University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


cops suck balls... bar scene sucks... football games are tight...


I love OU and I love Norman. It's a very fun town with enough stuff to do. Game days are incredible, people start setting up tents on Wednesday and on Saturday it is packed. There are people and parties and booths everywhere. It is a big school, but once you find your niche you don't notice. I prefer the big school. There are always new people to meet and if you want to avoid someone it's possible. Football games are a blast. You're surrounded by strangers, but you have one thing in common and you'll find yourself high-fiving and hugging them. There is a huge level of excitement and unity. The union is pretty nice with a variety of food places. Internet is accessible everywhere. The dorms are a ton of fun freshmen year. There's a real sense of community.


I love the size of OU because I am really excited to meet a lot of new people. I'm very excited about going through recruitment and possibly joining a sorority because I have heard that there are several very good houses. I love the atmosphere of OU and Norman. The people are mostly friendly and helpful and the town is good-sized, adorable, yet has plenty to do. I also love the spirit of the OU football fans! I can't wait to go to the games! I hope the professors are just as helpful and caring.


OU's a huge school, and Norman revolves around the students. Campus corner is cool, and getting cooler because of all the investment of various business recently. David L. Boren (the president) is the shit, he's done sooo much for the university, everyone loves him on campus. We affectionately refer to him as "the DLB". There is a TON of school pride, especially on football Saturdays.


Norman is definitely an OU town in every sense of the word. OU is the center of Norman life, but there are plenty of resources outside of the campus. There's enough in Norman that you never need to leave if you don't want to do so. There is a lot of school pride in Norman, particularly as most students are lifelong Oklahomans who take a great deal of pride in the University as a representative of the state.


OU is the perfect size for a big university. The campus looks huge at first, but after walking it, it seems smaller than it appears. We're known for our athletics so football season is always the best time of year at OU. The trip to Dallas for OU v Texas is a must! We even get the Friday before the game off of school for it! Campus corner has bars, shopping, restaurants, and cafes right across the street from campus. Definitely a college town, but close to Oklahoma City if you want a bigger city to visit. We take a lot of pride in our school and we'll be sure every Texas fan knows we're the best!


It's a beautiful campus, located 20 minutes from Oklahoma City. Good size of student body. Pretty much a college town, everything revolves around it. Norman take great pride in OU. Great football program!


Coming from Texas and from a family of longhorns (UT), I compare OU frequently to UT. I prefer it because athough it is a Big XII school, like UT, it has a much more cozy, intimate feeling. The school's in a small town, the number of students is actulaly much smaller than at UT and it's less overwhelming for a young adult going away from home for the first time. My impression (and I have several friends at UT) is that it's easier to find your niche and not become a #.


OU is a wonderful all around school. We excel in academics, athletics and have a great greek system. In addition to this OU students have a strong sense of pride in their school which is evident at football games, school sponsored events and so forth. We are lucky to have David Boren as president as OU has taken tremendous steps in the past ten years in establishing itself as a premier university


The best thing about OU, for me, is the sheer number of great people that I've met in my time here. I have never felt so close to so many people, and I hope to maintain these relationships throughout my life. The only thing that I really can think of changing at OU is the parking, and Lindsey Street traffic/stoplights. Obviously these are minor issues, but they can become quite annoying. Apart from class, most of my time on campus is spent in the Union. I wouldn't want OU to be any other way as far as size. Probably the biggest recent controversy on campus was the guy who was passing around the crazy fliers on campus. Some say it's free speech, and others say he was definitely infringing on the rights of others. OU's school pride is famous. Boomer Sooner! OU doesn't really have a dead week. I'd say that's pretty unusual. I will remember every single football game that I attended at the University of Oklahoma. There's nothing like them. In short, I guess I think OU is pretty awesome. Can't think of myself being much more happy than this.


when i tell people that i went to OU, the first thing that comes to their mind is football. OU has a great football tradition, and that is very well known. i would consider norman to be a big college town. think of it this way, if OU were to suddenly not exist in norman, it would not survive as it does. a good portion of the town is built around the university, it would be a different place without it. one experience i will always remember is when mitch hedberg and zach galifinakis(sp?) performed on the south oval. excellent.


