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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular student activities is fraternities and sororities. These give students the most opportunity to become involved around campus and meet some people. Additionally, we have a large number of student organizations. This allows students to become involved in an issue that is important to them.


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There are over 300 student organizations on campus, not to mention intramural and college-level sports teams. I am involved in both the Student Longboarding Association, the OU Mascot Team, University Singers, and the Non-Profit Leadership Student Association. The Longboarding Association meets up and goes for group rides and board maintenance projects. It's a great way to meet new people and hang out with people with similar interests. Not everyone leaves their doors open, but all the friendly people do (like me!). I met my closest friends through University Singers and various other organizations. Parties are constantly going on, but they are predominantly centralized in the Greek community. Hundreds of events happen all semester, every semester. There are plenty of things to do on weekend nights besides drinking, including club activities and hanging out with friends! The Union Programming Board is an organization that spends all of it's time and energy working to create fun events that all OU students would enjoy. While there is a mall, Main Street Norman, and Campus Corner, there are so many things going on on-campus that people rarely go off-campus.



The most popular groups on campus are the greek organizations, but outside of that the College Republicans have the largest membership. The most common activities on campus seem to be drinking and studying, but there are many things to do outside of that (I personally enjoy frisbee golf). There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus, whether it be through a greek organization or one of the 100+ clubs. I would say that the average student at OU drinks a considerable amount. On the weekends, students who are under 21 typically attend house parties, which are plentiful around campus. Students who are of age go to Campus Corner, which is the primary bar area for OU students. I personally enjoy going to places such as Logan's or Brother's on Campus Corner, but there are plenty of options outside of that. There are also bars on Main Street, which are frequented by locals and hipsters. As far as things on the weekend that don't involve drinking, there are usually activities at the student union such as movie nights. Drugs are fairly common at OU, but are usually not out in the open.


Greek life is very popular at the University of Oklahoma. Some go as far as to say OU is a greek-run school, but I would not go that far. There are plenty of other organizations that have great participation that do great things for the community. Many students are involved in the University of Oklahoma Student Association, OU's student government. However, not all of these students are political science majors. They are engineers, event planners, marketing majors, business majors, and so much more. They help plan and put on all kinds of events for the campus body as a whole: Welcome Week, Dance Marathon, College Bowl, a speaker series filled with all kinds of interesting topics, Homecoming, University Sing, and a film series shown at the student Union. The students at OU are, as a general rule, very open and friendly. You can find them laughing over a late-night breakfast fun in a dining hall or playing glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee on the practice soccer fields. People at OU find their best friends by getting involved in something they love, whether that be Cake Club (yes, we actually have one of those), Quidditch Club, student government, greek life, theater, dance, or any number of multicultural groups.


Fraternities are a large part of the activity in Norman, but they are not the only thing to be involved in. I haven't been in a fraternity and I've had no shortage of things to do. Freshman year was great for me, because living in the dorms was a blast. I roomed with a guy that I didn't know and he is now one of my best friends. I actually still hang out with a group of guys that I met in my hall just because of our proximity while living in the dorms. Even if you aren't great friends with your roommates, there are still a lot of different activities that you can be a part of. There are about 300+ student groups on OU's campus. One of my friends joined the ultimate frisbee club and has been competitively competing with other colleges. I actually joined the rugby club and was able to play for a year and make some awesome friends there (unfortunately I had to bow out due to injuries). There is also a great music scene here in Norman. Local bands play a lot of shows on or near campus, making it very easy to find great music without having to pay a lot or travel far. I'm also involved in a campus ministry with my church, Antioch Community Church. I've grown really close to the people that I've met within the ministry and they have become my second family. There is no shortage of faith-based/religious groups, this being the Bible belt, but thankfully there is not a climate of dissent or hostility directed at those not involved.


It's hard to tell which is the most popular organization on campus. But the Union Programming Board is an organization that include every students in its events. They have, free movies, free food, concerts, and they also host the annual foam parties. I'm involved with the OU Rugby. The team is pretty good and the players really get along with each other. We also compete at the Collegiate Premier Division level. Most of the sports events are free with valid OU student ID. I met my closest friends at the dorms and we still hangout. People party every week, literally. If you don't drink, you can always hangout with friends on Saturday nights like private parties, watch movies, play pingpong or pool, etc.


