite courses, which I personally think waste of money and time. They are helpful courses, however, the amount of credits and required time don't allow students to invest their time more into their goals and future.


The worst thing about my school is the cost, but if you want to get proper schooling in a good, Christian environment then it is definitely worth it.


The worst thing about my high school was that they don't enough extra curricullum studies for us. We don't know where to go after graduating from high school whether continue vacational school or university. We don't know which major to choose.


the college is going under construction right now, so it is quite a inconvenice. the construction also makes the campus look like a mess.


Becoming more postmodern


The campus security because they never understand when you try to talk to them


The worst thing about my school is the lack of things to do on the weekends on campus because most students do not have cars or money to go somewhere off campus. Staying on campus all the time gets dull so when we do get a chance to get off campus it is refreshing and then we have a boost of energy when we get back.


Housing. The fact that I'm a music major but due to not enough credits and numerous incoming freshmen I was housed two miles "offcampus" makes practicing somewhat difficult.


The worst thing about this school is that it is slow on intervention for diversity and cultural unity. This is a predominantly white campus and we have some students that come from different culture that does encounter different culture shocks. Although there is somewhat of a progress of trying to ensure the comfort of all students here, there are still a lot of ignorance from the staff and faculty side as far as the inner-city culture is concerned. There is still a lot of stealth racism and its getting them to admit it is the hard part.


An effort to bring about cultural unity backfired, causing a rift between students due to a racial battle. There has been bitterness on both sides because of events in the distant past, and Northwestern students are still trying to mend the breach. I hate the word racism worse than ever because of the constant struggle and hope to see better unity before I graduate.


The worst thing about Northwestern is "visiting hours." Visiting hours is a great concept but it hasn't been done right. Visiting hours is where people can't go into the halls of the oposite sex unless it is within the time frame of "Visiting hours."