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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Most popular activities are attending home games (of either football, basketball, etc.), attending a club meeting, gym classes, or training if you´re an athlete.


ND is a very athletic place. Many people are involved in interhall sports. Many people also choose to become involved in their dorms as part of hall council. Student government is big. There are several theater groups but, other than the musicals, their shows are not usually very well-attended. Lots of people volunteer. Many started their own non-profits in high school. The dating scene at ND is interesting. Hook-ups are prevalent, but mostly just “Notre Dame hook-ups”—read: making out. It seems as though people are either hooking up or in serious long-term relationships. Casual dating is not really a thing. “Ring by Spring” has a definite presence, although I think less so than in previous years. As far as the weekend goes, you have two options: party or be that weird goody-two-shoes who doesn’t party. Dorm parties are usually reserved for freshmen and some sophomores, whereas off-campus parties are more the domain of upper-classmen. Lots of people go to Fever, a nightclub in South Bend, or to the local bars. Though the parties are plentiful, they are not terribly rowdy.


The first thing I should mention is dorms. What sets Notre Dame apart from other schools is our residential system. Compare it to being sorted into a house like at Hogwarts. Everyone thinks their dorm is the best, and there is a big rivalry to win "Hall of the Year." So along with that, popular student activities often are associated with your dorm. Each dorm has a signature event (examples include mud volleyball tournaments, chariot races, etc.) and they do lots of things together as a dorm community. You can also play pretty much any sport (from ping pong to football) for your dorm. The marching band is huge here. There are tons of other musical groups - choirs, a capella groups, bagpipe bands - you name it! I'm a little biased, but Student Government is also huge here, and very influential. They plan a ton of events for students and also create changes for students around campus. There are many religious groups, academic associations, service organizations, etc. Every year, in the first couple weeks of school there is an activity fair where over 100 student groups set up booths and you can find out more about each one!


There are all kinds of activities and associations here. A nice museum on campus and good stage performance from time to time.


Students actively participate in service projects. Appalachia seminars are great ways to meet people and serve communities in need. If you wake up at 2am on a Tuesday you are probably getting up to study or to play in the snow.


The dorms are the foundation of social life on campus. Each dorm sponsors dances, parties, and other major social events, and all of these are well attended. The dorms develop their own personalities, including rivalries with other dorms, and many people learn to identify almost as strongly with their dorm as they do with Notre Dame over all. That being said, there is a significant off-campus community as well, and off-campus parties seem to be increasingly popular for weekend entertainment. South Bend has a few bars and clubs that are popular with students, including at least one per year that is the dedicated "underage" bar. Wednesday through Saturday are potential partying nights, although campus parties are generally limited to Fridays and Saturdays. All events in the dorm are also limited by the existence of "parietals", which specify that the dorms go single-sex at midnight on weekdays and 2AM on weeknights. For the non-partying crowd, there are usually movies, comedy shows, concerts, or other events around campus that could fill your time. Also, Chicago isn't that far away, and going on a little road trip is a time honored tradition for everyone. Most social activities are group oriented, which can make the dating scene a little strained. The general rule for dating at school is that you're either entirely single or in a committed relationship--there doesn't seem to be much room in between. But again, there are exceptions to every rule.


There's usually a lot to do on campus. Should you be a party type, dorm parties are big. There's always a concert (sometimes even good ones) at Legends about every weekend. Clubs are putting on different activities all the time. There's always a movie, play or orchestral concert going on somewhere. Reckers is always a nice place to hang out. There's also a lot of shady bars in town if you're into that kind of thing.


There are many activities opent o students and social life is great also.


The school really tries to keep people on campus on the weekends so they always have events going on, and honestly they are generally just alright. There are always things to be going to. I have one beef with the general life around here; it is not always easy to find food. The dining hall hours suck, they close at 8 or 7 at night, and there is one building with Sbarro, Subway, and Burger King, and they close generally before I would've liked.


Notre Dame has a wide variety of clubs to join. I played water polo in high school so i joined the club team at Notre Dame as a freshman. I would really recomend joining a group where you will get to know upperclassmen. The seniors on the water polo team showed me the robes, invited me to parties, and bought me booze. At the end of my freshman year I tried out for leprechaun. Out of 15 leprechauns I made the final 7. I didn't get the leprechuan but I'm trying out again. After I didn't make leprechaun I tried out for cheerleader and made the squad. Now I get to be on the field for all the football games...which is awesome!!! My closest friends are my guys in the dorm and all the cheerleaders.


