University of Notre Dame Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is no other school like Notre Dame. In pursuit of excellence, the only thing holding us back is ourselves. In the pursuit of greatness, there are challenges that each indivual must face. It may be our own pride, laziness, or simply a desire to throw in the towel and say "Why bother?" Are we perfect? No. Our own weaknesses frustrate our efforts to succeed, but because of the high standards to which we are held, this is a place where anyone willing to put in the effort can and will succeed, no matter the obstacles. Just ask Rudy.


The lack of financial assistance for students coming from middle class backgrounds


The intolerance of liberal views


Everyone is very driven and competitive. The courses are really hard and it takes a lot of work to get good grades.


There aren't many fun places to hang out within walking distance of campus, so you either need to have a car, know a friend with a car, take a cab, or take a bus to a location as close as possible to where you want to go. Basically, it's inconvenient to go off campus.


The darting process can be hectic when trying to choose classes that fulfill requirements and have decent teachers. Football season is awesome, but can be frustrating when the team fails to play competitively.


Professors try and trick students on exams


Some students want to change the Catholic character of our school; I like it the way it is.




Campus rules, single sex dorms


The rules.


The most frustrating thing about Notre Dame is that there are a lot of upperclass students with well-educated parents. Being of middle- class and the only one of my family to ever go to a four year university it was a difficult transition to see some students take that for granted.


THe school work- The University is tough, and is constantly challenging its students to preform.


It is very costly to go there. It is worth it but it is hard to know you will be in so much debt after graduating.


There is a lot of school work that takes a lot of time. The weather is very cold for most of the year.


The competition. When you are in a classroom full of bright students, it is easy to get frusterated with being "average." However , average at a presitigous universtiy as Notre Dame is a way above average nation wide. The competition also makes it more difficult to achieve good grades.


The teachers do not seem to understand the intensity and difficulty of the workload they put on students.


The weather.


The lack of culture in the area of the country that it is located.


Its outdated, conservative rules and regulations, especially regarding drinking and parietals (the curfew for members of the opposite gender to stay in the dorms), and the price


The weather is very frustrating. Also, the double standard with residential rules between guys and girls is annoying.


It is much easier to attend Notre Dame if you fit in. There is very little diversity here, both racially and socioeconomically. While this isn't a problem in itself, the atsmosphere that it engenders can be very difficult for someone who doesn't fit the profile of the typical Notre Dame student. In addition, the Catholic nature of the school makes it much more conservative than most. This means that the rules of the Catholic Church are also the rules of the university. This can make it difficult for people who don't adhere to those rules.


The conservativness and how rich most students are.


It cost way too much; not everyone who goes there has rich parents, although many do.


see above.


There are ridiculous rules on-campus about single sex dorms that can get you in a lot of trouble.


There is too much racial segregation, which is probably due to the lack of diversity on campus. Notre Dame would be a better school if it accepted more minorities and promoted interracial interactions and friendships.


The amount of people who get a completely free ride and walk over everyone who cries every night worrying on how to stay here.


Notre Dame is an esxcellent school but I find that it is not very diverse or accepting. You need to fit into the Notre-Dame-student-mold and often if you do not, it can be a little difficult. I understand that we are a Catholic University, but as such, we should do a better job reaching out to those on campus who are different than the majority. Another thing that's frustrating is the fosuc on business, science, and engineering. For a school that started out as a liberal arts college, I believe we have compromised our original values.


So many people at Notre Dame are wealthy and preppy and shallow. They are all about the community service, but don't take the time to respect other types of minorities around them. Everyone is so obsessed with body image and being athletic. The worst thing about ND, though, is how it is so isolated. Unless you have a car, which most freshmen don't and many upperclassmen can't afford, bars, restaurants, and even grocery stores are just a wishful dream.

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