I think that OU needs to work to get more financial aid to its students and make it easier to access it. OU is alright not the best but definately not the worst...


There is a ton of school pride here. I never got excited about my high school but OU football games have made me a Sooner fan. The enthusiasm is infectious, especially at football games which have been a surprisingly fun experience. I think the enthusiasm also carries over to a sense of campus camaraderie that is definitely a positive aspect.


The school is very well rounded. If you like sports, the Big XII championship for football has to come through Norman every year. If you are into arts, we have a huge museum, major concerts of all kinds, etc. If you like the outdoors, the campus is beautiful and numerous state parks are close by. I feel like most of the people that I knew had school pride. The one major complaint that I had was how conservative many of the people are (mostly politically and religiously). I thought college was supposed to be a time of liberal thought and experimentation, but not everyone feels the same.


Upon reflection, one of the best things about OU is that its in an actual "college town". Norman is far enough away from OKC to not feel like its a suburb, or part of one big mass, but close enough that its not inconvenient to drive up there for shopping, or events, or Bricktown (the club district). I think that Norman generates a sense of community, a sense that the town belongs to the students, and its their home. I don't think you get that in a city campus, and that sense gives everyone something in common. And norman does pretty well for itself as a fun place. The bar scene is good (and getting better), and there are good, affordable restaurants for off campus eating. Like a lot of schools it's size, OU has a fairly greek heavy social scene. Since OU went dry a few years ago, that influence has decreased, but it is still there. For students inclined to go the greek route, that's great, but it can be a downside for those who are hesitant to join a house, but who want that same communal experience. That isn't to say it's not there, because it is, and there are plenty of extracurricular activities both on and off campus to join, but you have to look a bit harder for it. School pride is a must. If you don't love OU when you get there, you will get sucked in eventually, or you will likely be kinda outcast. In fact, OU has Camp Crimson, a pre-frosh summer camp with the express purpose of introducing new students to OU traditions and spirit. This is good, this way you don't look like a tool at the first home football game. Also, you get to meet many of the other incoming freshmen and pick out a few attractive girls or guys to flirt with during the year. good times. If i had to list a complaint, i'd actually go with parking. Parking at OU flat out sucks. If you live on campus, or a greek house, you can walk to campus, and that works pretty well. But if you don't live within comfortable walking distance (and many don't, there are a lot of very student friendly apartment complexes around town) you have to drive, and that means dealing with parking. If you want to actually park on campus, you need to spend a lot of money, and frankly, you need to have a lot of luck. A lot of people park at Lloyd Noble Arena and ride a shuttle bus to class, but at peak times, you have to wait in line, and it can take awhile.


I love how everybody rallies together to show school pride, especially in football. By Oklahoma standards it is probably second to Stillwater when it comes to a party town but compared to out of state it is nowhere near. I would say that the most frequent student complaint I have heard is about the dry campus policy by the administration.


I came to OU looking to get an education, and that is what I'm getting from them. But that is not why I'm staying, sure OU is a wonderful place we are surrounded by beauty and we get a first class education, but I stay for the Baptist Student Union, the BSU has a long legacy of not only teaching students how to walk with God, but also teaching them how to teach others how to walk with God. probably more than half of the nation's Baptist collegiate ministers came straight out of the OU BSU. If you are a Christian you will not find a better training opportunity than at the BSU and it doesn't matter what denomination you are, you are welcomed, infact probably half of the students involved with the BSU are not baptist.


The best thing about OU is the campus. Of all the college campuses I've seen, ranging from all over the US, OU has one of the best. The size is just right, not huge, and not so small that it feels cramped. People generally mention the musical "Oklahoma" or something about cowboys or southern belles when I tell them I'm attending OU. I spend most of my time on campus in the Union, or in classes. I try not to spend too much time on campus. OU's administration is alright, I suppose. President Boren is extremely considerate and helpful, and thinks very highly of the students attending the university. There was something mentioned today about a cult thinking that Boren is impotent, and the controversy seems to be over if they meant he is stupid, or unable to procreate. There is a lot of school pride, and like most other places, sometimes too much. An unusual thing about OU is that the more money I spend on tuition, the more flat-panel widescreen televisions I see hanging about in places like the cafeteria, the bursar's office, and other places where people don't need to be watching high definition programming. There are several experiences that I will remember, mostly from freshman year and exploring the campus. Students seem to complain about tuition prices, textbook prices, and the fact that none of their classes seem to teach them anything useful, even though they are paying for it.