Ok, so the party scene - Since ND is in Indiana anyone under 21 is not allowed into the bars. So a bar scene is pretty non-existant untill Junior and Senior year. Other typical parties include dorm parties (I know it sounds lame, but they can actually be pretty fun) or off campus house parties.


Guest speakers are amazing on campus. Really important people visit all the time and give lectures. Dorm life is great, everyone in my halls know everyone else. There is a lot of dorm pride and they are almost like frats. 2am on a tuesday is study time. Partying is generally just fri and sat unless you are a business major then maybe thursdays too. There are no real frats or sororities which is a good thing. The dorm system is way way better and very unique to Notre Dame.


There is a big drinking culture at ND, surrounding football season.


Virtually every student goes to the football games in the fall; you're basically required to shell out the $95 for a ticket booklet and go to the games. Even if you aren't a football fan, you won't regret spending the money. It's part of the experience of going to school here. Basketball and hockey games are also very popular. Unfortunately, other school-sponsored events are significantly less popular. There are a plethora of theatre shows, concerts, comedians, and guest speakers made available to students by various organizations, but I feel like a lot of students don't take advantage of these great opportunities very often. Legends, the on-campus bar and nightclub, hosts six events every weekend, from Thursday to Saturday. This includes one or two concerts featuring up-and-coming musical artists every week. However, these events are often poorly attended, unless the band has the advantage of name recognition. The social life revolves around the residence halls. Since these halls are single-sex only, they act in place of fraternities and sororities on campus, minus the partying. Most students' closest friends come from their dorms. Roommates are assigned randomly freshman year, which can be a drag or a blast depending on who you get. My sister, who also goes here, was in a quint with four other girls her freshman year, and they all got along famously. In contrast, I was in a double, and my roommate and I didn't have very much in common. We tolerated each other, but never talked very much or did anything together. This latter situation is probably the most common as a freshman. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it is also a learning experience. You find out more about yourself and your values, as well as the kind of people you like and don't like. Furthermore, you learn how to interact with people even if you don't like them. As far as dating goes, there really isn't much. There seem to be two kinds of relationships at Notre Dame: drunken hook-ups, and serious couples bordering on engagement. There is not much middle ground; for some reason, nobody really goes on casual dates. This might stem from the kinds of things there are to do on weekends: partying (hence the drunken hook-ups) or hanging out with a group of friends. People usually go to concerts, events, and shows in groups, although these would be good activities to do with a date. Some people have suggested that students do not feel like they have enough time to date. Also, there is the conspicuous lack of places to go off campus. There is not really a college town in the traditional sense of the word. South Bend is not exactly classy, and there are no cute little restaurants that students can walk to (or even drive to). Basically, aside from off-campus partying, everything goes on on-campus. There are usually plenty of things to do on campus to keep you entertained, though, if you don't want to go to parties.


There is a group for everyone on this campus. Students are usually very open and there is a feeling of family/community here that makes everyone pretty comfortable. For example, many students leave their doors open in the dorms. There are tons of traditions that lots of people participate in every year. I would say the largest tradition by far is football. EVERYONE buys "the shirt" and shows up for every home game, rain or shine, win or lose, to cheer on the Irish. There are no fraternities or sororities, but the dorms take on part of this role, especially the men's dorms, and there is almost as much dorm spirit as there is school spirit. There are parties on and off campus at least every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but there are plenty of things to do on campus if you don't want to drink: concerts, comedians, movies, theater. I don't party but I have never felt like I am missing out on anything. I have plenty of friends and am rarely, if ever, bored.


I enjoy the social life for the most part. There seems to be a good balance between it and academics. We try to encourage open doors, and most of my friends live in or near my dorm. There is no Greek life but I think ND has developed its own social scene without it.


inter-hall sports are really popular. other popular things are environmental projects and the center for social concerns. i have helped build a house for habitat for humanity. everyone leaves their doors open and the dorms are a great place to foster friendships. athletic events are EXTREMELY POPULAR, especially football. on a tuesday at 2 am you are probably doing last minute studying for an exam.