The most popular student organizations on campus are Greek life and student congress. Many undergrads choose to rush a fraternity or sorority. Also, the student congress, called UOSA, is an extremely active organization, with many students choosing to participate. Football is HUGE at OU. Whether or not you are a football fan, you are guaranteed to have fun at an OU foorball game! They are by far the biggest athetic games that students attend every year. There are performances and other activities that are available to students if you choose to participate. Theatre and dance hold performances all the time. There are movies that play in the union every weekend. The Huff (our recreation center) is always busy with students. Whether you like to drink or not, you can find other students and groups that are like you. There are people that like to party and drink, but if that's not your thing then you could easily find other people like you.




Sooner pride is very prevalent on this campus. I did not get involved with many organizations on campus, but it was easy to make friends. The football program is great, but you do not have to be gung-ho about the sports at OU. This campus is supposed to be a "dry campus", but this is definitely far from the fact. Students in Norman party like students at most universities.


Apparently lots of kids leave the dorm room doors open freshman year, but my experience in the honors dorm didn't reflect that trend. The theater program here is amazing; I mean it. Some people party a lot, some don't. You'll find stuff to do regardless of what you lean toward. Frats/sororities are a major presence on campus. Last weekend I went home to Dallas. The weekends can be pretty empty sometimes, as most people are from Oklahoma and they go home. There are lots of Dallas kids too though, so we have fun on the weekends.


Since Norman isn't the most fun city in OKlahoma, drinking and going to parties are about the main thing to do on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. No one has to drink at a party; no one ever pressures you to drink, but it is a great way to socialize. People will go out to dinner or a movie then go over to a house or appartment and party.


Too many to list.


I know the Pre-Med club was a very popular groups to attend on campus b/c everyone thinks they want to be a doctor and are undecided and don't know what they're getting themselves into and get weeded out and only the smart ones who studied and are determined end up staying on track and not wasting years. I was involved in the Pre-Med Club for my first year at OU. Yes students left their dorm rooms open and left their tv and stereo on while they were out in the hall with everyone else. The football athletic events were the most popular out of all the sports at OU, even if you didn't like football you were watching it or with friends partying it up or something. The dating scene was not very common. I met my closest friend from classes and my room-mate was one of my closest friends. People party alllllll the time. Every weakend they end up going out and getting wasted, Fuck the Po Po, 5 O, Cops-fuck'em, fuck being 21 nobody gives a flying fuck about the drinking age in the US look outside the fucken box, it's only America that it's 21 and older, the rest of the fucken world is considered a drinking age of 18 and older. If I am awake on Tuesday at 2 am. then I would probably be considered watching tv. or on the phone with some bitch back in Cali. and if not, i was having a hard time trying to go to sleep and i shouldn't go any later than 2


There was not much else to do at OU but drink. And if you weren't drinking you were wishing you were drinking so you could forget about the horrendous college you've overpaid for to attened.


I loved being involved my first two years of college because it opened so many doors for me as far as getting to know all different types of people and forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone. CAC and UOSA are great. Greek life is huge at OU, yet its not for everyone. There are plenty of options if you go to your college or center for student life and just ask. I really encourage people to join a Greek organization because they really do help you meet people and attend events you may otherwise not be able to. I have found that my closest friends came from my sorority. Being a senior now, I'm much more focused on my future career and my major, therefore leaving me with little time for these groups. Football tops the athletic events and even if you don't like football, you would LOVE an OU game. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday I'm probably studying or out with friends. You can pretty much always find something to do and someone to do something with, which is one great aspect. Some of my favorite yearly events are OU/TX. The school shuts down the friday before so everyone can leave Thursday to head to Dallas. The memories made at OU/TX are some of my best. Next, there are many bands that come through, especially during the summer. Someone is always playing at the Deli or Brothers. Going to campus corner after football games. Sororities and fraternities always hold events that are fun also.


