University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The tuition- it's very high. Out of state is crazy expensive, but besides that I love it there. I wish Chem 1 wasn't such a weed out class and I wish that they didn't put so many tests in one week. I had at least 2 tests every week for the whole month of February and it was rough.


The worst thing about this school would be the parking along with some of the academic advisors. The parking is very difficult to find on campus and can take up a lot of your study/school time. The advisors can be very blunt and do not offer to look at other options for graduating/ other advising.


The worst part of my school is the cost. The tuition rose several times during my time at OU and now I am facing over $10000 of student loans.


Don't like some of my professors.


The worst thing about my school I would have to say is the arrogance. People are said to be stuck up and snobby here, and after talking to a few people, I see what they mean. It is never a bad thing to be proud of your school, but to brag about it seems too self absorbed. I am proud to be here and proud I made it, but I am also proud of my friends who also made it into colleges maybe not as well known but still existing.


The tuition is high. I am an out of state student and they just increased the tuition rate by approximately 5%. They do a good job of helping students the best they can, but honestly I don't have enough help.


The amount of work one must go through to get all required materials for specific classes; such as textbooks, experiment supplies, various classroom tools, etc. The price and availability of such items also adds to the issue.


The lack of financial aid for middle class in-state students. There is not enough money available to support 20,000 dollar tuition and fees.


The worse thing about my school would have to be the weather. It typically gets below freezing which can cause health threats as well as chances of spreading diseases such as the flu or the common cold. We have never been known to cancel class due to weather. But I suppose even though that is a negative it shows the students motivation to fight rain, sleet, or snow to get to where we need to go.


Cost of out of state tuition.


It's expensive


Sometimes, you will get a teachers assistant instead of a professor and he or she may be working on thier disseration or be busy with other things which causes them to be less caring about the class and that is frustrating since we pay good amounts of money and therefor should be taught well.


No interaction.


I can't find any bad thing about OU. There's spirit and fun, the classes are amazing. The only thing you'll ever have to deal with is dinner at the caf - it's always full!


The tuition is high as well as room and board costs.


The worst thing about my school is the the size of some of the general education courses. The university does a good job of keeping the majority of class sizes small making it easy for students and professors to form relationships. However the large classes make it difficult to form this relationship.


I would consider the stereotyping and segregation among OU students to be the worst thing about the school. There is a large divide between Greek and non-Greek students. This segregation (caused by steretyiping on both sides) causes disunity among students and creates a tention between the students based on their group affiliations.


I understand that being at a big university may have a more research based curriculum, but I still don't agree with huge lecture classes for some of the more difficult subjects. It's harder to learn in an environment that doesn't have one to one teaching methods.


The worst thing about my school would be the parking. It can take up to thirty minutes to find a parking spot. Many students are late to activities or class because of this delay.


The worst thing about the school is that it's very bureaucratic in the way it operates. In some ways this can be a good thing because the school has a lot of students. However, sometimes this can slow down a process. For example, if you want to get a permit to post fliers for a student organization you have to submit an application to do so and then the application must be approved. This means the student organization has to plan ahead if they want to advertise for an event since it takes time to get the application approved.


The worst aspect of the University of Oklahoma is the sprinkler systems. Quite often, the sprinklers are watering the sidewalks and volleyball courts, instead of watering the grass. The sprinklers are usually off centered, which causes this provblem.


It's too conservative and most students on campus don't care about relevant social, economic, political, and international issues. Religion (Christianity) has too much weight here for the students. A lot of Baptist students tried to convert me, especially in the dorms.


Honestly I dont think there is anything bad about the University of Oklahoma. It is really up to the student to decide whether he/she has bad experiences or not. I personally really enjoyed my freshman year in college. I met some great friends and teachers that greatly impacted me. I became apart of a solid group of guys in a greek organization and became an integral part of its leadership. My hometown is in Conroe, TX so my only complaint about my illustrious college is the distance from home.


The worst thing is by far the cost, the school itself has fantastic resoursces. However, the administration of the school does seem to been unyielding in it's pursuit of of money.


The worst aspect is parking. There isn't enough parking for the number of students who drive to school. It's always difficult to park in the parking garage directly next to the Catlett Music Center. I've paid good money for a parking permit and seeing as I'm a Music Education major who's in Catlett from 8 or 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at night, I deserve the right to park in the parking garage without difficulty. All I ask is to park right next to the building my classes are in without difficulty.


The worst thing about the University of Oklahoma is possibly the extensive campus. I feel like it is too much of a hassle to walk to the library because it is too far of a walk with a large amount of books weighing you down. And I feel like it is so spread out and the possibility of seeing those people you know is slim. I want a more familiar area to learn in.


There is no "worst thing." I have annoyances, like the fact that the smoking policy is not enforced on campus or that a professor might cancel class fifteen minutes before hand, but nothing truly negative.


