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Recent Reviews

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about OU is the strive to grow and suceed to become one of the best universities in the U.S. Every year we are...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about OU is the strive to grow and suceed to become one of the best universities in the U.S. Every year we are receiving more and more donations to improve each of our schools and are currently building six new buildings on campus. I believe the growth makes OU more attractive. OU is a great sized campus for any individual. It provides a good atmosphere for incoming freshman and is highly recognized in that particular area. It has a very homely and small feel for a campus that is this big. When I always say I go to OU it is always a suprise. Many people ask why? I think OU is a great school on the way up and is starting to get highly recognized professors in many departments. Norman is a college town. During the summer, many people leave and it is a very small town. During school though the city is bustling and has a very good nightlife especially with Oklahoma City so close. Our administration is A class. We have David Boren a former 30 year senator that provide great opportunities and leadership for our campus. Our biggest controversy on campus is how to achieve a green friendly campus. We are try to lead the way in energy management and hope to set an example for universities worldwide. School pride is through the roof and we have tons of pride in our many sports teams and show it every way possible throughout Norman.

Describe the students at your school.

OU is a heavily caucasian campus with a high population of international students. Currently we have 3500 plus international students and it is growing. We are racially diverse for the region and also boast a native american body as well. Most students on campus are either low middle class or upper class in the socio-economic perspective. You can tell that their is some shifts in thinking depending on where people are from and their socio-economic status. No one would feel out of place at OU because it really does feel small. Many students wear typical college clothing depending on the weather. Their is a heavy fraternity/sorority interaction on campus and many letters are showing. Different types of students interact daily. OU is very diverse and creates a good melting pot of ideas and cultures. At one table would be fraternity men, at another sorority girls, at a third would be a bunch of friends, and another a bunch of people sitting alone. OU is a very politically active campus which is due to its' liberal society and because our president is very prominent and provides many opportunities for presidential speakers and such. Yes we are highly aware at the cost of our education and how much we will make as such with a degree from this university.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

None of these stereotypes are accurate and they really demean a great campus. OU's campus has some of the most visually appealing buildings I have seen on a campus. They are architecturally great and provide everyone with a homely small university feel. We also have many amazing lanscape projects. The stereotype about the students and community is generally untrue. You do have some religious affiliations that are stronger than others, but it does not affect university life at all. Our staff does happen to be particurally liberal and are very open to their views through classrooms and outside of class. Norman is a town of 100,000 plus people and is very educated as a town and many people would not label the community as redneck if you came and visited.

What are the academics like at your school?

Yes some do know my name. It is really up to the student to decide how interactive he wants to be with the professor. OU's professors are very liberal and like to get involved on campus. My favorite class happens to be Social Problems. It provides me with in depth knowledge of our society and its' problems and the professor is very open and outgoing on every subject. Students at OU are very studious. We have many places on campus to study at night and many of them are always packed with study groups and individual groups at all times of the year. I do have intellectual conversations outside of class and many times it is with a professor. We have a lot of interested and smart students who strive to always know a little bit more. It really depends on what college your in, but I would have to say OU is not as competitive in some colleges at all, but in Engineering and Business colleges it is amazingly competitive. My department is in business and it is very hard to get into and maintain the strict requirements. It is nationally recognized on many facets and in many majors and boasts a great resume for business oriented students looking for schools. OU's academic requirements were stiff, but not hard. It did require good grades and work in high school and no slouch can get into OU. Education at OU incorporates both. We are a research university and tend to learn a lot of new information as our professors teach it to us. We learn the needed information pertaining to the class, but we also gear towards getting a job. We have many services on campus for life after college.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

OU has been known to have many stereotypes and some include the nature of the students. Some people think the OU community is either all religious, all liberal, and all hicks. Other stereotypes are that our campus is not as visually appealing.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The most popular would be Sooner Nation which support all of our sports teams and then you would have the Panhellenic Association which is comprised of most of the sororities and fraternities. I am involved in Phi Sigma Pi which is an honor fraternity with men and women and provides me with an opportunity to give back to OU and the community by service, scholarship, and leadership. Yes our dorms are very laid back and everyone on the hall pretty much has an open door policy. It is very fun in the OU dorms because of the way they are set up and it provides for a great social atmosphere. Athletic events are popular in most sports and attendence wains for the less popular sport like gymnastics, but we do have great programs that all attract national contender hopes. Guest speakers are numerous on our campus and provide great political advice and we have had great professor come and speak. Former presidents Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush have recently visited withing the past year about political issues inflicting our nation. We have also had the Hotel Rwanda guy who saved many people from genocide in Rwanda. We are a diverse public speaking university. My closest friend were met in the dorms or through people I met in the dorms. Because of the great social atmosphere it was easy to make great aquaintances. At 2am I would probably be studying for my Economics test or some sort of test coming up because tests here are no slouching matter. Every year we host big event, the big red rally for OU-TX game, and many other events such as Save Darfur day with boxed shacks to help raise awareness. Partying is probably the same as any other decent sized campuses. I would say it is generally the norm. Frats and Sororities are huge at OU. They pride themselves on everything and are a bit snobby and stuck up here. Some are great while others can't get over themselves. Saturday Nights their is tons of stuff to do. Their is OKC downtown which has an awesome movie theatre along with the waterfront. You can go to the Bricktown area and watch a baseball game as well.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Administration is very good, and OU is on the up and up. With that said, OU has some significant hurdles to overcome. As a ge...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Administration is very good, and OU is on the up and up. With that said, OU has some significant hurdles to overcome. As a general rule, the quality of students is fairly low. The university has way too many "gimme-degrees." Football is huge, just don't say anything if the team loses. The best thing about OU is the price; it is cheap as hell and they love to give out scholarships....very segmented student body. Good number of National Merit/full ride students at top, with lots of people at the bottom, and seemingly, no one in between.