We don't have fraternities or sororities, and I'm really glad. The dorms are single sex and mixed years so they take the place of frats but w/o the pressure of rush and striving to find the one that fits you best. Most people are placed randomly into the dorms and the people you live around most of the time become your best friends.


Many religiously oritented groups are here on campus, as spiritual life is very important here. Dorm life is quite unique, where it is very communal. Students are held to a very high moral standard. There are numerous opportunities to get involved with the community, through tutoring, volunteering at the homeless shelter, and other such things. There are a lot of service opportunities over fall, spring, winter and summer breaks that are known to be life-changing. Dorm life promotes a fun atmosphere with your dormmates, and each dorm has their own athletics teams of various sports, like football, basketball, softball, tennis, and even broomball!


Obviously: football. But not just that, sports in general here are huge, I love it. There is some statistic that says something around 90% of students here were captains of their particular sports team in high school. There are no frats or sororities, good riddance.


I leave my door unlocked because I feel safe on the university. The most popular groups are the athletic teams and the most popular events are the sporting events. Pretty much everyone on campus is involved in some physical activity ranging from varsity sports to club sports and intermurals. Other active groups are the student government, campus ministry, and student activities board. The dating scene at Notre Dame tends to be polarized. Either kids are casually hooking up or they are dating on the track to get married by graduation. I really like the social scene on campus because there are no fraternities or sororities and social life is more dictated by dorm identity.


I personally like to party, and South Bend is not always the most swinging town. I also have friends who never drink and they seem to have fun too.


most popular groups are those organized by dorms, or have to do with sports. i play field hockey adn love it. in my dorm, doors are always open, and people walk in all the time. athletic events are really popular, especially football and basketball. im not sure about guest speakers, theater and music is fairly well attended. dating scene isnt the best. it seems to be basically married or just hook ups. not much casual dating. my closest friends are those that live near me and some others from classes. if im up at 2 am on tues im probably studying. LOTS of traditions of social events. each dorm has stuff, as well as campus wide events. fall is all football. people party maybe thursday, usually fridya adn saturday. frats/sororities dont exist, but dorms act like them in some ways. last weekend my mom came up for mother daughter weekend at my dorm, so we went out to dinner and a movie. i did go hang out in a boys dorm after she went back to her hotel saturday night. if you dont want to drink you can go to parties and not drink, or go to flipside events, or hang out or go to concerts or watch movies. off campus go shopping, to the movies, out to dinner, older kids go to bars and clubs


some students leave their doors open. it happens more often in boys' dorms


The most popular groups on campus are those involving sports and volunteering. Circle K is huge, as are the (very competitive) club sport teams including men's rowing, women's field hockey, men's rugby, boxing, ultimate frisbee, and downhill skiing. Guest speakers and concerts at the on-campus nightclub and bar (Legends) are very popular. If you are considering ND and you don't enjoy football, basketball, or hockey, perhaps this isn't the right school for you - football home games consume entire weekends in one gulp and basketball and hockey games are very popular throughout the winter. Notre Dame is all about traditions and sports are a big part of those traditions. If you happen to be awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, you are probably finishing some homework you put off until the last minute or just chilling with some friends in your dorm room - parties are usually limited to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights since in-hall dorm Mass is Sunday evening.


Notre Dame is quite an active campus, and most people participate in a lot of activities (whether on the intramural, club, or varsity level). Almost every event on campus is to raise money for a respectable charity, and people are quite ready to donate to the various causes. Most people participate in some kind of service work.


In the fall, football games are the most universally important event on campus for the student body, promoting school spirit and involvement in the school. The dorm life at Notre Dame is heavily stressed, and many students remain very loyal to their dorms and the friends they make there throughout Notre Dame and after. The dorms also have very strong, unique traditions (as well at Notre Dame having many traditions). Athletics play a role in many students lives. Students party often on the weekends, but mostly study during the weekdays. There are no fraternities or sororities at Notre Dame. There are also many options for students who do not wish to drink, many of which are sponsored by Flipside, a student organization.


Door in the dorms are left open it extremly safe. Parties are happening pretty much whenever you want to go to one. If i'm awake a 2 am on a tue i'm studying, but most others are probably playing xbox or partying. No frats. Most of the weekend activities on the weekends are heavily centered on drinking.