The location is the worst thing about my school. This is because it isn't located in California. I love California with a passion, because that's my home state. I would love to have gone to UCLA, but I settled for OU, which is fine. OU is a really nice school. The environment is calm and friendly. The temperature here at OU is really cold. I miss the sunshine weather and Los Angeles' famous palm trees. Also, the expenses are excruciating. All college expenses are, and I need alleviation.


I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the University of Oklahoma, however, the winter weather does make me wish for sunny days.


My school is very fractured. There is the bulk of the OU population, mostly from Oklahoma or north Texas, who tend to live largely in the Greek fraternity and sorority scene and don't necessarily focus on academic pursuits. There are also a couple hundred National Merit Scholars who were bribed to come to the school and focus wholly on academic pursuits in an isolating manner. There are obviously a bunch of cliques in between, but it is very difficult for a lot of people to find the balance that they hope to find in college.


There is nothing I really hate with about my school. If I had to choose something that I somewhat dislike, I would say that I somewhat do not like that some of my lecture classes are huge! There are some classes that have over three hundred students! It can be intimidating for a freshman to ask questions, so I would say that is something that I do not like. But, I have adjusted to the class sizes and am used to it and the new college environment.


I think the worst thing about our school is the general advising for your freshman year. The counselors are working with thousands of students and you don't have very long with them when working out your schedule. Also, for those students that already know their major are somtimes pushed off track because the counselors try to get you enrolled in all general education requirements. You typiclly don't see the counselor for your major until your third semester.


The worst thing would have to be the size. Going from a small community college to a very large campus is challenging. Not only is it hard to get from class to class in a short about of time, but the class sizes are also large, which takes away from close relationships with professors. Also, there is never enough parking, especially for commuters like myself. I end up parking so far away I have to arrive an extra 30 minutes early in order to get to class on time.


The new computer system they have created called OZONE. It is very confusing at first and not very many people on campus like it.


It's in Oklahoma, in the bible belt. Also that public universities have to be run like businesses.


The worst thing about my school is parking. I believe there should be more parking spaces so students wouldnt be late for class. Other than that, I like everything else about OU.


The worst thing about my current school is the price of on campus housing. My family is not financially stable enough to maintain the means for me to continue living on campus. I am from New York City going to school in Norman, Oklahoma which means living at home does not qualify as an option. This is by far the worst thing about my school.


The worst thing about my school, besides the weather, Oklahoma is notoriously bad for its weather, is the fact that OU doesn't offer a Biology major, only Zoology. So, I'm a Zoology Major. Honestly, if I'm having fun and making the grades I need to there's not much to dislike about my school.


When people hear the University of Oklahoma, they often associate it with football. It can be aggravating at times because the University of Oklahoma is much more than that. It is a distinguished academic intitution that has the most resources and an underrated Honors College. The Honors College is full of distinguished with Ivy League pedigrees. Football is a wonderful sport that benefits the University greatly, but first and foremost it is a place of learning and it should be recognized as such.


One of the worst things about OU is the weather. (This shows how much I love my university because I have nothing bad to say about the school itself!) Being in Oklahoma, the weather can be sunny and 75 degrees one day, then rainy and 40 degrees the next. It does suck walking to class in the cold rain, but then again, one will find this on most college campuses across the country.


The worst thing about the school is the seperation between different colleges. Most peole tend to stick to the college they are in such as business, engineering, education, or art. This means most students are only exposed to people like themselves. They do not have different perspectives on other ideas or thoughts.


One of the worst things about the University of Oklahoma could be that some of the general education classes can be a little large and overwhelming for incoming freshmen.


The focus on sports. I'm a huge sports fan, but to have money spent on coaches and whatnot when it could easily go to other departments is frustrating. The equipment that the Film/Video Studies department has is laughable. With just a fraction of the money spent on sports we could easily buy new equipment.


The worst thing about my school is how much it cost. I'm from Texas, so I have to pay out of state tuition and it's a lot more than my parents would have liked to pay.


There are a lot of snobbish people, but that could just be because I'm in the Greek system.


The worst thing about my school is that many of the candidates for campus elections that take place for positions such as Campus Activities Council chairman, Student Body President, etc., share pretty much the same ideas and philosophies, so diversity in student leadership positions is very minimal.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that they don't have a Pre-chiropractic program. Because of this, I have to major in Multi-Disciplinary Studies and there are few scholarships for that major. Financial aid is difficult for me to find.


weather! it can change at any point!


The worst thing I would say would be during game days. The campus is big and already has 31000 students. It doesn't help that the stadium holds 81000. Naturally, lots of locals and other patrons travel to the campus for the games and it makes me feel ever so much more crowded. And I also dislike the fact that the workers at financial aid often give students the run around but I assume that's anywhere.


More parking places closer to classes.