University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A school that is high in community and offers many opportunities, but sometimes is overly political and only makes those opportunities known/available to certain groups.


The University of Oklahoma is a loving community that encompasses thousands of people who proudly call themselves Sooners.


If you want to get involved, join a fraternity or sorority, I do not recommend this as a transfer institution.


My school is a proud and exuberant school focused on innovation and breaking new ground, in acedimcs and athletics, without forgetting the past and its traditions.


Dedicated to getting student's careers started in their area of interest by providing them with the tools and knowledge to be successful.


Oklahoma University gives their student a world of possibility.


My school is very old-fashioned.


University of Oklahoma is an oasis of diversity that provides it's community with cultures and ideas imported from around the world.


The University of Oklahoma is an extremely large campus.


A high spirited place where people come together to learn, serve, and grow as citizens of the community, the state, and the country.


The University of Oklahoma is a fine accreditted learning environment with well adjusted and intelligent students who work hard every day with sheer determination to see their future dreams come true.


Overall, the school is full of friendly, helpful students, teachers, and employee's that will help you on your academic endevors and will help you grow as a person.


The University is Oklahoma is not only a well-respected research university filled with numerous resources and academic opportunities to grow and learn, but a home and safe haven for students to experience what it means to have the love and support of a family who confidently cares and believes in them beyond as a student, but as a someone with potential and who can overcome.


OU has a big campus that feels like a small one. There are 3 main sections of campus: the North Oval, the South Oval, and the residential area. The North Oval is mostly administrative or upper class/graduate buildings and the South Oval is where freshmen will have most of their classes. The residential area is where all students stay their first year. The fact that the campus is divided like this makes everything manageable. The ovals are beautiful and are full of mature trees. (The trees are what made me fall in love with campus).


Physically, OU looks absolutely beautiful. The grounds are always perfectly maintained. The buildings are so architecturally stunning. There is nothing about the campus that looks unattractive. While I don't have much experience being on other college campuses, OU has one of the best layouts I have ever seen. Practically the whole campus is located in a small area that is walking distance. The North and South Ovals house most of the campuses buildings, so even if you only have a 15 minute break between classes, you can get there on time from anywhere on campus. The football stadium is located right on campus and some of the dorms have a great view of the stadium right from their rooms! This is SO convenient when our Sooners come home to play!


It is beautiful and well organized.


The University of Oklahoma is a friendly, beautiful community in which to live, learn, and play.


OU is a launchpad for me to achieve my goal to become a surgeon, allowing me to learn, grow, and progress as a person and student.


At the University of Oklahoma we are a family, we come together and support our fellow classmates no matter what in order to strive in acedemics, athletics and community .


The University of Oklahoma is a pround, smart, and friendly community.


The University of Oklahoma encourages students to be themselves maintaining their principles of individuality and not sacrificing one's personal judgement all while pushing themselves to develop an understanding in their career and enjoy life.


The University of Oklahoma is an extraordinary institution known for its academic excellence as well as strong sense of community.


My school is a very great place to meet new people, get a great education, and step outside your comfort zone without losing any of who you really are.


Overall, the school is very professional because the professors are highly qualified and the students are very serious about their course work.


The most amazing thing I have ever experienced.


A cultural melting pot with small town familiarity.


The University of Oklahoma is a great school centered on the beautiful campus in Norman Oklahoma; it offers thousands of oppurtunities for students to get connected and be a key part of their college. Students are given all the means possibe to be successful in college, it ultimately comes down to their will power and moral strive to be the best they can be.


The university of Oklahoma is one of the best int he nation. The campus is amaizing! Old looking building where education is achieved, where long lasting relationships are stablish, and where the best school spirit is at is what makes OU one of the best, fun, and interesting schools in the nation. The univeristy of oklahoma has different majors and minors to choose from, and they are known for their research program. They offer housing and food to the students and even transportation! At the university of Oklahoma, there is something to do for everyone everyday day of the week.


The majority of the people who are involved at OU try and make it the best university that it can be, and try and influence others to do the same.


A Cherokee Gothic backdrop for a crimson tide of higher education is how I would describe my high energy university where I plan to learn the skills I need to achieve my goals.


The University of Oklahoma is an amazing school that will inspire pride and excellence in their students.


My school is is a great place to experience many other views and people and is centered around making sure I receive the education I need to become what I want to be.


The University of Oklahoma is dedicated to the success of each and every student enrolled. While it is a large campus and can be intimidating at times, one simply has to ask and everyone is very helpful. OU students quickly become family.


The University of Oklahoma is a huge, peaceful, fun, interesting, hardworking, and goal driven school.


Please see above.


My school is very school spirited, enthusiastic, challenging, and just awesome in general.


One of the most fantastic institutions that I have ever encountered with regards to higher education.


The University of Oklahoma is unmatched in beauty and tradition both teachers and students come together in and out of class to create a possitive learning enviroment at all times. I looked at several "top tier" colleges and The University of Oklahoma blows them all out of the water.


The University of Oklahoma is the ideal college for students who are ready to learn, interact with peers and professors to get the most out of their education, get involved with the community, make life-long friends, and have an amazing time along the way!


The University of Oklahoma is a large campus that offers the comfort of one-on-one tutorials while simulataneously enriching its students with the diverse backgrounds of others.


OU is a fast-paced, friendly environment full of school spirit and happiness that the students love to be around.


An institution with an abundance of academic programs with an excellent selection of professors to guide students thru the courses they need to reach their academic goals.


The University of Oklahoma is a school with a diverse population of students that offers a wide selection of athletic opportunities, academics, and student organizations.


My school is awesome...Boomer Sooner! ...Go OU!


The University of Oklahoma is full of pride, spirit, and support for all types of students.


The University of Oklahoma is extremely student and spirit oriented, focused on increasing knowledge through research and development.


My school is very friendly, helpful, and full of school spirit!


I am wanting to change my major.


Adams/Walker mall


Hangouts in Cate Center. You can rent movies for free!