Not much if you want organized events. OU has movie nights (which no one really goes to), free concerts (which are cool if you know the band I guess), and around the city there's bowling (not that popular), the movie theater (I don't really go to the movies much but I guess that's an alright first date) and parks to play frisbee golf (which is pretty awesome if you ask me). The OU theater can be good or bad, depending on the show. I like going to the Catlett building to hear music events sponsored by the OU students. And I think if you live in Couch or Walker dorms, students will leave their dorm doors open. You definitely should!! I met my closest friends freshman year in the dorms; my closest friends in sophomore year were through the clubs and activities that I was involved in. Oh, I forgot about iHop and various restaurants you can go to with your friends. I don't drink much but there are always parties going on at Club 101, so the more friends you make, the more parties you can go to. Fraternities and sororities are good but I was never involved in that scene, and I certainly am not missing out on too much. (If I was, I'd totally join one). I think maybe 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students join a frat or sorority so they're definitely not that important (unless you're in one lol). I like hanging out in Cate lounge, eating with friends, playing pool or ping pong in the building, or just walking around. Like I said, I'm pretty simple when it comes to date ideas or even hanging out with friends.


Greek life is very important at OU. Sororities have fall rush every year a few weeks before school starts. There are always girls and boys proudly supporting their greek choice on t-shirts and hoodies around campus. While being greek is the easiest way to get involved at OU, it is not the only way. OU is known for their students' involvement in a variety of clubs and organizations. For many, being greek just offers an immediate group of friends to rely on.


Everyone loves OU football. Also most people are involved with the greek community. I am on the OU rowing team and I am a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. No students do not leave their doors open. Many guest speakers and everyone loves OU football! Friends through the dorms, classes and sorority! I wold probably be studying somewhre. There is quite a bit of partying, but not anymore than any other college. Greek life is a pretty big deal at OU.


Athletic events and parties are key at OU. Shopping and eating out are also very prevalent. During the summer, many go to the lake for fun.


OU athletic events are a huge draw for students and local residents alike. People travel from across the state (and sometimes across the country) to take part in the amazing atmosphere that can only be experienced in Norman on a fall Saturday afternoon.


Since Boren was a popular senator, we always get cool people to come talk. but i dont think a lot of people go. on the other hand though, on a gameday, Norman quickly becomes the most populated city in Oklahoma. u never feel so proud as when ur cheerin with a hundred thousand people. but out side of games, the campus just seems chill and relaxed


Greek life is big, but there is life outside of it! I promise. I have tons of close friends that tried rushing and found it wasnt for them. I think that if a student is unsure about wanting to be involved in being a member of a greek house they should try rush and just see what it's about. Even if you hate it, you are bound to meet friends and get to know a little bit about something new. Living in the dorms freshmen year is great. You will meet hundreds of friends and stay up all night long. On my hall, our doors were always open unless we were taking a nap to recover from a long night of studying/partying/talking. If you want to go to a party, you can find one, if you aren't in the drinking scene there will be something going on that will be fun. OU does a great job of keeping it's students active and involved.


The most popular organization on campus is greek. Second up is sports. Something like 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} is greek but I am not and I do not feel like I should be. I am on the crew team (rowing) and am so glad I joined it. I have met some life long friends on the team. Organizations and teams are the best ways to meet people. Usually my room mate would leave the door unlocked. If we were in it I would always leave it open and a few girls on the hall would do the same. I hate when people say "What is there to do on a Saturday besides drink?" It implies that you cannot do the same thing people drinking are doing. There were many times I went to parties and did not have a sip of alcohol just because I didn't feel like it.


Any club or organization is popular, but the most popular thing would probably be intramural sports. I am not involved with any groups but I have participated in intramural sports and it was a lot of fun. A lot of students in the dorms do leave their doors open, especially if they are just going down the hall or if they are watching TV, but they lock it when they leave. The athletic events are pretty popular (especially football) and all of them are enjoyable. Guest speakers are always enjoyable because it is usually somebody who has a different view or opinion about something so it is interesting to hear. Theater is always entertaining and it is great to see how much work the student's put into their show. The dating scene is what you make of it; there are always people in classes, walking on campus, at the library, on campus corner, anywhere that you could meet and strike up a conversation with. My closest friends I met through class. If I'm awake at 2AM on a Tuesday, I'm studying. Ou vs. Texas is probably the biggest event that happens each year; it is one big party. Some people party way too much (basically everyday), some party sometimes (Wednesday-Saturday), and then there are the reasonable people (Friday or Saturday, not both). Fraternities and sororities are as important as people want them to be. I am not in a sorority and have not felt like I ever needed to be in one. A lot of people just complain about all the stuff they have to do, and honestly, when people ask me what "house" I'm in, I like to be able to tell them "I'm not in one." Last weekend I went to a movie on Friday night, went running Saturday morning, and had a few drinks for my friend's birthday Saturday night. There are tons of things to do without having to drink. I am 21 and I don't really like to drink. I would rather just sit around with my friends and eat pop corn, watch a movie, go bowling, play board games, or go to a coffee shop on campus corner than go get drunk and not remember the night before. There are tons of parks, gyms, book stores, clothing stores, malls, boutiques, and restaurants around town that I love to attend.


