University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


It's no secret - OU is a school that LOVES football. But, we're also a "full service" sporting community. Our basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, tennis, cycling, athletics, swimming, rowing, etc...teams are highly ranked and championship winners. We're bosses at sports. There's even Cricket if you're into that (like I am).


Football is BIG! OU has a nationally ranked team and is always a contender in the Big 12, so there is a very loyal fan base, especially within the students. Games are always exciting and the whole town of Norman basically shuts down for the game. That being said, OU has great programs other than football. Basketball has risen in popularity under the new head coach and students love to go to the games. Basketball and football are the only 2 sports that you have to pay for, and all other events are free! This is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons. I went to my first wrestling match this semester, and I went to my first gymnastic event my freshman year!


Football is huge at OU! We couldn't be more proud of our Sooner football team and we have the greatest school pride. If you are a fan of football, then you will not be disappointed with our sports scene. However, it is definitely not life. There are plenty of people who choose not to go to the football games and are just fine with it! Even if you don't like football, we have plenty of other sporting events you can go to! There's always basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling, and so many more! The greatest thing about OU football is that students have amazing seats. The student section is right in front of the field. We stand the whole game and cheer our Sooners to victory!

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