University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


the students at OU are mainly white and middle to upper class.


In my experience OU students are pretty open minded. I don't think that most students here are prejudiced to any significant extent. In general OU students let others be free to do whatever they want.


No student should really feel out of place at OU. With 30,000 people, it's like a small town and pretty much any interest is present. Basically, if you can't find people that you like to spend time with, you aren't looking very hard. What students wear to class depends on the department. Most of the people in the science departments will just wear normal street cloths. Many of the business majors (upperclassmen especially) will have on something more like business casual. Greeks will typically have on letters, and you'll see plenty of OU paraphernalia wandering around too. More of the students than one would expect are conservative (or at least more than I though would be). I think that it is just part of the post-9/11 trend, and I'm thinking that it won't last forever. With that in mind, Oklahoma is a conservative state, and most of the students were raised in conservative households. A number of other students are also lefties; they just don't seem to stand out like the conservatives. I guess I was just expecting them.


The student body is pretty laid back and chill. Being a bible belt university, it does have its fair share of pushy christian types and their associated drama. That can cause a little bit of tension on campus, especially since they tend to be loud about abortion, homosexuality, and other issues. But for the most part, they are easy to ignore. Otherwise, i never really had any issues surrounding LGBT, economic, religious, or racial groups. Everyone just kinda gets along, and if there are problems, they tend to leave each other alone. Its a diverse campus, with a lot different cultural experiences to be had, and OU does a good job of promoting and developing that. Which means that generally, the only students who get totally left out at OU are the students who choose to be. As for student interaction, you'll get a lot of interaction in class, or at football games, etc. As a big greek campus, a lot of students align themselves with houses, and that can carry both benefits and hinderances for meeting other students and interacting. Overall, though, its a laid back experience. a lot of students tend to dress down for class, and if its before noon, a lot of them just roll out of the rack and go straight to class in whatever they slept in. Politically, the campus is active, and pretty much all viewpoints are well represented. There are strong groups for liberals, conservatives, and libertarians, and that keeps the campus fairly centered.


A large amount of students wear clothing such as North Face, Polo, etc. Sure there are people that wear whatever they want but it is a little disturbing to see what looks like clones walking all around campus.


there are many groups on campus, everyone can find a place were they fit in.


I have very little experience with any groups on campus, except the religious-nuts who hand out pamphlets saying we are all condemned to hell. Most students would feel welcome at OU, and I doubt there are very many who would feel out of place. Different types of students interact all the time, and there is a group for every interest. Students mostly wear student clothes, like polo's and the latest trends from GAP and other places. Most OU students are from Oklahoma and Texas. Students seem to have an opinion in politics, but a lot are not informed and just seem to be spouting off whatever their parents told them to. Some of them are wishy-washy and conform to whatever candidate/party their professors like. Students mostly talk about how much longer they're going to be in college before they get taken seriously.


I don't have many experiences with those groups. Sometimes the religious ones try to evangelize me, and it's rather annoying. I think an extremely liberal student would feel out of place at OU. Most students wear jeans and T-Shirs to class. Different types of students don't interact very much, I think. I don't think that the four tables are that describable---college isn't like high school! One might be a group of sorority girls or frat boys, but other than that, I can't really describe them. People aren't that easy to put into boxes. Most OU students are from Oklahoma or Texas. Their financial backgrounds are middle class. Most students aren't politically aware/active, but many are. Most people are right-wing. People don't really talk about how much they'll earn in one day, in my experience.


I don't think anyone would necessarily feel out of place here. There are so many organzations with different racial, religious, or political views that any


Most students at OU are from Oklahoma or Texas. Most of them are Middle Class. I am a member of the greek system, so this is mainly what I am basing my observations on. I feel that students at OU are very politically active. We have the oportunity to have great speakers here. While I've been at Ou we have had Al Gore and Bill CLinton come to our campus. i feel that most students at OU are more right. But compared to Oklahoma as a whole, OU probably has the highest percentage of left.


I always had very positive experiences with other groups on campus. The university places a big emphasis on groups mingling with other groups that may not seem like a natural fit at first. They planned multi group events and encouraged big groups to partner with smaller groups on events like homecoming. Most students are very casual for class the first 2 years (pajamas and flip flops), but start to dress a little nicer as they get closer to graduation. All different types of students interact because of the emphasis the university puts on interacting with new groups. Not only do different types of students interact within classes, but also socially for football games and events like the University Sing. Most OU students are from Oklahoma and Texas, but there is a large foreign student population as well. The finances are very mixed at OU. It is a state school, so there are a lot of people there paying their own way through school. They are also a lot of very wealthy students there who have everything. Students do tend to be politically aware at OU, but rarely seem to be active. The university tries to bring in interesting political speakers, and politics are often discussed around campus. I was never involved in any conversations with students about earning potential.


I haven't had much interaction with any radicals on campus. I feel like everyone has a place on OU's campus. There are a variety of different people from all around the world. Though, for the most part I personally see it as being pretty divided. 4 tables... You have the sorority and the frat table. You have the jocks table. You have the table of people from Africa... which i feel like there are a lot of people from Africa... and then you have the mixed table. With your band geeks, your art people, and everything in between. Politics... It's all over the board.


