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Tell us about your professors.

I have never had a professor that doesn't want their students to do well. I think a huge misconception about professors is that they don't care, want to trick you, and are just plain mean. The thing is, if you approach them and talk to them one on one while asking them for their help, they will help you. If you do nothing to let them help you, then that's your fault not theirs. I will totally admit that many teachers don't have the greatest personalities or the best teaching skills. But no one has to fail any of their classes if they only ask for help!

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Most of my prof's are really down to earth and caring. Because of our small class sizes they do get to learn some faces and names. At other times, because of cultural differences (most of my engineering prof's are foreign) I have a hard time understanding them for the first two weeks, then everything is fine!

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