University of Notre Dame Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The opportunities to go places to study or volunteer. There are so many job and internship opportunities through Notre Dame if you look for them.


I like the many opportunities that students have to get involved in the school, particularly the dorm system and the faith life on campus. The intramural sports are also very good.


I brag about the variety of activities available on campus and the wonderful, caring people that attend the school.


The teachers. They are all passionate about the feilds that they are teaching in and even if you are not particularly knowledgeable about the subject matter of your classes when you enter, your teachers are sure to give you a firm background in their subject. I have never had a bad teacher the entire time I have been here. They all make themselves available too.


It is so much fun and you meet such great people.


Amazing school spirit, close-knit living environment, camraderie, football program (many fans, not success), opportunity to explore your interests and succeed, midwest climate, fun social environment not always focused on drinking


I like to brag about the kinds of things I'm learning about. Also, it's always nice to brag about the campus itself and the sports programs.


The well-rounded student body- most students are involved in numerous activities such as sports, student government, volunteering, etc.


How engaged all the students are in their classes, how friendly everyone is, what a strong sense of community there is on campus, and how beautiful the campus is.


Notre Dame has opened my eyes to the world- to new people and new places from almost every walk of life. I'm one of the luckiest people on earth to have had this experience.


There is an intense amount of history and traition with this school. The school and people are extremely friendly and helpful. Most students come from the top 10% in their class. There are plenty of things to do academically, athletically, and socially. A short drive or cheap train ride to Chicago or Lake Michigan. Appears expensive but they offer plenty of financial aid. Has students from all over the nation and abroad making it very diverse for its relative size.


The school spirit, job placement, academic success, comroderie, friendships, alumni giving back, the notre dame atmosphere


Notre Dame has excellent academics. Almost all of my professors were fantastic teachers, and well-versed in their fields.


The campus is amazing and everyone gets along really well. The balance between religous influences and secular views permetates the way people learn and think about issues. This school really feels like a community not just a college, everyone seems to care about what other people are doing.


In undergrad, I got the sense that people were really passionate about helping others, and the faculty really cared about each student in each class. Plus, the name of the school speaks for itself with regard to rigor and academics.


I brag most about Notre Dame's sense of family and loyalty to the school. Everyone that goes here and all the alumni that ever went here love Notre Dame. They are willing to talk about how great this university is for hours on end. Everybody gets excited and campus erupts with enthusiasm when football season hits. Alumni, students, and visitors who have never seen each other become best friends at Notre Dame. Everyone here loves Notre Dame and they want everyone they meet to love it just as much as they do.


School spirit at varsity sports


The amazing people who also attend


The material that I learn and the fast-paced rate that we learn the material . I also brag about the great chance of finding a job after graduating from Notre Dame. The resouces that the students have are amazing and extremely helpful for all aspects of research.




This is one of the top 20 universities in the country. It is the BEST Catholic school in the country. It's beautiful here. The name means a lot and will help me in the future. People recognize Notre Dame when you say it. People are incredibly loyal to Notre Dame--students, fans and alumni. The football is pretty great, too.

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