Plenty of parties available, everyone in the dorms is at least somewhat friendly if not exactly outgoing. Athletic events extremely popular. Definitely a little weird with the opposite sex. Since guys and girls are segregated into different dorms, I feel like it's a lot harder for guys to meet girls and vice versa than at other schools but it's not a debilitating situation just kind of annoying. My closest friends are from my dorm. My girlfriend I met at a party because she was there with one of my friend's girlfriend.


I don't do much outside of school work and my job, but I do fill out surveys in my free time.


ND has tons of sweet sports clubs and other clubs. There seems to be like something for everyone. Most kids leave the doors to their rooms open because most people are pretty outgoing/friendly. ND also has many options for kids who don't want to get crunk on the weekends. The dating scene at ND is very hard to get out of, but if you want a relationship, people seem to be open to it. As for traditions, there are so many, you can't go a day without some odd tradition occuring.


The dorms are a HUGE part of why I love Notre Dame so much- they're their own internal communities and I love living in my dorm!


For many student, whether you grew up with it or not, Notre Dame = Football. In Fall, football is what you do on the weekends. Win or lose, there will be a party to celebrate or drown your sorrows Saturday night. Different dorms have very different atmospheres. Some are very open, some are quieter, one dorm's got a party going every night, another is the best place to be if your a jock... they range and all have their ups and down. Dating on the ND campus is interesting to say the least. Having a fairly closed campus and the feeling of a small town, most of the people you know will be from campus or one of the surrounding campuses. If you are looking for a party on campus you can always find one. The campus party scene is pretty lively, and ND students are pretty creative with party themes.


Drinking is an almost essential part to ND's culture...I don't really know what people do except party on the weekends (at nights, that is). I know that there are other options like concerts (occasionally good ones) and Flipside has outings, but it seems like the mainstream thing to do is go out and drink, unless you choose to have a chill movie night or game night with friends. But in terms of wanting to go out and be in a non-drinking environment to meet new people, Legends or AcousticCafe is probably the best bet.


Students in the male dorms always seem to leave their doors open while the females do not. Athletic events are really popular, especially Notre Dame football. Guest speakers and theater events as well are fairly popular; there´s always something going on. The dating scene...well Notre Dame has self proclaimed gender relation issues. Apparently Notre Dating as it´s called is weird. Apparently the notion is that students of the opposite sex are either hooking up or simply acquaintances ant that they can´t be friends or in a relationship. I don´t think this is necessarily accurate, because I have friends of the opposite sex. In that respect too, there does not appear to be much homosexual dating, considering Notre Dame itself is a Catholic University and although the Catholic church accepts homosexuals, it does not approve of homosexuals being sexually involved. This is one thing that really bothers me about Notre Dame actually, and it´s been recent controversy about including sexuality in the non-discrimination clause. There are no fraternities and sororities. People party Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, although some students party during the week as well, and not everyone parties on Thursdays, and not everyone even parties. On a Saturday night that doesn´t involve drinking there are Flipside events; Flipside is a group offering alternative entertainment to drinking. You can go bowling or rollerskating or to a movie. On campus the Student Union offers movie screenings on Saturdays. There´s usually some sort of concert of theater event on campus as well. Or you can just hang out with friends, watch a movie in someone´s room, or go to Legends, a restaurant club type of place where they have concerts or comedians or dance parties.


something going on all the time, football rules


Notre Dame has a work hard/play hard policy. The dating scene isn't veery big. t's either a hook up or you're in a relationship.


Interhall sports is probably the most popular extracurricular but there are so many groups, I wouldn't know what else is really popular. Most students are heavily involved in activities including service, academia and faith. Athletic events are popular-- especially football (even during a season where it's the worst team in the history of the school). Anyone awake at 2 am is either studying or goofing off with parties on school nights (except Thursdays and holidays). Most students party at least once every weekend. No greek life- it's all in dorm life. This past weekend I went on a retreat and was so exhausted I didn't go out the next night. But most weekends I am either out partying or just hanging out with friends.


doors in dorms are always open - dorm life is an essential part of the notre dame experience. football games are the center of weekends in the fall, and the campus tends to also care a great deal about other sporting teams as well. there are a myriad of traditions every year, many of them events organized and sponsored by the dorms, which function almost like fraternities or sororities in terms of the community and intimacy aspect. there is no greek life at notre dame, but there is an extensive partying scene both on and off campus. it does, however, seem to be declining as the admissions standards bring even more qualified (and less socially adapted) individuals to campus.




