University of Notre Dame Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Those who are unmotivated will not find this school attractive.


Any person who does not have respect should not attend this school. The dorm system here is single sex dorms and there are parietals which is like curfew. This is to bring the community to rest by certain hours at night and I'm truly grateful for this. At other colleges you may get some small chattering in the hallways at the very least late at night, but here it's very quiet so it's easier to study or sleep. Also anyone who would not respect the traditions of Catholicism and is rude about it is better off elsewhere.


There is not a lot of diversity on campus, both racially and sexually speaking, although there is a strong community for those who do not fit the Notre Dame white-heterosexual stereotype. Anyone who is too focused on grades won't fit in well, because Notre Dame students tend to work hard, but play just as hard. Along those lines, anyone who is not into sports will likely not fit in because Notre Dame students are almost all athletic in some capacity and love rooting for Notre Dame teams, at home and away.


A person unwilling to do the work required of them. If you are not driven by a goal or by some sort of motivation there is nothing here for you. Many people here are always ready to explore their passions and they are very competitive at trying to get what they want from this school. Without constant studying and consistent persistence towards a goal, you'll fall behind.


Someone who hates life. Anyone who is negative, anyone who is atheist, or anyone who has a huge problem with the Catholic church should think twice about attending Notre Dame. It's a great place if you're a positive, accepting person, but if not, you'll probably dislike your time there.


If you are not willing to work hard, study, and be up to date with your reading you probably shouldn't attend Notre Dame. There is alot of fun stuff to do on campus but if you don't put in time for your classes you will regret it when Midterms of Finals come around.


Someone who is not committed to working hard and challenging themselves every day academically. Someone not willing to give up a few weekends to study or catch up on their school work. Notre Dame is an academically grueling university and cannot be taken lightly.


A liberal or homosexual individual


Pompous idiot


A person who does not have much drive and only wants to attend a college where he/she will be able to have fun each day of the week. A student who is not career-focused and is not very motivated should not attend this school.


Someone who is not devoted to their education.


People who aren't looking for serious education or are willing to put in the work to receive the best education possible for themselves.


Do not attend this school if you are not prepared to work hard.


People who arent willing to work hard


Calling all close-minded, unmotivated couch potatos! Whatever you do, don't apply to Notre Dame. If you aren't friendly, don't enjoy large sporting events and aren't a curious, hard-working student, you need not apply here. Also, if you plan on adding a sorority or fraternity to your list of social activities, count the Fightin' Irish out, because we don't have a greek system. All of the action is on campus, however, so if you want a bustling metropolitan area surrounding you, South Bend probably won't cut it.


Someone who is closed minded, and unwilling to focus on school.


Students who are not self-disciplined. The school work is hard. Also, students who don't enjoy studying- not that it is always fun- but a student who doesn't enjoy learning will not enjoy being at a difficult school.


Very liberal and someone who doesn't want to study often


An extremely liberal person


An extremely competitive or socially awkward person should not attend this school as it is a very social school that involves everyone.


Someone who is not ready for rigorous coursework, or someone who prefers a metropolitan, urban environment should not attend Notre Dame


One who does not care about their school work.


People who should not attend this school are people who hate snow/cold. Also students who are use to be activists and expect to change the university. If you hate football either don't come or learn to love it, even though we haven't been that good.


Anyone who doesn't have at least a small appreciation for the corny things in life. Anyone who is into drugs. Anyone who HATES college football.


A person who would like to do drugs or have sex often.


Someone who can't work hard, since you need to study hard to do well at ND . Other than that, most people could find a niche. There are enough random student groups that you can find someone who shares pretty much any interest.

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