University of Northwestern-St Paul Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the Christian atmosphere. I love being surrounded by people my age who share the same beliefs as me.


The teachers are available and willing to help their students and really want them to succeed.


The professors are exceptional. They are very wise and love to connect with the students.


The best thing about Northwestern College is the size. The campus is not extremely large like some state schools where it can get overwhelming and can make you feel completely lost and invisible. Not only is it nice having a smaller sized campus, there are still enough people on campus where you do not know everyone so that it gets monotonous. Since there is a smaller student body, the availability of talking one-on-one with professors is so amazing! The professors are so incredible, and it would be impossible to know that, if Northwestern was a massive campus.


I think the best thing about my school is the community. That sounds very cliche, but it is true. The first time I visited the campus, I fell in love with it and the people. Everyone is open, friendly, and just incredibly easy to get along with. Brother and sister halls are the most obvious form of community at my school. In my building, each guy residence hall has two "sister" (girl residence) halls. It gives the new students a chance to get to know the other new students as well as upper classmen.


The community. I know that no matter where I go there will some form of a clique. Northwestern is different though. The cliques here aren't negative at all, and they are all friends with each other anyway. The campus is small enough to be able to befriend a good majority of it, but at the same time still big enough to meet someone new just about every day.


We believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior and He died for our sins. I liked how my school use scriptures from the Bible and incorporate that into our learning. I enjoy sharing about my faith with others and getting to know one another. The best thing is not being ashamed or afraid to talk about God in school. Being able to read the Bible and pray openly. I attended public schools before college and some people would attack me and say that I am wrong just because of my belief. I would always have this thought to not speak.


The best thing about my school is the safe and helpful environment which fosters good study habits and great friendships. Also, Nortwestern College's faculty care so deeply about their respective students which makes it so easy to come and talk to them, further encouraging growth academically and emotionally.


When I first started here at Northwestern College, I really felt that I have found the place for me. Starting my freshmen year with freshmen orientation has sparked my life with socialization and relationships with friends of different diversity and of ethnic background. I realize that even though I have not started to explore around the world yet, it has come to me. One of the best things about my school is the diversity culture. I am a minority and I am Hmong. I find that many of my peers along with my professors have almost the same driven passion.


The best thing about Northwestern College is the strong community. From the very first days of orientation it feels like one big family, and there are always people there to help those in need of encouragement. There are countless activities which serve to bring the campus together, and they enhance the feeling of community greatly. We even take a day off of school in the spring to do service projects around Roseville, MN. Nothing brings community together like serving alongside one another.


Northwestern College offers an education that meets the needs of the whole person. The four pillars of NWC are academic excellence, wholeheartedly Christian, community focused, and engaged in the world. The most wonderful part of our school is the people who help us live out these four pillars during our time here. Professors, friends, resident assistants & directors, campus ministry staff, faculty, supervisors, and parents all play important roles to mold us into the people we will be in our fields.


The best thing i consider about my school is the staff, their love for the students and setting good examples for students to follow and advising students about their life and their majors. T.he students are able to meet up one on one with their professors if they need help in any assignment which in most public school you dont get the opportunity to meet up with your professors one on one.


Some of the best things about Northwestern include great academics, strong support and encouragement from teachers, excellent learning environment, wonderful volunteering opportunities, challenging coursework, focus on career placement and real-world learning, ease of making friends and multiple social activities, and strong faith-building opportunities including chaples, bible-studies, prayer with teachers and students, service and missions.


I believe the best thing about Northwestern College is the professors and what our college stands for. The professors are actively involved with our lives, are intentional, and care about how we are doing in school. Additionally, Northwestern College is a Christian community that accepts everyone that is a part of the community and outside of the community.


I love that it is a Christian environment. I love my professors because they interact with me personally and get to know me personally. I love all my bible classes because I learn so much valuable lessons. I love that we start class with prayer. I love how perfectly my schedule fits together. They are very compatible with my special needs. (I have celiac disease.) I love my school all together. I am so blessed I go to Northwestern College.


The best thing about Northwestern College is the Christian community. A strong love for Christ and other people drives staff and faculty to build relationships with students and pour into their lives. The environment is encouraging and students are constantly surrounded by people who care about their lives beyond school. When a student attends Northwestern, every aspect of their lives is affected. Students receive more than an education. They receive a transformed heart and life.


The best thing about my school is that I know they have prepared me for my future career. The professors in my department are wonderful, intelligent people who stay current with what's happening in their field.


The Christian community that allows you to share your faith without fear of reprisal.


The best thing about my school is the community and friendships one builds while they are here. If it were not for friends school would be boring and a struggle becauase we help each other out when one does not understand something in a class.


The Christ centered environment.


I absolutely love the community that is present here. I can walk around campus and know many of the people I see. I'm not another face in the crowd. I know my professors and they know me. They are truly concerned about my life, my relationship with God, and my school work.


The sense of community is the most encouraging and fun thing about Northwestern. Most people on campus are friendly and willing to engage in conversations.


The best thing about Northwestern is the aspect of community here; this is a place where returning students befriend new students and help them adjust to the new environment of college life. Students work in community with one another to learn and grow in all aspects of life. There is also a sense of community between professors and students; the majority of my professors know me by name, and they always say hi when they see me around campus. Northwestern is a place that challenges its students while encouraging them to cultivate positive relationships through the community it builds.


The best thing about my school is the strong sense of community. Everyone is accepted and you can really feel like your at home. The professors are not only your teachers, but they are they to help you as brothers and sisters in Christ. You can go to any of them at any time for anything and they make that very clear to you throughout their classes.


The best thing about this school is that there is a willingness to provide support for different needs on campus. The school have programs that are geared towards people who have a learning disability or just a physical disability. There are faculty and staffs that are willing to provide mentoring and psychological help for the students that seek them out. Since this is a Christian college, there are a lot of students that need support to help them find their won identity and we have faculties and staffs here that are willing to provide that support.


The faculty and staff here really care about your success as a student! They help in giving you extra resources from outside the class room to help improve on your feild of study!


The Biblical Worldview that everything is taught from. I like being able to go to class and not worry about being persecuted for what I believe in.