University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


"There is so much to eat around here" - Jawanza. Really - this place has the best dining of any university I've ever visited. Including a modern cafeteria with all you can eat dining, a choice of 18 full service restaurants and franchises right on campus (Starbucks, Subway, Jimmy Johns, Burger King under the dorms...)


I LOVE to food at OU! There are so many different options that you can never get sick of eating here! For starters, every residence hall tower has a food place right in the bottom of it. Walker has Xcetera, a convenience store that has practically anything a college student could want. Couch has Couch Express, a mini snack bar where you can get grilled cheese, soups, hot dogs, cookies, pretzels, juices, and tons more. Adams has Burger King and Sooner Malt Shop, an ice cream parlor. Also near the dorms is Couch Cafeteria aka the caf. It was newly renovated and has everything from Asian stir fry, burgers and bbq, pizza and pasta, mexican, greek, fro-yo, a hot bar, Chik-Fil-A, and everyone's favorite, the dessert bar! The Union has lots of other restaurants in its food court and at Crossroads, a 24-7 restaurant. Cate Main, is also another food court like option located near the dorms. They make the best chocolate chip pancakes and breakfast burritos there! There are also great little cafe places scattered around in buildings on campus.


This union eatery is open 24/7!


Stubbeman Village is located just across from the dorms and has a lot to offer college kids. Pizza, books, frozen custard and more!


A tour of Cate Center culinary offerings

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