Describe the students at your school.

The student body is overwhelmingly white, conservative, and I have found, suprisingly racist. Seems to be a high rate of brand new luxury cars/SUVs around campus. Little interaction between different groups of students, but there is a group for everyone...OU is a large public school after all. Students are not very politically active.

Here's your chance: Say anything about your college!

If you are considering OU you are most likely from Texas or Oklahoma. If you are from Texas, why not get a degree from UT or A&M? Both are far superior academic institutions. If you are from Oklahoma and can't get out of state, OU is definitely better than OSU and a lot cheaper than Tulsa. If you are from elsewhere (and probably National Merit) dont take the bait. OU is what it is, an average state school with an exceptional football team.

What are the academics like at your school?

Professors are generally nice, and with some research, you can usually land good classes with good professors. Students study very little overall. OU's academic requires very little from its students, starting with admissions. Economics department is decent, although I feel it is hindered by the business school/arts and sciences split, offering 2 different economics degrees. The business school is on a pedestal it really should not enjoy, but large donors see otherwise. Admission to the business school is easy for most, but very difficult for the bottom dwellers of the classes. Business school is the only school that wont allow enrollment from outside its ranks...real snobbery.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Greek scene is very big. Athletic events are huge, and there are a good number of quality quest speakers thanks to Boren. Thursday/Friday/Saturday is a big deal. Dont drink? Might look somewhere else...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Best thing about OU is the deep tradition & the excellence that the university bestows on the value of education. One thing ...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Best thing about OU is the deep tradition & the excellence that the university bestows on the value of education. One thing I would change is the parking, parking attendants are really anal. OU is just the right size. People don't react in a negative way when I tell them I am from OU, more in a neutral way. College town for sure, just right out of the big city, but not too far away to be too far. I love OU's administration, David Boren is the best college president in the nation!! Biggest controversy is iSwim, this program that was trying to build a new swimming complex where student parking is. It would have raised tuition and the student body was split half/half on the issue. Tons of school pride! Tradition is a huge thing here, especially among athletics. Nothing really unusual about this campus. I'll remember my time in Delta Delta Delta the most. Greek life is huge here & I really took alot away from it. Frequent student complaints are probably about studying.

Describe the students at your school.

My experience with those groups are very rare. I think that anyone could feel comfortable here. OU is a liberal university in a very conservative state so you get a great mix of people. Most students wear jeans & t-shirts. There are so many different types of people here. Of course there are probably more rich white kids than others. There would be the table of athletes, the table of greeks, table of multi-culturals, table of politicians. Most students are from Oklahoma or Texas. Probably upper middle class. I think most students try to stay politically active. We had 3 different presidential candidates come speak here. Predominantly right. I don't think they talk too much about it.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Not at all, I have really enjoyed going to school here and meeting new people. By no means do we ride horses. What is really great about OU is that you are permitted to have cars on campus no matter what your standing is.

What are the academics like at your school?

Yes. Favorite class is taught by Rufus J. Fears and it's called Freedom In Rome or Freedom in Greece. Least favorite class is Gateway a freshman orientation class. People are always in the library. Yes class participation is a must because we are usually graded on it. I know my friends & I do. Slightly competitive. Unique class is probably Freedom in Rome. I am an art major specializing in Painting. Our art department is probably lacking in comparison to other universities, but they just hired this awesome guy from VCU, Tommy White who has awesome ideas. He makes you want to be a better student. Not really unless I see them around. At OU academics is number one. I would say that it is more geared toward getting a job.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Most popular groups are the sororities & fraternities, after that is CAC or Campus Activities Council which is in charge of all the campus activities throughout the year. I was a member of Delta Delta Delta, it was a sorority on campus with about 200 members. You go through recruitment in the fall. It's a great experience & a great ways to meet people & get connected on campus. I always left my door open. Athletics are so important. Football is a dynasty here. Guest speakers are pretty popular, I don't know too much about the theater. Dating well dating is a weird thing here. It seems that a lot of people get married right after college, so I guess dating is pretty important. I met my closest friends in Tri-Delta and through other friends. If I am awake at 2 am I am probably studying or finishing a project. Traditions are football games, the medieval fair, student art show. People out every thursday, friday and saturday on campus corner. Fraternities/Sororities are very important, but you don't have to be in one to get connected. last weekend I hung out with my friends & went to a local bar/pub. Saturday night there is plenty going on at the Union & you can always count on your friends to think of something fun. I camp, go to the city, shop, movies, normal stuff.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

Some stereotypes about OU students is that we are all snobs. We ride on horses because we are in Oklahoma.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about OU is Saturday's in the Fall. OU's size is great, people in Oklahoma think it's great when I say I go to...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about OU is Saturday's in the Fall. OU's size is great, people in Oklahoma think it's great when I say I go to OU. I spend most of my time in the education building on campus. For a football game there is an insane amount of school pride.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Most of them are not true however there are a few that are dead on.

What are the academics like at your school?

My professor's all know my name. My favorite class was African Drumming and my least favorite class is any science class. Some students study more than you could imagine and some don't. Usually the people that don't study make poor grades. There's only around 20 people with the same major as me so we spend a lot of time with our professor's.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

There are so many stereotypes at OU it's hard to tell them all.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Greek life is a big part of OU and football is a pretty big deal here.


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