I'm not really sure what kind of student would feel out of place...we're very diverse and inviting so I don't see why anyone wouldn't be able to find somewhere to fit in. Students wear clothes to class. Of course there are some trends going around that students may participate in, but that's normal on any campus. Yes, different types of students interact. Although, I am answering these questions based on my experiences in the visual communications department, where everyone knows everyone and we all hang out at the studio and talk most of the time when we should be working. Some students are very aware and very active, while many are not.


Diversity on campus: This is one area I feel OU could improve upon. We are in the Bible - belt and groups such as LGBT are looked down upon. I am straight, but one of my best friends is gay. We talked often about the problem with coming out on campus. We have those who are very uncomfortable with it and will say so. There is a lot of tolerance for everything here, and as a university we are becoming more progressive, but I think that at any university and here as well there is always an undercurrent of intolerance in any sector masked by a smile. Out of place student: I don't think any student could feel out of place, as long as they got hooked up with things they like and find people who are like them. Honestly, there is someone for everyone here. Apparel: Students here are as diverse in their dress as they are from their different backgrounds. I am going into fashion/pop culture magazine writing so how I dress is reflective of that. Sorority girls wear sweats, t-shirts and horrid Ugg boots to class. As in high school, everyone has their own sense of style. This doesn't change even after college. Adults wear what they want. Student interaction: I would say yes and no because of how I have interacted and who I am often associated with. I am friends with international students and so I see interaction between different people all the time. I also see groups of students who do not. OU students come from all over the U.S. but largely from Oklahoma. Finance: Sadly, the Greek life people are the most prevalent financially. They have Land Rovers and BMWs that their parents buy for them. They are easily identified. Politics: Yes, as in every university there are students who are active and those who are not. Part of the event with Bill Clinton was headed by the democrat student organization. Affiliation: You will find mostly conservative people here but increasingly centered. For example, many of the conservative students are looking at Obama as their possible choice. Post-grad: Of course we talk about how much we will make after college. Everyone does think about this at one time or another!


I think a minority student might feel out of place here at OU. There are of course many minorities here, but they all stick together. The majority is definately white. Most students wear sweats or jeans, something comfortable. It is rare that you see someone dressed up. Most OU students are from bigger cities here in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa. The rest are from Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex area in Texas. Most students here seem well off, but that just might be because I only know greek students, and the majority of greek students are well off. Students here are predominantly right winged.


Students like me are discriminated against. We only get dog food to eat.


Most of us just wear nothing to class except a collar and nobody seems to mind. There is a lot of interaction depending upon whether you've been neutered or not. There are two kinds of fellow students at the tables: fast eaters and slow eaters. Politically most of us walk right down the center on all four legs...


Student body is greek dominated. There is a strong evangelical Christian group which seems to be getting larger and larger each year. Most students wear ordinary clothes to OU. Most students from OU are from Oklahoma and Texas. Tons of texas kids. Students are pretty politically active. There isn't very much apathy. Most are very Moderate.


I think OU's student body is very diverse. There are so many ways to get involved on campus and there is something for everyone. The student organizations are really there to help you and they make sure and get you involved and really try to do thinks that will help every student.


There are so many religious groups and Greek organizations on campus. It was frustrating at times, but it wasn't hard to ignore them. My freshman year at OU I was involved with the BSU and then later House Church until I realized that both of these clubs were very polarizing and exclusive. I was more interested in an organization that was inclusive and social. I started playing ultimate frisbee with the university's club team and found that it was the right fit for me. It was involved and fun. I made hundreds of friends with relative ease, but you have to be open to the possibility of making friends. Had I joined a fraternity my freshman year, I may have met a lot of people immediately, but I wouldn't have had the freedom to continue making friends throughout my time at OU. I was in the European Students Organization for a while, I played ultimate frisbee, I was in a band, I literally came out of college with hundreds of great friends. I still make fun of what girls wore to class at OU. Everyday I saw a girl wearing a North Face, pink fleece jacket with sweatpants and UGG boots on. Everyday I would see that. I just wore what I had around, but I do think there is a huge pressure on young girls at OU to conform to this weird over-done, poorly dressed mass of other girls on campus. This may have something to do with most of the girls (and guys) at OU coming from primarily suburban towns. There wasn't enough of the crazy stuff on campus that would stir the pot. I hoped everyday that we would have streakers or some loonies yelling at other students on campus. It would have made things a little more fun, but people on campus are really terrified of standing out. Once, my friends and I were accosted on campus by the police because we were having a head-stand competition and they thought we were on drugs. I don't blame them, because they must have been extremely bored. No one ever does anything. Ever. Thinking back, maybe I should have done some drugs while I was in school. It may have been a lot of fun... Just kidding.


I've met people from all over the world at OU. There are many students from Oklahoma and Texas.


