University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we're all here only for Football...we ALL love our team but that's the least of our priorities at school!


For my response to this, check out- What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


OU's students are snobbish and spoiled (in-state stereotype). OU is nothing but a football school (out-of-state stereotype).


OU student stereotypes? Sure, let's list some things that my UT friends like to laugh about. All OU students are 1)hicks who 2)LOVE football and 3)are Greek.


Everyone is a redneck or very country. Everyone is rich. Everyone who's in a frat or sorority are stupid, drunks, blondes, and bitches. Everyone is obsessed with football. Texas people make up most of the students.


Most people see OU students as stuck up, completely focused on money and the greek system.


OU is a good place for Oklahoma residents that are use to it, it is boring, the girls are fucken bitches with their rude, arrogant, bitchy cocky attitude. The OU guys are ugly as fuck. People over their can be racist to you if your middle eastern or of some descent related to not being white. I had a okay room-mate that was a bitch who was always trying to compete with me, so i moved out as quick as Adrian Peterson runs the 40 dash yard line in 4.2 seconds hahahha


we KNOW we are better than sexat and osu, we don't party because it's a dry campus


The stereotypes about OU is that it is a school where many are stuck up and it is all about Greek life.


I think some feel the people are snobby or pretentious but really I think one should try to get to know their fellow students and then make judgements. While those types of people exist on our campus, just as they do everywhere else, they are not the majority. I would honestly urge each person to be as open minded as possible. I'm possible this will lead to great results.


We're all hicks.


Rich, stuck-up, snobby, upper-class, unfriendly, greek


I had heard that they were rich and snobby


That we are only sorority girls, frat boys and football obsessed.


OU is probably stereotyped as hick central and low level intelligence


I can't really think of too many stereotypes, but thats probably because I am just used to OU. OU and UT fans are born to hate eachother apparently, and coming from Dallas I got a lot of grief from both people in Oklahoma and Texas. I think some consider OU a party school that is big on greek life, some even believe that if you aren't greek you're nobody.


greek scene is overbearing; nothing else to do; middle of nowhere; all we care about is football


Probably that we are cocky or rude.


Very intellegent graduate students.


You see every thing...Some people are from the small towns in far off Oklahoma. Everyone is fairly easy to get along with. No one seems really too different from any where else. I have lived in several states and grew up in three different university towns-two in Ohio(Athens/Cincinnati) and here. There are probably more conservatives here in the Bible Belt, but I have always met up with plenty of liberal types as well! Over the years the people I have met here are any where from country to sophisticated and everything in between. One interesting genre here is the real live Indians you see. Driving on campus one evening before dusk three Indians were sitting in a circle beating on drums and I think I heard chanting. That only happened once for me. The language department offers classes in various Indian tribe dialect.


That everyone goes home on the weekends.


some people think the majority of students are stuck up and snobby and yes there some that way but what school doesn't have people like that... but for the most part that is a stereotype that is not true at all. OU is a great school to get an education at but also have a great college experience all the way around.


That they are snobs.


Football is life and everyone knows or cares about the Texas-OU rivalry. Greek life is a major part of the university system.


Some of the typical stereotypes are the following: it is to expensive to attend OU; the admissions process is extremely strict and average students need not apply; and the classes are harder.


I can't say that I have really heard stereotypes about OU and OU students except in referrence to rivalries with Texas and OSU.


Everyone goes into a fraternity or sorority.


some stereotypes that are formed about OU students tend to include unfriendliness towards the lower classes or the rich kids rule the school.


I haven't heard of any stereotypes.


We all are obsessed with football.


That we're stuck up and all we care about is football. This mainly comes from the OSU campus.


That there is an aire of superiority and that it is really a school for wealthier people from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area


its smart and hard...


Huge football fans


its greek or geek. However, they are very friendly and helpful.


snobbier than OSU students, smarter than OSU students, crazy about football


When compared with OSU - it's seen as having wealthier and smarter students.


We're the best in Oklahoma!!!


In comparison to OSU (Oklahoma State University), OU is evidently known as the richer school with more hoity-toity students. I'm from Texas so I was never really privy to the OU student stereotypes priod to coming to OU. This, however, is one that I've heard.


Arrogant compared with other state schools.


One of the biggest stereotypes about OU is that it is a very Greek university, and that much of the student lifestyle on campus is centered around being involved in a fraternity or sorority. Many of the students then, are seen by some as fitting the stereotypical fraternity or sorority image, which involves being stuck up, rich, etc.


much of thee greek system is composed of students from very wealthy families. there are a lot of students who drive too nice of cars. the really good football players don't actually have to take their tests.


Hicks and rednecks


That OU is very conservative


That the campus is in the middle of nowhere, most of the students are country folk, there is nothing to do in Norman.


That we all love football, that we drink a lot, that we hate Texas, that we live in a backasswords state.


I'm not sure how other people stereotype OU and its students but I always thought it was somewhere that people from the middle of the country and a few from the coasts would go to. I didn't think that many people outside the country knew about it, or even considered it.


We hate all other schools in our conference especially UT and OSU and we think we are the best at everything.


That they are mostly farmers and baptists.


Some stereotypes about OU might include that students care more about football than academic activities and that everyone is in a Greek organization. Also, people tend to lump OU with Oklahoma, and they see Oklahoma as a middle of nowhere Wild West type of place or a place in which only Native Americans live. Essentially, it's like the musical "Oklahoma."