Extracurricular activites provide students with opportunities to explore areas of interest that they may not be exposed to during their First Year of Studies. For example, I was interested in entering the Mendoza College of Business, but had never taken a business class in high school. The Student International Business Council introduced me to finance and marketing concepts that I would not have seen until my sophomore year. Extracurricular activites have helped me to gauge where my interests lay, and whereto my career path is being forged.


the social life could be better but i can pretty much find somewhere to party each day of the week


It's fairly conservative b/c of the structure. Parietals put a big obstacle up for social life on campus, and as a result a lot of the partying goes on off campus. Although drinking is fairly omnipresent, the drug scene is almost invisible if you want it to be that way. Sports are a big deal for activities as both intra and inter-dorm athletics are very popular.


Very athletic based. Marathons and runs are happening often, and interhall sports are kind of a big deal. My roomate and I just recently started locking our doors because of some robberies. People don't really date around here - from what I see, it's either boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, or drunk hook ups. My closest friends are girls in my dorm. I go out about two nights a week, and I feel like that's pretty average for the whole campus. Fridays and Saterdays. Some people do go out during the week, but none of my close friends. Last night I was in the dorm at 1 AM, and I realized that that was the first time I'd been in my dorm on a Sat. night at that hour. We go to dorm parties, or to my friend's condo off campus. Sometimes we go to parties off campus. Basically just house parties. We don't go to bars/clubs because noone is old enough.


I have run varsity cross country and track here. It has been great to get the experience of being on a team at Notre Dame. It was hard to adjust to the harder training and different chemistry of the team compared to high school, but I'm glad that I am doing it. It helps me feel like I have somewhere I belong and something to be proud of and work toward. I also like all of the religious groups on campus that are available like Bible studies and fellowship groups. I have also taken advantage of the readily available servce opportunities.


Haha, dating? Are you serious here? A date is a sub movie and then maybe pizza afterwards. A relationship boils down to just someone that you like to just sit on the couch with cuddling and watching bad movies. But maybe that's not all bad, but its definitely not representative of the real world. News flash as well: you don't have to drink every weekend. And on the other side of that spectrum, you don't have to completely write off every person who drinks. The majority of us are responsible, drink occasionally and we know we don't need it to have fun. We have fun without it. But we also have fun with it. Stop being scared of alcohol. And to those retarded enough to be overrun with it--stop it. You look stupid and we laugh at you. Not in the good way, one of these day you'll look back and laugh too kind of ways. We laugh at your insistence that you need alcohol, its pathetic really.


My favorite part of Notre Dame life is dorm life. I absolutely LOVE Badin Hall and could not imagine living anywhere else. I don't know how Notre Dame does it, but you rarely hear stories of freshman getting placed in a dorm that they hate or with people they just can't stand. Somehow we all get placed where we should be and among people we should be around. Badin has the most incredible group of girls in it. Everyone is so friendly and open and helpful. We love Notre Dame and we love Badin. We're so supportive of one another, constantly working to include people in everything we do. I don't even have the words to describe what Badin means to me because there are so many parts to it. Badin's just a great group of girls and I love them as if they were my sorority sisters.


interhall and intrahall activities are amazing. lots of fun. going off campus is easy, and generally very safe. Dorms are safe, and friendly; my door is always unlocked.


Tradition is a huge part of the Notre Dame social life. Similar dorm activities appear again and again every year and unites the dorm together. Also, this campus has a tradition of allowing alcohol on this campus and many students follow this tradition. Gender relations on this campus is horrible, especially freshman year, and I believe it is mainly because of the single sex dorms. The single sex dorms and parietals make the dating scene and even having friends of the opposite sex very difficult. Notre Dame does offer a wide variety of clubs and activities though that allow you to get involved right from the beginning.


Safe, friendly campus where people leave their doors open 24/7. There are no frats or sororities which is awesome too. Parietals (no girls in guys dorms at ___ and vice-versa) at 12am and 2am suck though.

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