There is a lot of school pride, though I don't have it. I like the size of OU and the fact that it's a totally walkable campus for the most part. Sometimes our administration is ineffective and too bureaucratic. Nor does it always look out for the best interests of the students. For example, during the ice storm in December, finals were still scheduled even though many people had no electricity or could get to campus. They could make up those finals later, but the decision made everything somewhat hectic. The school size is just right---a tad too large, but not overly large. I think that the English building (Gittinger) needs big time renovation. Norman is a nice college town---a bit small, but not a bad place. I spend most of my time on campus either in Gittinger, in the Union, or on the South Oval. I love the benches in the South Oval. The Union always has a weird smell---I think that should be fixed. People in Louisiana get excited about OU football when I tell them that's where I go---that's why I described that as one of the stereotypes about OU. They always ask me about football, too, but I don't really care about it. OU has some weird things---like that horse with the demon eyes, but it's still great. I'm not sure if there's an experience that I will remember. Stuff with English Club, maybe---boxing books, helping with the bake sale. And during the fall semester of my junior year, I had some great classes. People frequently complain about the weird bike lane/pedestrian division and the quality of the college newspaper.


The best thing about OU is its size. Because it is a big university it has more options for study and majors. Most people don't react to me attending OU, just because lots of people in Norman are attending OU. It's a state school.


The best thing about OU is the campus. It is so beautiful and welcoming. I love walking to class. It is also a very compact campus. It is very easy to walk from one end to the other in less than 15 minutes. If I could change one thing I would change the hours of the library. It is very hard to find time in the middle of the day to go study. Normal hours are 7:30am-2:00am. Sometimes you just need to be there all night. I feel like the campus is "just right" in size. I always run into people I know on campus which is a very nice feeling. I also always have someone to sit by in a class. It is not large enough to where you feel you are not known, heard, or can make a difference. It is also not small enough to where you feel like you do not have enough opportunities. When I tell people I go to OU, i feel they always react with excitement. I think within the state of Oklahoma it is the most respectable school. i spend most of my time on campus in the library. the library is very large and has many little corners you can study in for hours without interuption. There are tons of study rooms and resources. This is definately a college town. There is a great night life and the town really dies down in the summer. Campus corner is amazing. Everything you could want to do is there. There is a ton of school pride. We have a lot of support by the community outside of the campus as well. I would say that football has the biggest following. It is definately a big part of campus life. the one experience I will always remember is trying to climb Evan's Hall. i would not recommend doing this. i got stuck on the second floor fire escape on the outside of the building. Of course the campus police warned all of us. We heard there was a great view from up there, so we thought we would check it out. I still have no idea what it looks like from up there. the most frequent complaint I get is how hard the classes are. You have got to be on top of your game for the tough classes, but there are some fun classes too. Don't overload your semester. The HES department has a lot of fun classes.


One of the best things about OU is the beautiful campus! The North and South Oval provide an open green space for games of ultimate frisbee or bocce ball. Benches are so plentiful you could practically hop between them, and the flowers are perfectly timed to bloom for Homecoming and Mother's day. The campus buildings, designed in a style coined by Frank Lloyd Wright as 'Cherokee Gothic,' beautifully compliment the landscape, especially when they are lit at night. Although OU may seem big as a freshman, the natural friendliness of the students lends to instant community. Before too long, you'll be waving to hoards as you walk to the Union for lunch or Dale Hall for Zoology. During your strolls down the Michael F. Price walkway, take particular note to watch for the freshman sorority girls - you'll notice that they move in packs often wearing the same windbreaker, designer jeans, date party t-shirt, and uggs. As a freshman, I spent a lot of time at the Union. Both the building and the resident greesy spoon (Crossroads) stay open 24 hours for that all night cram session. Make sure you visit the Sooner Schooner room or Baird lounge, no doubt, the best places for a study group. If you are interested in Campus Involvement, head to the Center for Student Life on the third floor. There will be applications for Campus Activity Council Events (Howdy Week, Homecoming, U-Sing, College Bowl, Mom's Day, Winter Welcome Week to name a few) as well as an outlet to be plugged into the greek and multicultural events on campus.


