University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


OU college life offers you new independence — so it’s up to you to manage your time, take care of your studies and control your finances. Leaving home for college means you’ll be exploring a new place, making new friends and setting your own priorities. You’re going to face big changes in a small amount of time, which can be both exciting and intimidating. College is full of resources – professors, tutors, counselors and advisors – and help is available, but it’s up to you to ask for it.




Having the most National Merit Scholars and a great football team.


My school is best known for college football.


Research, diversity of majors, National Merit Scholars, Greek life, Meteorology


My school is best known for our football team. They are a really good team in the Big 12. To be able to go to the football games is really fun and it is a very good time. Also, University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus is known for our business college. They are a really good business school for students wanting to major in Business.


Our football program is probably what our school is known for, followed closely by our medical school.


Yelling "BOOMER!" anywhere and seeing/hearing everyone around you look around and yell "SOONER!". Boomer Sooner - OU's fight call.


Football is poular here but OU prides itself with being a great educational institution with hundreds of programs and course offerings at a comparable price.


The University of Oklahoma is beyond a research university known for academic excellence and affordability, but the university is an exceptional place to further your education. The University of Oklahoma is filled with a Sooner family who unconditionally supports and encourages one another to seize opportunities and challenges each other to set higher stands to achieve greater accomplishments outside the classroom walls.


The University of Oklahoma is known for both National Merit Scholars and its football program, which gives a great balance to the atmosphere of the school. It is a place of learning so being academically motivated is a high priority, but it is also a social place, giving you plenty of opportunities for fun while away from home.


By far, my favorite campus tradition is the Boomer Sooner chant at football games. For those who don't know, at home games one side of the stadium yells "Boomer" in unison and the other side of the stadium yells back "Sooner!" It is so awesome to hear all the Sooner fans united! Another one of my favorite traditions is our rival football games. The Red River Rivalry (OU vs. Texas) and Bedlam (OU vs. OSU) are so much fun to watch!


It is best known for its football team.


OU is best known for being a powerhouse football school. Though it is also known as a research institution.


I believe The University of Oklahoma is best known for being a place of excellence. In the classroom or on the feild or court, OU students and faculty are looking to achieve excellence.


Football and engineering


The University of Oklahoma is known for one thing, their football program. The University of Oklahoma always has one of the best collegiate football teams in the nation which the University takes pride in. The University of Oklahoma's medical field is also one of the top medical fields in the country. Their library, which is rarely known, was ranked in the top 15 libraries in the country as well.


Great, experienced teachers, awesome campus, amazing football and basketball teams, and having a blast here!


The University of Oklahoma is known for its great athletics department including an awesome football team, but they are also known for the academic excellence in the school with the highest number of National Merit Scholars in the country. We also have a huge international student populaiton that allows for a wide range in sociocultural diversity. There are also over 150 different majors that allows students the freedom to figure out what they are really intereseted in. So it is not just one thing OU is known for but more a collaboration of great aspects.


OU is most known for its greek life and Big 12 sports involvement. We offer several degree program choices with the highest of education standards. Overall OU is well known for its large campus but retaining the core value of being known as a student and not a number. Therefore classes are still kept small, with larger lectures available as well. The entry qualifications keep the number of students to the best of the best and big enough for fun but small enough for a firm education. OU is number one!


My school is best known for our Sooner spirit that lives strong. We also have a really sucessful men's and women's gymnastics team. They generally get first at NCAA competitions. That's pretty much all I have left in my juice box .


Its football team and its research ability.




My school is best known for being a Big-12 school that feels like a down-home family. We have amazing school spirit, a championship-winning athletic department, an active and unstoppable student body, and a small welcoming Norman community that makes every student feel at home. With over 20,000 students I have experienced all the benefits of studying at a large universtiy, all the while feeling like I was studying at a small, family-oriented school.


University is known for majors in communication, along with sooner football & basketball!


The University of Oklahoma is well known for their outstanding football and meteorology programs.


The University of Oklahoma is best known by the outside world for the athletics; however, anybody that knows somebody that graduated from the University of Oklahoma knows they received an exceptional education and is well prepared for life after school. It is understood that the environment of the university mixed with the education of the university is one of the best in the country, and employers of the work force recognize this.


The University of Oklahoma has a proud and successful athletic program. For example, both Oklahoma football and gymnastics have won multiple national titles as well as nurtured legendary athletes. However, this school is also known for some of its academic departments, such as Meterology, and its historic, red-brick buildings.


While we have a thriving academic community at OU, we are best known for our football team. There is something magical about Sooner football. Their is something special about crimson and cream that binds us together not only as fans of a team, but as a collective community committed to excellence and proud of its history. Before each football game, a video plays that ends with the saying, "There's only ONE Oklahoma!" I believe this is not only a reference to the players on the field, but to the Sooner Spirit that abounds at our university.


Football, Meteorology, Ballet, Science


Football! And a great freshman year experience, which sets you up for 3 more great years after that.






Unfortunately, our school is best known for our football team. Nobody really knows that we have the best piano department in the region, or that our ballet school is widely known all over the country. The fine arts college is top-notch.


College football and team spirit!


THE OKLAHOMA SOONER FOOTBALL TEAM! Our Sooners are the best in the nation, and there is nothing like gameday in Norman, OK. The entire state converges on Norman to party, have fun, and watch the Sooners dominate. Then, our stadium is packed with 85,000 of the craziest, loudest, most loyal fans in the country. It is literally pandamonium. Our school is steeped in football tradition, with 7 national titles and the three greatest coaches of all time: Bud Wilkenson, Barry Switzer, and Bob Stoops. All in all, OU is the best football school in the nation!


Sadly, Football.




OU football is a big deal! The school spirit during games is unbeatable and we're famous for having a rowdy student section that supports our team!




When I mention the University of Oklahoma the first thing people say is, "They have a good football team, right?" So i guess that is what we're most known for but OU also has a really good engineering program. Most of my friends are engineers.


Football season and Greek life


Football. That's it.


Sports is a central part of our university as it is in most large universities.!!