Various opportunities and activities were provided outside of the acedemic spectrum.


I am an older student so my comments on these subjects are limited a bit. I am a hair stylist and have met a lot of students outside of class "cutting hair". Many students appear to be serious about school/goals. I understand the Fine Arts Department is highly regarded and many aspiring dancers attend O.U. When going out with my last boyfriend to various clubs on campus everyone seems to have a great time. (lots of good looking people) The sorority/frat scene has always been big here and O.U. Football is of course a big deal. Students here are eclectic, friendly, studious, par-tiers and basically decent to be around. I have read reviews that there are a lot of religious people here in the Bible belt, but I have not seen any major band wagon. One time in three years I heard a "street preacher" on campus for those who wanted to stop and listen. Was not a problem and kind of interesting/out of the ordinary. Never lived on campus so can not help with that, but if you are up late during the week nights you are not at a club past normal close times 12-2:00 ??


The most popular groups are the Greek Life... fraternities and sororities People in dorms become friends most of the time but not open open Athletic events are the MOST popular part of OU (football) Guest speakers and theater are not as popular but still draw a crowd There are PLENTY of options when it comes to the dating scene My closest friends I met through working while attending school At 2am I'm either leaving a bar or hanging out with the friends watching a movie or tv, etc Traditions that are big are: OU/Texas football game, Scandals, ummm... others People at OU like to party a lot but not excessively Greek Life is important to many but just as unimportant to as many others Last weekend I went out in Bricktown (OKC) with friends for a birthday, then went out on Campus Corner then played some golf .......? Off campus I hang out at friends houses or go up to Bricktown in Oklahoma City


There are lots of guest speakers from regular students to the possible future President of the United States. The most popular clubs seem to be the fraternities and soroities. If you wanna make lots of friends with lots of benefits then greek is not a bad way to go. Otherwise join student body or the racing team or anything that your heart desires.


My social life did not center around OU


Greek life is big. I'm involved in a sorority on campus. OU football is the biggest thing on campus, everyone goes, it's a huge event. I met all of my friends through greek life.


I did not have the opportunity to participate in many of the groups/organizations. I am a non-traditional student, but there is always something going on at OU. It has a large selection of activities (both academic and recreational). The fraternities/sororities seem to be the most influential organizations and many students (especially the Freshman and Sophomore) seem to enjoy being a part of something that can ease some of the......apprehension.


The social life at OU is great. Freshman year, all of the freshman eat in the same cafeteria, so you get to know everyone very quickly. The dorms are coed (major plus) and there are lots of social activities within your dorm. I met tons of people freshman year and can honestly say it was my best year of college.


Most people who I heard about that lived in the dorms said they felt like their floor was their family. My floor at Walker 10 didn't seem that way to me because we rarely left our doors open or interacted with each other.


There are lots of activities organizations. Too many to mention. They have several dinners and festival-like parties where everyone is invited to dinner and to mingle. It's a lot of fun!


There are tons of social, academic, honor, and service fraternities/sororities if you want to go for that life. There are dues, so remember that. Lots of people hang out at campus corner or at O'Connells Irish Pub to drink. There isn't too much to do after midnight so everyone cruises Walmart, goes to bars, or heads to Brick Town in OKC to go clubbing. Sometimes they show new movies at the Meacham Auditorium in the Union and they have past midnight showings. On the weekends, if it's the fall...prepare for football fever. Tons of events to go to when it's football season. In the spring, you're just counting down till spring break or when school's out.


Without a doubt, sports and football are at the fore of peoples' minds at OU. The atmosphere at a game is unmatched to any other, the sense of commarodary is limitless. Campus Corner is a close and has a lot to offer.


