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Describe the students at your school.


The students at OU are very diverse. I have made friends from every sexual, racial, religious, economical background you can imagine and its wonderful. Sure, there are buttheads on every campus. Everywhere will find those few Greek students that are very exclusive, or someone you don't agree with. Our campus is working on becoming aware of everyone's differences and making sure everyone feels involved on campus. A high end financial background is prominent in the Greek community, but other than that there isn't really a prevalent one on campus. Sure, you'll wrong across students driving Porches, Mercedes, and Rage Rovers but on the other hand theres a large number of beat down '96 Toyotas still clunking around.


OU students are bright, passionate, and fun.


They are competitive, selfish, and moody.


My classmates are very outgoing, smart , and nice people that are here for the same reason as everyone else, which is to succeed in their future.


Classmates vary, depending on the subject matter of your class. The Greek System is a big thing on campus, so you will see a lot of sorority and fraternity t-shirts in classes.


Typically lazy and underacheiving; They can do so much more but they would rather complain about how busy they are and how hard life is.


Since I am an English major, my classmates are generally inquisitive, but too many of them are devout conservatives because of Bible belt tradition.


I have met some great people in my clsses. There has always been someone that I click with and can study with and share notes with. People at OU are helpful and care about each other.


My classmates are typically friendly and always willing to help, or ask for help when they need it.


FUN! We're Sooner born and Sooner bread, when we die we'll be Sooners dead! (Part of the school's fight song). When you come to the University of Oklahoma you are engulfed by different people - different cultures and religions, beliefs and ideologies. The staff does an excellent job at making everyone aware of others' practices and ties them all together in one melting pot of amazing students.


My classmates are diverse, friendly, somewhat clichy, but accepting at the same time.


The typical student here is either from Oklahoma, Texas, or maybe Kansas (and other states immediately surrounding Oklahoma). They are somewhat politically and religiously conservative (by that, I mean Republican and Christian) at the same time that they are very active in their social lives and are very interested in going to parties and such. However, it is really only the Greek population that actively parties every weekend - I've found that most other people only do so every now and then. Most people are nice when you talk to them, but might tend to stay with their friends instead of branching out to find other people who may look or think differently than they do. But it's still not that hard to find friends - I would advise joining a campus organization or club, because I've found that's the best way to meet like-minded people with whom you can get along.


The students are very friendly and active. All of the students at the university have the ability to get involved in day to day actions. Students fight for their rights and have the ability to speak their voice. A lot of the students come from wealthily families in Texas and Oklahoma. This creates a wealthy but friendly environment.


it is fine.


Students at OU are always friendly and helpful. All races, religions, and creeds are supported and represented in various organizations on campus. No student would feel out of place at OU, except for Longhorns fans! Most students wear whatever they feel like, ranging from formal dress to pajamas! Tons of different students interact, usually within classes, dorm settings, organizations, and thousands of different other opportunities. Students come from all over the nation, and even the world! My girlfriend's roommate is an exchange student from China! In particular, financial backgrounds run all over the board. There are no specific backgrounds prevalent. Students are very politically aware, but most are not politically active. There is an Occupy Norman group in Norman, but no one has seen anything about them in months. However, OU is predominantly right to center (mostly right-winged.. welcome to Oklahoma!).


All of the people I have met and interacted with are super friendly and try to be as helpful as possible.


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The students at OU are generally very tolerant of others, but they tend to stay in their own groups. The person who would feel most comfortable at OU would be a suburban white kid from the Oklahoma City, Dallas, Tulsa, or Houston areas. Most students who come from these backgrounds join fraternities and sororities. There are not too many kids from small towns here (most of them go to Oklahoma State), but the ones who do come here seem to fit in just fine. Greeks and non-greeks usually are able to coexist, but sometimes they clash. I was in a fraternity my first two years of college, but my fraternity was kicked off campus. Because of this, I have experienced both ends of the greek/non-greek spectrum, and I can safely say that it is easy to find your niche regardless of which path you decide to go (although it is substantially easier to make friends when joining a fraternity). Students seem to be split down the middle politically. Norman is said to be the "Bluest City in the Reddest State", and it certainly lives up to that moniker at times.


Many students have grown up in the Bible-belt, myself included, so there is a strong conservative/republican feel within the student body. That being said, OU is very diverse and is a melting pot of sorts. The student body is largely split between Oklahoma and Texas residents but it doesn't feel like a student body that is homogenous or exclusive to certain people. Their is a strong showing of foreign exchange students who are either studying for a short term (a semester or two) or for their whole college experience. I love the flavor they bring to campus. There will often be campus organizations celebrating a certain culture by having a dinner from a specific culture and inviting anybody to learn about it. Financially, OU is pretty diverse. Since it offers generous scholarships there is a range of students, from families who wouldn't be able to afford college without financial aid to families that own the Hobby Lobby and Mardel franchise (true story).