I know that there are a number of different groups on campus. No one would feel out of place here, there is something for everyone. No one wears the same thing to class, some people wear nike shorts and a t shirt while others wear a dress and heels. There are many multicultural events troughout the campus. I wouldn' be able to describe them because the campus is so diverse. The campus does a WONDERFUL job of bringing in political speakers, so I think that students are poticially aware.


Walk down the South Oval and you will see every skin color, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic class that exists. Not everyone's a small-town hick--on the contrary, the kids who wear cowboy boots stick out like sore thumbs (that said, I sport a 25 buck pair of Wal-mart boots myself on the occasion). I think it's easy for shy people to feel alienated and not cared about. On a campus this size, you have to jump out there. Greeks generally hang with Greeks. Most kids, I"d guess, are from middle-class Texas or Tulsa families. Many are second-generation. Politics aren't huge, but definitely are a growing trend. Take a poll and I'd say one-third would know what side of the fence Romney's on. Party-wise, the student population is split-the whole tossed salad metaphor applies. Kids talk about money, but it's not like the Ivy League stereotype "Well, MY dad makes more than YOUR dad." Scholarships are readily available. I have friends from a broad array of backgrounds--rich Dallas kids, small-town, single-parent kids, and even immigrants.


There are some extremes with socio-economic statuses evident here on campus. There are lots of girls wearing $200 jackets, $800 purses, and $200 boots which total cost about two semesters worth of food for some. I don’t think any student could feel out of place here as there are is an eclectic student body. I would say most students dress casually and comfortably to class. Different types of students interact for the most part from what I observe. With four tables of students in a dining hall people would go to where they knew someone at first but if not I see the majority of people here friendly enough and eager to meet new friends. Most OU students are from Oklahoma I would think however; I am also surprised to see how many Dallas Texas students there are. There are students who like to flaunt their financial background as mentioned earlier with their $800 dollar purses, they stand out in my eyes as trying to hard. With the election this year students are publicly politically aware of their support for Barrack Obama but I don’t see any public interest for any other candidate. I would say students here with mainly mid-American experiences are right sided in the political world. Sometimes I hear talk about money in one’s future but it is a real annoyance in my opinion.


Everyone can find their niche at OU. Most students are from Oklahoma and Texas, but there are definite exceptions. Different types of students interact.


What are your experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and/or other groups on campus? I don't recall any experiences. none apparently that were memorable. What kind of student would feel out of place at OU? No one. Oklahoman's are the nicest people in the world. Actual practicing terrorists would feel very out of place. What do most students wear to class? clothes. everything from dressy to pajamas. people do that in OK. they wear pajamas to class. i take comfort in that. Do different types of students interact? yes. There are four tables of students in the dining hall. Describe them. They are eating. they are freshmen. there are boys and girls. they are talking. oh oh they are eating again. Where are most OU students from? Texas, Oklahoma What financial backgrounds are most prevalent? Middle Class Are students politically aware / active? Yeah not really. I dunno if they are into that kind of thing Are they predominantly left, right or center? I’d say probably right. Or center. I dunno though the college is different than the state Do students talk about how much they'll earn one day? ??? what kind of a question is this?


The typical OU student is from Oklahoma and is probably in the Greek community. A lot of people aren’t Greek, but the most involved students are. We do have a gay population, but they seem to keep it underground since OU is such a conservative place. Minorities are happily accepted by other students though. Students usually wear jeans to class and some sort of t-shirt. If you dress up a little people won’t look at you strange. Just don’t wear heels or anything. Since tuition is so cheap there are kids from all sorts of financial backgrounds. Students don’t care too much about national politics.


OU is a heavily caucasian campus with a high population of international students. Currently we have 3500 plus international students and it is growing. We are racially diverse for the region and also boast a native american body as well. Most students on campus are either low middle class or upper class in the socio-economic perspective. You can tell that their is some shifts in thinking depending on where people are from and their socio-economic status. No one would feel out of place at OU because it really does feel small. Many students wear typical college clothing depending on the weather. Their is a heavy fraternity/sorority interaction on campus and many letters are showing. Different types of students interact daily. OU is very diverse and creates a good melting pot of ideas and cultures. At one table would be fraternity men, at another sorority girls, at a third would be a bunch of friends, and another a bunch of people sitting alone. OU is a very politically active campus which is due to its' liberal society and because our president is very prominent and provides many opportunities for presidential speakers and such. Yes we are highly aware at the cost of our education and how much we will make as such with a degree from this university.


The student body is overwhelmingly white, conservative, and I have found, suprisingly racist. Seems to be a high rate of brand new luxury cars/SUVs around campus. Little interaction between different groups of students, but there is a group for everyone...OU is a large public school after all. Students are not very politically active.


My experience with those groups are very rare. I think that anyone could feel comfortable here. OU is a liberal university in a very conservative state so you get a great mix of people. Most students wear jeans & t-shirts. There are so many different types of people here. Of course there are probably more rich white kids than others. There would be the table of athletes, the table of greeks, table of multi-culturals, table of politicians. Most students are from Oklahoma or Texas. Probably upper middle class. I think most students try to stay politically active. We had 3 different presidential candidates come speak here. Predominantly right. I don't think they talk too much about it.