University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


Fall 2016. Football game. Oklahoma vs. Ohio State! This day was so much fun. It wasn't sunny and super gloomy, but it was such a big game. Everyone was out and about at tailgates getting ready for the game. Taking pictures, doing tailgate things when all of a sudden it starts pouring down rain!!! Do we clean up all the stuff and go indoors?! ABSOLUTELY NOT! We stayed out there and danced to music and waited under the little things and just had the best time in the pouring rain. The game was delayed but everyone stayed outside and then went to the stadium for the game. I just loved it because we had so much school spirit and a little rain didn't stop us from going to the game and tailgating. I will never forget this day. RELIVE OHIO STATE 2K16


There was one day where light snow was falling, everyone was bundled up in the 15 degree temperatures, and out of the blue came a group of people (students) running around in t-shirts and shorts raising awareness for the homeless during the cold temps. Just an example of the amazing (funny and crazy) things students make happen at OU.


I'll never forget the day of the Virginia Tech campus shootings (2007). I had just returned from an early morning class when the news broke. I was just a freshman at the time and the thought that someone would do something like that was so far out of my mind that my mouth literally dropped when I learned the news. Immediately, campus was locked down and classes were cancelled for the day. It seemed like no one on campus could shake the terror of what had happened and kept to themselves. The campus became a silent, desolate place and the few people you did see, well it was hard not to encounter anyone without tears. It was strange because it occurred in a far away place yet all of us here, and I'm sure at every campus around the nation, were very profoundly affected by it.


In the past two years, there has been a pro-life organization that informs the student body of the consequences of abortions. The way that they provide this information is unforgettable. In the middle of the South Oval (the busiest part of campus during classes), they set up large banners that had graphic pictures depicting aborted fetuses. No matter what you believe about abortion, the pictures are sobering and are hard to look at, making them unforgettable when you walk out of class and are caught unaware.


A day on campus that I will never forget was my first day of classes as a freshman. I was so excited to finally be at OU, but super nervous too! Luckily, nobody cared whether you were late to class on the first couple of days since so many people get lost and have trouble finding the right rooms. Getting to follow the schedule that I had created myself was an awesome feeling! I so loved seeing everyone walk around on campus with Oklahoma gear or crimson and cream on. It really felt like home!