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What are your classes like?

Most of the classes I've taken so far are amazing!! Currently, I am taking History, Spanish, Nutrition, Anthropology, and Pilates. I have found that it is so useful to balance your schedule with some fun, easy classes that you enjoy. For me, Spanish and History are two classes that take up a lot of my time and require a lot of outside study time! So I balanced those classes with something that I love with Anthropology and Pilates. Pilates is a great relaxor and it actually counts as credit hours! Of course all classes that I've taken haven't been a piece of cake, but they are all interesting in some way. I won't lie here... Spanish kicked my butt! Fortunetly, I was willing to talk with my professor to get some outside help. She has been so understanding an supportive, and with her help, I'm going to be able to get through it alive! :)

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As an English major, my classes tend to be smaller and more discussion based. My class reads a portion of a book for homework and then spends class time discussing important themes throughout the book and how/why they are important within the context of the class. They generally involve a lot of analysis papers, but the professors are great about helping you develop ideas and guiding your work without forcing their opinions into your paper.

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My engineering classes are very tough - but my study schedule keeps me in balance

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