University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who isn't serious about their relationship with Jesus Christ or doesn't believe in God at all.


I think that a person that would prefer bigger class sizes should not attend this school.


Those who like to party. There is a strong code that the school follows against drinking, smoking, and drugs. Someone who isnt serious about their faith should not attend as well.


Northwestern College is a private, Christian college so someone who is against religion or not of the Christian faith would not be allowed to attend. Also, competition at this school is decently high so somone with a great work ethic would do well at this institution. We are a very tight knit community which makes it idea for creating close relationships and reliable colleagues that can withstand the test of time.


Someone who does not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He died and rose from the dead. In other words, he or she who does not want to affiliate themselves with any time of religion. Someone who does not like the environment of Christ-centered and being around Christians. Considering it is a good school and the religions, they may not have interest in the school itself.


Those people who are: a) not professing Christians, and b) primarilly interested in recieving a degree than an enriching, Christ-centered learning experience should not enroll at Northwestern College.


A person who is unable to be self motivated.


A person who doesn't feel like putting their best effort into their academic work. Also a person who doesn't plan on getting involved in the campus life. If they don't like living by the city, then it probably isn't for them. A person who isn't a Christian or who doesn't have the same values as Christians.


Well, Northwestern is a Christian school, and is founded very strongly on Christan beliefs, so someone who is not a Christian would have a hard time here. It is a dry campus, not allowing its students to drink or do any drugs while attending.


A person who is not willing to apply themselves and take full advantage of academic and social opportunities should not attend this college. It is not an inexpensive school, but it is worth its tuition. This school is bursting with opportunities to learn and to better yourself as a person and as a Christian. If you are someone who keeps to themselves and does not want to grow and become a better person do not come here. You will be pulled out of your shell and challenged by the great teachers and your peers at this school!


The school is a Christian school and they are numerous rules and regulations that students have to follow if they are accepted into the school like no drinking, no parties, and you are required to attend Chapel every day just to mention a few. The school exist to provide student with Christ centered higher education and equiping students to go out and serve their community and the world. People who are not going to follow the rules and regulations of the school shouldn't attend the school.


Well, it's a Christian College. So, it requires that you are a Christian in able to enroll.


Anyone not willing to put forth the effort to suceed. The high academic standards can be intimidating, but the professors and acedemic staff are more than willing to do whatever it takes in order for you to suceed.




Someone who doesn't believe in Christianity. Someone who wants the what some people call the "normal" college experience. While attending Northwestern college we're not supposed (allowed) to drink, smoke, gamble, partain to any sexual induendos, opposite sexes aren't allowed to sleep in eachothers rooms, therefore anyone wanting to follow these actions.


Someone shouldn't attend this school if they don't seek to get deeper understanding of who God is and if they are not serious about being an active member in society later in life.


I would be happy to see anyone at this school, but those who would feel uncomfortable learning about and being surrounded by Christian faith and doctrine should think again about applying. Further, I think it would be more beneficial for some students who have had a solid foundation in their faith (whether through Christian Private schools or homeschooling) to consider going to a public school. This would give them a greater opportunity to learn how to work out their faith in a secular context (the context in which we will live most of our lives).


There is a code of honor at this school that you must follow. It states several things, one of them being that you must believe in God (monothiestic). Check out the code of honor before applying!


Someone who wants to drink, party and unconcerned with academics should not attend this school. Also, someone who does not want to be taught by professors and curriculum that are centered on Christ should not attend this school


A non-Christian.


A person that does not like smaller schools.


Northwestern is a school for people desiring to live a Bible-based lifestyle and get a high quality education from professors who know what they are talking about. Although the education is a huge factor here, the development of a biblical worldview and strong faith are even more important.


People that may end up being disappointed or frustrated attending this school would be those with a more liberal political affiliation, women with any feminist views to any degree, minority race students, those that wish to address racial issues in society and on campus, those that have not grown up in the suburbs, those that listen to rap or rock music, those that dress in an alternative style, those that are intentional about going "green," and more.