University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

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My absolute most favorite experience from college has been the times I studied and traveled abroad. Travelling opened my mind and expanded my worldview. It made me realize just how many people/places/cultures are out there and how trivial most of my problems really are. It’s also a great way to meet friends – being in a foreign place makes you bond very quickly, and you’ll make lifelong memories.


OU is amazing academically. There are so many different types of scholars and the university excells in many areas, such as education majors, meteorology, physics, and astronomy.


probably 80% of the population of the school is in a sorority or fraternity.


The uniqueness about this school is that it is so sport oriented, especially with football. Half of the students play some kind of sport and all students show extreme pride in their Sooners. Everyone gets excited about the football games and the entire campus nearly shuts down for the at-home games. Tailgating is a way of life here and not liking your hometown Sooners, especially if you like the University of Texas team, you automatically get shunned.


THe Baptist Student Union there is the best in the country and I wanted to be a part of what they are doing and my brother was already attending the university which made travel easy.


Large size, Meteorology program, distance from home


I LOVE THIS PLACE! At this point I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without the University of Oklahoma, and the people I've met around here.


In comparison to other schools I considered attending, Oklahoma stood out because it is a college town. The whole city of Norman rallies around the Oklahoma Sooners. I am a football fanatic so I just fell right into "Sooner Land." The mall is called "The Sooners Mall." There is a "Sooners Sonic" fast food restaurant and majority of the business establishments have something about "The Sooners" as part of their daily announcements. (Signs) My first Oklahoma Sooner tailgate party was extremely exciting. I was overwhelmed with the school spirit and community support provided by the Norman community.


The campus is really compact and every building is easily accessible. There is also a lot of school spirit on game days! Everyone comes out to support the sooners.


It is located in a large suberb, but still has a small town feel to it. There is a lot of school spirit. Advisors are very welcoming and informative. The campus is beautiful and full of culturally diverse students, faculty, and staff. There is many extracirricular activities available to all students.


Well, I'm actually writing about the school I got my Associates from: Tulsa Community College. I would say the fact that they have such a wide range of classes and several campuses puts them above par when compared to other Community Colleges.


The loyalty to the school that everyone hase. It is one of the most loyal and pround places I have ever been.


OU is extremely student focused, and offers a close knit community, with a high level of school spirit and focus on acedemic acheivement.


Many different majors and concentrations to choose from, great school to attend, not too pricey for a great education, people are so friendly!


The University of Oklahoma has always been my favorite school since I was the age of 10. What sets it apart from all of the other schools I was considering is that the school really cares about helping you to get your education and the staff will do all that they can to help you be successful. At the other schools I looked at, it seemed from what I observed as if they were just there to speak and didn't really make an effort to give the students a full understanding of everything.


This school is very multi-cultural and offers something for everyone. It is a large feel and has a very big campus.


The University of Oklahoma has a small town feel of Norman, Oklahoma but is only 30 minutes away from Oklahoma City. Also the campus is just big enough to always have something fun to do and new people to meet but it never feels overwhelming like some of the other schools I was accepted to. OU also has over 400 student organizations to get involved in, and this allows you to really find youe niche.


My school is huge. I love how we have such a variety of cultures mix together.


The University of Oklahoma is a college built for the students, the teachers do everything they can to help you. Also, the people in financial aid will help you with finding scholarships, and helping you on deciding on loans. The campus has high security,and provides many safety attributions, like free rides back to your dorms when leaving a party, or free escorts when walking to class at night. Also, emergency phones are placed all around campus. The buildings and scenery are beautiful, and all the classes are short walks from the dorms.


OU is best know for it sports performance, but it would be more appropiate to recognize the individuals and their substance.


The campus is beautiful!! There is a huge cultural diversity among the students..Football is great, I mean we do have Sam Bradford. And in basketball we had Blake Griffin....I think the pride people have for our school is amazing. The assistance one can utilize is awesome too, study groups, tutoring, academic advising,writing labs to review your papers, the communication between the norman campus and the health and science center where i will complete my studies...The genuine interest my department takes in me suceeding..


The University of Oklahoma is very great academically and in sports. The falcuty, staff and students are all helpful and so nice to one another. I have never been around so many people who has been nice and helping, and determined to help you and make sure you do whatever it takes to succeed.


