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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


To an extent. If you don't go to Notre Dame, you can't really understand what this place is all about. We get a lot of flack because there are a lot of people out there who don't like Notre Dame and we get stereotyped more than pretty much any other school. Like most stereotypes, it has held because there are quite a few students that fit the stereotype - but not all. Not by a long shot!


Yes it's fair to say we are a catholic school with athletic spirit. However non-catholic students like me will find it easy to get evolved too. Football is huge although the Irish performance is not good during the past years. Home game is like big festivals, even asian students will not stay in the library during games.


stereotypes can never describe everyone


Most stereotypes are based in truth to some extent, and these are no exception. You will find many, many people on campus who embody the stereotypes listed above. But you will increasingly find people who break that mold on all accounts, and you will generally find a welcoming and tolerant atmosphere for them. I personally happen to be white and upper middle class, but I am also about as liberally-minded as you could be, and I am a majorly lapsed Catholic. I knew plenty of other people who were just like me, and I never encountered anyone that I felt was really judging me for the ways that I was different from them.


Contains clips from several interviews conducted at Notre Dame about school and student stereotypes.


Both yes and no for all of them - yes, there's lots of legacies, but not nearly as many as you'd think. Our system of dorms that a majority of students stay in 3-4 years is really cool, but at the same time having single sex dorms strains gender relations a little, though from what I've gathered, it's not too different from lots of other colleges. We have our fair share of crazy liberals and crazy conservatives. As it's a very intellectual school, lots of people feel the need to get political when they shouldn't, but if you can ignore that sort of thing, it's no big deal. If you're insanely political, however, you've come to the right place.




Notre Dame appeals to many different type of students and I believe they do a pretty good job of making sure diversity is important. It may not be the most diverse school in the US, but I think everyone is represented. Many of the students are upperclass that is not uncommon but many are also middle class or other.


These stereotypes are very accurate. People dress like they're in a J.Crew catalogue, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If I want to wear something nice to class, I don't feel weird about it, but honestly if I just want to wear sweats and flip-flops there are plenty of people doing that too. With a huge athletic program for just a small/medium size school, you find a lot of athletes in many classes, and they always wear sweats.


Not at all! Campus Moto: Work hard...Play harder!!


I don't find ND pepole to be arrogant; mostly it's just a strong sense of pride in the University. The second stereotype, however, is fairly accurate. Although ND is working to become more diverse, the majority of the student body is upper class white Catholics.


To some extent, but many are overexaggerated.


The religious stereotype is not completely accurate; there is definitely a percentage of religious people here, predominantly Catholic, but there are plenty of people are not religious or don't practice their faith. The jock stereotype is more accurate; the vast majority of students here lettered in at least one varsity sport in high school, and about half of them were captains of their teams and/or played multiple sports. There is a palpable sports culture here, especially among the guys. (I've never watched ESPN in my life as much as I did this year.) The drinking stereotype is probably the least true out of all of these; granted, students here drink and party as they do at any college, but drinking seems to be less prevalent here than at many other schools. There are many students here who only drink a little, or don't drink at all. As for being smart, this is true; Notre Dame students are very smart on average. However, this is no reason to be intimidated; I actually found the intelligence of the student body, on average, to be a little lower than I expected before coming here. Of course, there is a fair share of brilliant minds, and the general intelligence level is still very high.


I wouldn't like to think so!


there is a strong sense of community but with that a lot of openness. people are both catholic and non-catholic, liberal, and conservative. the guy-girl relations are pretty normal, except for the single sex dorms which make it a little weird.


lots of athletic students, growing diversity, both sexes are generally fairly attractive


yes...there is some diversity though


Absolutely not. I was a walk-on, and therefore got into ND on my own merits. I resent it when people assume that I'm stupid because I wear athletic gear


To a certain extent yes, the university is very catholic (85% of students) and most students practice a more 'conservative' catholicism. Because of our strong sports programs, Notre Dame attracts students who are athletes or interested in sports. However, not everyone is a 'jock.' And of course I think we are all smart.


Sometimes they are accurate, but Notre Dame is making an effort to increase the diversity on campus. Some people are "old-fashioned" however.


there are alot of intelligent people but plenty of people that arent too "dorky". there definitely are some, but not everyone is. There are girls of all attractiveness and yes, we are quite strong fans.


to some extent


For the most part, the stereotype is painfully correct, however, recent aggressive changes in admissions policies have helped to add significant diversity to the campus.


For the most part. However, just because the school is expensive doesn't mean its students are rich. Far from it; most people are on scholarship or have a job(s) or both!


While students like that exist at Notre Dame, the student body in generally more diverse, and people have many different interests that they pursue.






Are stereotypes ever accurate?


These stereotypes are accurate for a few students at ND, but otherwise, not at all.


NO! Many people dress preppy but don't act that way, everyone is very friendly. And we are a gay-friendly campus.


In some respect the stereotypes do stem from truth. I am neither white nor upperclass nor irish... but somehow I go there. You wouldn't have a difficult time finding people that break the stereotype, it's still a university where different ideas and backgrounds collide and mix. As far as the Catholicism goes, it's there if you want it, but not at all overwhelming. It's a Catholic school, a priest or two shouldn't freak you out. But if you're anticipating a rosary per meal, and a painting of the passion in each classroom... do some research.




Not all of them. They might apply to some students, but stereotypes in general do not necessarily apply to everyone. I would say that everyone who goes to Notre Dame is fairly intelligent; you have to be in order to be accepted. However, not everyone comes from money. I have friends who come from middle class blue collar families, and that´s totally cool. The people I know and am friends with are not snobby or pretentious. However, stereotypes begin based on some truth, and there are those students at Notre Dame who do come from incredibly wealthy families and who are a bit snobby. In general though, I find it difficult to say that these stereotypes are accurate because it is a generalization that does not apply to many of the students at Notre Dame.


there are some that keep these true, but they are disappearing as time goes on


Because the school is Catholic, there are definitely conservative kids, but there are all sorts of political affiliations and groups to support either side on campus. While the large majority of people are white, Notre Dame is becoming more diverse, and the incoming Freshman class is the most diverse yet.




generally no


NO!!! I've met some of the most amazing, down to earth, incredible people at ND.


I don't feel that these stereotypes are accurate. Although the student body is primarily white, the educational and financial backgrounds of students differ greatly. Some students have been educated in public schools, some in private schools. Some students belong to upper-class families, some are dependent upon financial aid in order to pay their tuition. Additionally, the prejudices encountered at Notre Dame are no more pronounced than at any other institution of higher education. What may be different is that there are various seminars sponsored by Notre Dame throughout the year that address what the Catholic Church advocates with regard to the gay community at our school.




for the most part


not really


for some but not all students


Yes. And it shouldn't be.


I don't think so. I think there are certainly some kids who fit that stereotype, but you'll find people like that at any school. I love Notre Dame and think that, yes, we are all extremely fortunate and have been given a lot of blessings in our lives. However, I think we are also very driven, intelligent people who do work hard to achieve and accomplish what we want in our lives.


Drinking isnt as big of a problem, and girls are about the same as any other place, but the others are kinda true.




1) True.


actually yes.


Well, a lot are definately rich white kids, but there are a lot of people who are on financial aid and are minorities, too.

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