There are tons and tons of clubs. Every major pretty much has a club which is a good way to meet people that have the same classes as you so you can study together. There are lots of prestigious speakers that come I've seen Bill Clinton and Al Gore; George Bush Senior came and there have been a variety of others. There are free movies at the Union pretty frequently (recent movies). Greek life is very big at OU, but there are things to do if you aren't Greek as well. Sporting events are huge, especially football. Basketball is also big. All other sporting events are free to students. I went to a Mens gymnastics tournament; it was really fun. There are lots of parties. If you are 21 Campus Corner is a blast with a lot of bars. If you don't drink there's also stuff to do. There are a lot of bible study groups and that kind of thing. Partying and social stuff isn't just on the weekends. I study a lot, but I party a lot too.


The social life at OU is pretty open. It has been said that athletics and Greek life are the center of the social life, and there's a lot of truth in that. However, it's my general belief that any large university can offer whatever social scene you're looking for. OU's no exception to that - I lived in the honors dorms and hung out with anime nerds, wannabe jocks, name it, it's there. It isn't diverse the way Greenwich Village is diverse, but if you can't find anyone in Norman or at OU to hang out with, you're not trying hard enough. If you want to meet people, live in the dorms and be active there: I never knew anyone who wanted an active social life and couldn't find it in housing. We've got great food and great folks, so check it out!


Greeks are fairly big at OU, but it's not all about being Greek. Football season is the best time of year. People start setting up on Wednesday for the Saturday game! Campus Corner is a great place to socialize - especially on Thursday nights or Saturday game days. Oklahoma City is only about 25 minutes up the road and has a great area called Bricktown. A huge movie theater with balcony seating is just up the road in Moore. And if you're pinching your pennies, Tuesdays are 50 cent movies at the local theater!


There are plenty of groups to become involved in, as long as you're open to trying them out. Frats and sororities have their place, but it's not required to be in one of them. The dorms are great for freshman, as they help a lot with social interactions.


OU has a very strong Greek system and getting involved in that is probably the easiest way to meet people. I met my closest friends at OU through my sorority. The dating scene is pretty good. I will say that I feel like there are predominantly 2 categories of people (in respect to the dating scene): (1) single or (2) dating and going to get married. Maybe this is just from a girl's perspective, but it's kind of exhausting. People party frequently. I generally only go out Thursday through Saturday. Only 2 of those nights, max. There's always a group of people going out and doing something, you just have to be assertive and make the initiative to make friends with new people if you want to have a social life.


Partying is an essential.


Greek Life is the way to go. I love being in a fraternity. Football games are amazing, etc. OU has, from what I hear, one of the best social lives on a campus available. I wouldn't know otherwise, but I know that there is always something going on.


athletic events are far more popular than guest speakers and the theater. some of my best experiences at OU were seeing guest speakers (the brown sisters [brown v. board of education] and a survivor of the holocaust, and a colleague of j.r.r tolkien). unfortunately, the only reason i knew of them was because extra credit was offered in various courses.


Greek life if the social life. If you are not in a fraternity or sorority then you miss out on almost everything.


I met my closest friends on campus through the Delta Chi fraternity. My fraternity experience has given me close brothers but also a variety of other friends I've been introduced to by my brothers.


The most popular groups on campus, at least from my own perspective, were Greek. That is beginning to change, but many of the most involve people on campus are still Greek. It provides a chance to meet a large number of people on campus and provides a social network and springboard to get into many of elected positions. The dorms are a great place to spend freshman year, however I don't recommend any more than that. We always had an open door policy, and people would just walk in and talk to anybody that was home. This, and my fraternity, are where I met some of my closest friends. The reason that I wouldn't recommend more than a year in the dorms is that classes start to be scheduled earlier by sophomore and junior year. I can recall numerous nights where halls and neighbors were noisy well past 2 AM. Not a huge problem when your classes don't start until noon, but a little annoying when you have 830 class.


OU is very much centered around two things: football and drinking. if you don't like that, then OU might not be such a great choice for you. My friends and i played quite a lot of beer pong in our day, and we frequented the bar scene. Thursday night is a big bar night at OU, because friday and saturday are often taken up for greek date parties and so forth. The dorms were pretty ok, and we did some partying there as well. Its kinda hard for me to say what to do on the weekends that doesn't involve beer, because most of mine did. and i was totally ok with that. The one thing that everyone must do at least once is make the pilgrimage down to Dallas for OU/Texas. Even if you don't go to the game, just going down for the party weekend is an experience in itself. Even alumnus tend to find their way to Dallas that weekend, and it is always a good time, no matter the outcome of the game.