I had choosen The University of Oklahoma because it is reknowned as being one of the best schools in the nation for Meteorology since the college itself is located inside the National Weather Center.


The University of Oklahoma is a large university with tons of major and class options with a small college feel. The campus is compact and easy to get around, not to mention absolutely beautiful. Living in the dorms, which are on the southern part of campus, I can get to the furthest north buildings in 15 minutes, walking. The other universities I was considering were also large universities, but simultaneously had the large university feel. They were either located in a large city or featured a huge campus, which was not what fit for me.


My school is unique in the fact that we have a very beautiful and compact campus. Nobody needs to drive to any classes, and you get to see your peers while walking to each class.


The school spirit at Univeristy of Oklahoma is incedible, and it's one of my favorite parts of my university. All the students here are really involved in the pride of our athletics and it makes for an entergetic atmosphere. Campus activities were something else that really stuck out to me when considering OU. The university offers so many different opportunities for just about every social group one could imagine which is great for brand new freshmen looking to make new friends.


I fell in love with OU upon first look. There was never any choices that seemed to compare with the atmosphere that OU provides.


The University of Oklahoma is definitely the biggest college in Oklahoma. Grauduating from the biggest university in Oklahoma will look great on a resume. Going to OU, the social network is tremendous.


What is unique about the University of Oklahoma is that it has many unique programs for just about any career for anyone that want's to consider to go into. Compared to the other schools I looked, this one is just about right for me because it isn't hard to get in but one of the best schools to have on your resume for the future.


The University of Oklahoma is unique because they want to provide every student with the chance to succeed. The administration provides many means of keeping students on the right track. If they are struggling, they provide services like tutoring by peers, academic and career advising, and extra-curricular activities. They provide an experience and environment where students learn to live up to their full potential.


Variety of courses offered.


The school spirit and athletic success.


OU has so much school spirit! Our football team is awesome, and students can't help but become die-hard Sooner fans. Alumni and students alike are filled with Sooner Pride! Plus, OU never sleeps. It seems like there is always something going on on campus, 24/7.


I did not consider any other schools.


OU is a very friendly university. I was able to meet many different types of people, and I wasn't disappointed!


Considered one of the top schools in the country.


The faculty is very friendly and are their to help their students. I love the feel of the campus; students form close relationships with each other and with the faculty, and everyone exhibits a large amount of school spirit. This school also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activites.


there is great community!!! if you find the right people around campus, and more international student at ou than any other university! great opportunity here! and a wonderful study abroad program.


The spirit is greater and the academics are outstanding!!


The intense school spirit is definitely different for OU compared to other universities I looked at. I also really loved how I chose a school with an incredible Journalism school versus the other undergraduate options.


It's cool.


The University is just like every other university in that it's got a strong sense of school spirit and has world renowned professors. What makes the university of oklahoma unique is the Ivy League quality at public school price. Current and prospective students have the chance to get better than great educations without breaking the bank.


amazing football team, architecture


My school places a hug emphasis on football and men's basketball. The game days are huge here and therefore we have a very connected and loyal student body and alumni. OU also has one of the best Meteorology schools in the nation, which is originally why I chose to go here.


The campus is small and homely with tons of places to study and nap. The campus is absolutely gorgeous!


The thing that really stuck out to me in searching for a university was a school that was large enough to meet plenty of new people and experience plenty of new things, but still have reasonable class sizes and still be smaller than most public universities. The campus is not too large at all; everything is within a very reasonable walking distance. The class sizes are great as well! I really feel that I get that student-teacher time when I need it, when in comparison with much larger public universities where that would not be the case.


Great library, easy access to technology, computers, and internet.


OU's okay. I'd say the only people who come here are Oklahomans, partiers, and National Merit kids.


Our school is unique compared to other schools, because I feel like although it is a public school, it has the feel of a private school. You get the great education, the amazing connections, the A+ football team, but you can still attend classes with less than 20 students. You still get the chance to make a difference on campus. You aren't just another student here, you are a member of a family, the sooner family.


There is so much to do here, almost everyday of the week there is some sort of function going on.