University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I'm outgoing. I am good listener. I'm commited to my work. I will help someone in need. I desire to learn more.


A person interested in attending Northwestern College should be a person of faith. One who wants God to guide them in their journey of education and throughout life. The individual should enjoy walking their path with others of similar interests.


The kind of person who should attend my school is someone who is serious about their education but also serious about having fun during their college years. The academics are challenging but are worth it, and we have some really good, clean fun on campus. Anyone who enjoys a solid, faith-based education and having the best time of your life while experiencing that education should check out Northwestern.


A person who is serious about learning and determined. Also who has a goal and has the motivation to pursue it. Otherwise it is not worth the money.


Someone who wants to grow in their faith and who values their faith in relation to their life.


A Christian, who is focused on following God's path for them. A person who is willing to be challenged and encouraged while attending college.


Someone who is a strong Christian and wants to grow in their walk with Jesus. Someone who wants to be challenged intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Someone who likes people and willing to be involved in student activities and is interested in a smaller community campus than a big university.


This school is an excellent place for students who are serious about learning and growing in their Christian faith, in the classroom and out of it. It provides a respected academic education from a Christian perspective. I often tell people that Northwestern is far from perfect--there are problems with every school--but it is committed to honoring God in all activities. Students who aren't used to thinking critically about their own opinions (especially if those opinions are not widely accepted) sometimes take a while to adjust to Northwestern's environment. Northwestern sharpens you, in good ways.


A Christian who is serious about his or her education and truly wants to make an impact on the world.


Focused on succeeding in an Christian academic setting. Understands what a Christ-centered college expects and has committed themselves to living a wholy Christian life.


Students who attend Northwestern share two aspects of life: a heart for Christ and a passion for learning in a conservative Christian community. Their intrests range from kniting to snowbording, and their backgrounds are even more diverse then their intrests. If a students has just the two mentioned desires, they would fit in perfectly at Northwestern College.


Someone who wants to get a great education in their fields, and also get a great Bible education.


Anyone who has a personal faith in Jesus Christ and desires to learn how to form a Christian worldview in today's culture.


Any Christian that wants to attend a conservative, theologically-based school and ha ve a bright future should attend this school.


The person who attends this school should be intellectual and driven. They should be growing in their faith.


Someone who is academically focused, spiritually hungry, and career minded. They should also be friendly and compassionate.


A strong Christian seeking to live by God's Word, prayer, and reading Scripture. A person who treats life like a ministry field and wants to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Those who are real about their Christian faith. Those who want a small school feel, even if you may want to be near the city (Minneapolis and St. Paul are only 10 minutes away, but the campus is small and feels like it's own seperate entity). And you should like to be around people because the campus is very community oriented.


Christian, evangelical, outgoing, desire to learn.


If you want a more Christ-centered education, come here.


Any Christian wanting to learn more about their faith. Every class will teach the course material while showing how you can apply a Christ-like attitude in the field. Anyone wanting to be in a drug/alcohol-free environment where all the students and faculty are friendly and willing to help you out. A person who wants to learn about the world. Students are continually taking trips around the world and sharing their experiences with the whole campus during daily mandatory chapel. Profs and students are constantly challenging you with stories & news on how you can help the community/world.


A Chrisian Person should attend Northwestern. Northwestern is a Christian campus where everything is centered around God and His son Jesus Christ.