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The school spirit at Notre Dame is unlike anything I've ever seen. Sporting events are huge, but by no means do athletics consume the interests of the student body. There are so many potential activities and programs to get involved in, and I've been very impressed by how many different interests the student body has, and how involved people get. Being a pre-medical student at an academically rigorous school, I've also noticed that students here don't tend to view others so much as competition, but are willing study with and help fellow classmates.


Most of the students are both Christian and academically focused, if not gifted. Almost every student I knew at ND had some extraordinary aspect to their personality or high achievement in some capacity. These ranged from incredible athleticism to musical giftedness, to leaders in the school, to those heavily involved in service. Although diverse in their achievements the student body took academic issues seriously.


The dormitory system--all dorms are all years and single-sex--guarantees the close-knit community of Greek life without the ostracism.


If you are looking for the quintessential "college experience" come here! We are the epitome of everything college is about. You will (mostly) love and (occasionally) hate things about Notre Dame, but you will never ever regret your choice to come to the most awesome school in the US!

Katie Rose

I could write about Notre Dame forever. It is incredibly unique as a school, and the school spirit is tremendous. Every student is so happy and proud to be there, and the alumni are dedicated forever. Students remain in the same dorm throughout their time at Notre Dame, which leads to dorm loyalty and close friendships. I strongly recommend the academics at this school, and the athletics make the experience even better.


the football team and alumni network and academics


The University of Notre Dame has tradition. That is the best word taht describes this school. We do things because we have done them for years. It took me three days to call this place home. The people here are not only intelligent, but real people. They are easy to talk to and have become like family in months. I never got there in the four years I was in high school.


At this school, everyone knows how important and special it is to be here. Everyone tries their absolute hardest to stay and succeed at the university. It is very inspiring and makes everyone work that much harder.


The phrase they like to toss around on campus is "Nowhere else but Notre Dame" and I didn't buy it until I came to campus and experienced the unparalleled and unforgettable blend of academics, sports, spirituality, art, service, and enthusiasm that is Notre Dame. People always ask what sets a school apart and I think that every school across the country has something unique and special to offer. What makes Notre Dame so special is that it is difficult to describe, but everyone who has experienced it has felt and can attest to the Spirit of Notre Dame.


It's a Catholic university far from my home, which is in Central Florida. The majority of the other schools I considered were state schools.


This is a great school and I recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure and great time.


The size was perfect for me. Also, Notre Dame just has an image that no other school can compare to. Everyone has heard of Notre Dame, and everyone knows it's a special place, regardless if they have been there or not.


The sense of unity among the student body, alumni, teachers, and family is remarkable. The "Notre Dame Community" is tighly bound and connected by a loyalty to the tradition of a commitment to education, a unique spiritual atmosphere, and a common love for Notre Dame athletics. Other schools with renowned football teams do not seem to also have the strong sense of spirituality and may not have a highly regarded academic reputation. Also, dorm assignments are random, and dorm allegiance is a unique and fun part of student life.


The Notre Dame family! We balance superb academics and D1 sports, there's always something to do for any interest and there's a golden dome.


Very strong school spirit. Tough academics but know how to have fun on the weekends. Many opportunities after graduation.


School spirit and tradition is unparalleled


The grotto, the dome, the spirit, the feel, the friendships, the classroom, notre dame is the ultimate college experience


It's probably cliche, but the Catholic aspects of the school really helped foster a community. Sunday night dorm masses were a great way to bond and really connect with others, and having an active faith life is not looked down upon as 'uncool.' There are also a lot of different ways to explore the Catholic faith, including the social justice and community service aspects, through classes and volunteer opportunities.


dorm-lilfe and commmunity, the sense of family and the extensive world-wide network


The sense of community among students


Mostly its religous-affiliation; none of the other schools I looked at were affiliated with any religion. Also, it probably has the most school spirit out of any other school I applied to.


This school has a strong sense of tradition, in both academics and athletics, which I did not find in many of the other schools that i considered. Also the strong Catholic presence at the school is one of the main reasons I made the decision to attend the University of Notre Dame. Another unique feature of the school that was important to me was the guarantee of 4 years of on-campus housing if desired.


There is a lot of complaining about the tightness of the campus rules (codified in the campus rule book called "Du Lac"). But, there is much more flexibility on campus than Du Lac would have you believe. The administration may declare no drinking in the dorms or may declare that guys have to leave girls' dorms at 2AM, but these rules are not strictly enforced. No one is going to go around knocking on your dorm room door to see what's going on unless you are flaunting the rules so extravagantly that they can no longer reasonably ignore it.


Notre Dame offers an environment different from any other University that I have visited. It offers what I believe to be the perfect mix of athletics, tradition, academics, social life, moral and societal responsibility. More than that, Notre Dame creates a community in which students develop and evolve into adults that grow spiritually, religiously, and academically. I don't think any other university could have molded me into the person that I am today or could have affected my dreams and aspirations in the same way. Notre Dame is unique in the way that it shapes truly good people.


Family atmosphere


Our Catholic identity makes us special. We have chapels in all the dorms and a very strong religious presense on campus. We also have an incredibly rich history and beautiful campus.


Footbally, friendly environment.


I love my school!


Notre Dame is a spiritual campus. To give you a good idea I'll give you an example. Notre Dame has a chapel in every dorm. My dorm's chapel has seats for 150 people. For sunday mass it is standing room only. People will stand in the back and sit on the floor in the front for mass. Don't get the wrong idea though. You don't have to be catholic to enjoy yourself here. My dorm has 400 guys living in it, so about half go to mass and half don't. I myself am a protestant denomination and don't feel intimidated about the abundance on cathlic people on campus. One of my good friends is muslim and he still loves Notre Dame. So to rap it up. If your cathlic it will be easy for you to be spiritual. If your not cathlic your not the only one.


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I am taking this survey on behalf of Badin Hall, Relay for Life :)


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I am taking this survey on behalf of Welsh Family Hall, Relay for Life


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I'm taking this survey on behalf of BADIN HALL, Relay 4 Life


I am taking this survey on behalf of Badin Hall, ND Relay 4 Life


5 Best things about ND: - the dining halls - the athleticism on campus - study abroad opportunities - service opportunities - the tradition/unity 5 Worst things about ND: - the weather - the price - the nightlife - du Lac... the rules - the rising price of football tickets


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awesome school


I am taking this survey on behalf of Badin Hall's Relay for Life Team.




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I am filling out this survey on behalf of Badin Hall, Relay for Life"


Gender relations: totally whack.


I love my school!

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