University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are lots of rules. They are all intended for a good reason, but college students should be able to govern themselves.


The only frustrating part about my school is the required Bible minor. I have no objection to taking these, though sometimes I've wanted to take an English class and the Bible minor conflicted with the schedules. Of course, every time I say that and I take the class, I end up liking the class after all--again, depending on the professor--but I realize that this minor helps build our community together. Whether we students like them or not, this minor helps us understand the same principles so we know how to face the world and still be ourselves.


I wish a wider variety of summer classes were offered.


Accomodations for school testing is hard. Some teachers accomodate one way while as others accomodate other way.


There is no room for views other than the majority's. Most people go home on the weekends. If you have a problem, the school will bounce the problem around to other offices and not solve anything.


The most frustrating thing about Northwestern is the meal policy. Meals at Northwestern cost about $10.00 a meal and you have to be on a meal plan. I had to have at least ten meals in the lunch room a week. The food at Northwestern is gross and one doesn't know what they are eating. I would go through the line, through my food away and then go back to my dorm to eat. Hopefully with a new lunch room the food will be changed.


We are not allowed to live off of campus until we are at least 21 years of age. This is frustrating and does not give students the opportunity to live in apartments and experience "real life" before 21. Also, being in St. Paul, there are so many living options that we are not allowed to experience because of this rule.


The most frustrating thing about my school right now is that as a freshman we are not able to have a vehicle on campus. I understand that the reason they don?t let us have a car for the first year is because of limited parking spots and also that they want us to stay on campus and be involved and establish community. But at the same time it makes it hard to be able to get out of the bubble and get out to run errands because of the limited amount of transportation.


The most frustrating things about Northwestern College is the room & board requirements and costs.


Sometimes it feels like you are living in a bubble and not always experiencing the "real" world.


Administration, specifically president, has serious moral flaws and the board of trustees refuses to act.


The administration and the price of tuition.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there seems to be little communication between departments outside of academics (i.e. financial aid, student accounts, registrar, etc.). Another frustratingthing about my school is that it is really expensive.


The most frustrating thing about our school is that the facilites are starting to get too small for the number of students that are attending. We are growing, and we are having more facilities built, but right now it's too small.


The construction that is going on right now to erect a new building is unpleasant and inconvenient. The campus is no longer as pretty as it was because it has been torn up.


Because my school is small christian college, there is hardly any international students on campus. I am enjoying being one of a few international studens but when it comes down to business regarding assistant me to stay in the U.S as a legal alien such as visa, job applying , driver's liscense, I often have to figure it all out myself.


The Most Frustrating thing about my school is that it is about 4 hours away from my house. I commute weekly


The old business professor who have been out of the workforce for 30 years so they teach old school information. One even uses only a typewriter still!!


The requirement to stay on campus based on age and not credit. Favoritism to some students and not others.


The most frustrating thing about Northwestern College is probably the food. They have a catering service that provides a daily variety of food to eat, but the food all tastes the same-- either too boring or too spicy. The cafe is not an ideal design, quickly becoming hot and crowded during peak hours. This will be solved once the cafeteria opens in the new building that is currently under construction. The building project causes problems and mild inconveniences of its own, but once completed, it will definitely be worth its trouble.


I honestly cannot think of anything at the moment.