University of Notre Dame Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Ummm...DUH. We're NOTRE DAME! Only the most famous college football program in the nation. Yes, we have been in a slump. But that doesn't stop any of our school spirit! We still have over 100,000 people on campus every football weekend. Notre Dame Stadium, which holds 80,795 people, has been sold out for every game for the last 20 years. Let's not forget our other sports! This last year, Womens Soccer and both Mens and Womens Fencing were National Champs. Hockey made it Frozen Four, Mens Lacrosse made final four, Womens Basketball made it to Final Four, and Mens Basketball participated in March Madness. We are an athletic powerhouse! About 80% of ND students played a varsity sport in high school, so our campus is really active. Lots of students play interhall sports for their dorm, which is very recreational. We also have club level sports that you have to try out for.


Caitlin, a junior and member of Notre Dame's marching band, explains why she likes football.


Brendan, a sophomore, talks about why he enjoys football games and his experience in ND's interhall football league.


Lindsay, a junior, talks about how she differs from ND's average sports fan.

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