Before I begin, let me warn you that I am a huge fashionista, and I feel this is something OU is severly lacking. Just because you're going to class doesn't mean you can wear something that completely doesn't match and look ridiculous, but that's just my opinion! Recently, I've been seeing a lot of sperrys and tennis shoes with those socks we wore when we were in 5th grade that come up to our calves. blegh. The student body also recently tried to bring rollerblading back to look cool! That didn't work out. I see a lot of things that really irk me, but like I said, I'm huge on fashion! I think there is a good mix of students at OU. There are a lot of students that come from wealthy backgrounds, but there are also a lot that do not. There are a lot of American students, and a lot of international. I feel that this gives these students an opportunity to learn things from each other because the backgrounds are so vast.


I've personally belonged to several organizations that are based on academics/honors, science, culture and Greek life. There are over 400 different organizations on this campus that all cater to different interests from anime to equestrian, from math whizzes to the students who just like to go out feed the weird community of squirrels we have. The only reason that students would feel alienated on this campus is if they just didn't even try reaching out or OU just isn't for them.


People respect each other in this campus. You can easily fit in with the students here, no matter who you are. We have quite a number of international students, but of course there are more Americans here. Depending on who you hangout with, a few of the students talk about how much they'll earn one day and how they will make a difference to the world. It's impossible to get out of place because we smile whenever people pass by each other even though the other person is a stranger. OU is a nice place full of nice, friendly people.


So many different students from every walk of life come to study at OU. One of the best aspects of OU is our student organizations. There are organizations that fit anyones needs. We have College Republicans/Democrats, Animal Volunteer Alliance, LGBT, Multicultural, and much, much more. There is absolutely NO student that would feel out of place at OU. Most students wear whatever is comforable to them to class. There is nothing in paticular that most students wear. We have an amazing international studies program, so the chances that you would meet someone from outside the US is pretty good! In addition, OU students have an incredible opportunity to study abroad with practically any major.


FUN! We're Sooner born and Sooner bread, when we die we'll be Sooners dead!


Though I have only been at OU for one semester, I can assure you that my classmates are very friendly and helpful, no matter what kind of troubles you are having with classes or life in general.


My classmates are lively, and know where they want to go in life most of the time.


My classmates are very diverse, all over the world and very intellegent individuals.


My classmates are understanding, helpful, hard-working and we all tend to work together as a team because we understand that everyone needs some help along the way in college, and what better way to do it than with friendly interactive students?


I would say that my classmates here at the University of Oklahoma are all wonderful students. All of the students here are eager and ready to learn. Their eagerness creates an environment that encourages me to challenge myself to become a better, more successful students. We all challenge each other and help each other so that we can each succeed in our fields of study.


My classmates are very diverse and come from all different kinds of backgrounds, cultures, and social statuses.


They are very normal and down to earth. They are always very helpful even if you have never seen them in your life.


young and foolish. More worried about parties and social life than school.


All of the classmates I have encontered so far have been nothing but supportive, easily accessible, and more than willing to extend a helping hand.


Students at OU are always nice and always excited to be at school. There is never a negative vibe in the classroom; my classmates are always genuinely happy.


My classmates are all really great people. Now that I am in my specific Social Work program, I have the same classes with all the same students. We all get along great and everyone is willing to help each other out with classwork. They are very passionate about the major and about school in general and we all share a common bond as future social workers. It is great to be in class with them because our classes are small so we really get to know each other.


When I came to the University of Oklahoma, I was a little apprehensive because I did not see many people that reminded me of myself. After a few weeks of me attending the University, I began to feel very comfortable with my surroundings. Everyone here is so friendly, and makes sure that you feel welcome. I learned to step outside of my comfort zone in order to make myself at home. I am very happy that I chose to attend this University.


My classmates are the average assortment of late teens and young adults, ranging from nerdy to preppy and every cliche group in between, but with more sophistication and class than the high school crowd.


My classmates are always very diverse and eager to learn.




All of my classmates are unique. We all come from different races, states, social class, etc. But my classmates are very interesting because we all have different views on life and hearing about it helps to further my beliefs and education in life.


Easy to talk to and learn from


My classmates tend to be serious about their studies and are focused on what they are doing.


Students are very cliquey for their first year, then they get over it.


Students that attend The University of Oklahoma typically come from a conservative, wealthy background; however, others are very liberal, there is approximately a 50% division.


My classmates are diverse, intelligent, creative students with a passion to learn more about their field of study and their world and enjoy participating in class discussions and forming study groups.


For the most part everyone seems to at least be driven; most of my classmates are intelligent and friendly. The campus is always buzzing with something to do. There are so many student activities and clubs. It seems like everyone finds something to do to get involved.


Politically, OU is a center to right leaning school. Ironically, Norman is clearly a liberal community by the state of Oklahoma's standards. My experience was that the professors were typically more liberal than the students were. A good amount of students are involved in Greek, but the frats and sororities did not feel very prevalent on campus. Most of the students are from Oklahoma or Dallas. I did not have any trouble finding other out-of-state students, though. The students are from many different socioeconomic backgrounds.


Focused on their careers.


Everyone is different, and I love that. (Plus, the kids in my major are my favorite on the whole campus.)