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What is the stereotype of students at University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus?


That we're all here only for Football...we ALL love our team but that's the least of our priorities at school!


For my response to this, check out- What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


OU's students are snobbish and spoiled (in-state stereotype). OU is nothing but a football school (out-of-state stereotype).


OU student stereotypes? Sure, let's list some things that my UT friends like to laugh about. All OU students are 1)hicks who 2)LOVE football and 3)are Greek.


Everyone is a redneck or very country. Everyone is rich. Everyone who's in a frat or sorority are stupid, drunks, blondes, and bitches. Everyone is obsessed with football. Texas people make up most of the students.


Most people see OU students as stuck up, completely focused on money and the greek system.


OU is a good place for Oklahoma residents that are use to it, it is boring, the girls are fucken bitches with their rude, arrogant, bitchy cocky attitude. The OU guys are ugly as fuck. People over their can be racist to you if your middle eastern or of some descent related to not being white. I had a okay room-mate that was a bitch who was always trying to compete with me, so i moved out as quick as Adrian Peterson runs the 40 dash yard line in 4.2 seconds hahahha


we KNOW we are better than sexat and osu, we don't party because it's a dry campus


The stereotypes about OU is that it is a school where many are stuck up and it is all about Greek life.


I think some feel the people are snobby or pretentious but really I think one should try to get to know their fellow students and then make judgements. While those types of people exist on our campus, just as they do everywhere else, they are not the majority. I would honestly urge each person to be as open minded as possible. I'm possible this will lead to great results.