OU is great because it is big enough to meet lots of different, interesting people, but small enough to create a real sense of the university community. I always wished the university had better alumni relations. People always think that OU isn't a great university and that because it is in Oklahoma it must be really boring. Neither of those stereotypes are really true. It is very strong academically and a really fun environment for school. When I was there I spent most of my time in the art school and the library. Norman is definitely a college town. OU's president has done a great job of raising the academic standards as well as trying to find ways to create a more diverse university. They have done a really great job. There is a lot of school pride, especially when it comes to sports like football. The OU campus is one of the prettiest public university campus's in the region. It is small and well landscaped, with buildings that are (mostly) really pretty. I will always remember staying up all night in the great reading room and the student union studying for finals.


I love OU. I love the people. And the football games. I haven't been to a basketball game but I hear they are great. I'd say it's the perfect size because it is a big school but not as big as say Texas... When I tell people I go to OU they are like "Why did you leave Texas?" And I'm like it's only 2 1/2 hours away from me, it's a beautiful campus, and I am getting a great education. I spend most of my time at my apartment, and at the Tri-Delta house. I'd say College-town and small town. You have the best of both worlds. Parking SUCKS! I hate the parking... at the dorms or even as a commuter. They both suck. There just isn't enough of it. A lot of School pride for sure! and I love having something I can be prideful of! Lots of good food options and good meal point systems.


The best thing about OU is the people working and going to school here. I doubt I would change very much at all. I think the size of OU is just about right. When I tell people I go to OU, the reaction is usually, "I'm sorry," but of course that's coming from my Texan relatives who are all alum of A&M or UT. But they realize that it's a good school and will say that after all the trash-talking has fizzled out. I spend most of my time at the Art School on campus. I'm an art major, and our projects take up to 20 hours a piece, so yeah, I would say the majority of my time is at the art school. Yes, Norman is a college town, quite obviously.


Best thing: The incredible amount of diversity we have here on campus! On any given day you will here more than 20 languages being spoken. I have made friends for life from students as far away as Europe, South America and the Middle East. Change: I would change how disconnected it feels here at times. There are so many people here that at times you may not see anyone you know here on campus all day. Still I feel for how big it is, there is still connection. School: Is slightly large but incredible to be here. Reaction: Unless they are from OSU or OSU (Oklahoma State) fans then they see it as a great university, one of the best in the Big 12. Most time: Since I am a writer for the Daily and also a journalism student and anthropology student then most of my time is spent on the South Oval in Gaylord Hall and Dale Hall. Copeland Hall is where our newsroom is so I spend an incredible amount of time in there. When I need to eat, the Campus Corner district is my first choice because of the delicious Cafe Plaid. College town: I'm not sure it is either college town or not. We have a healthy blend of people. There is an area where it is decidedly influenced by students, but go a few miles off and you see ordinary life. OU administration: At times they can be frustrating, but I feel they do a fair job. Since President David Boren has been here we have had the opportunity to hear some of the greatest leaders of our country. Former President Bill Clinton and Colin Powell are some of the names he has brought here. Recent controversy: One of the "fraternities" the Ruf/Neks (One of OU's football cheering organizations) was caught hazing. The administration cracked down on it and things have been better. Pride: Come for a football game and you will find out! Unusual: I would say unusual is an odd word to use. Life is usual. We all are different and have no specific identity as humans that have been forced on us. So, we are usual. OU students all have different views of life and ways of living it. So I think that as any university is, so are we. Remembering: The people here. I will always cherish the conversations here with people I agreed or disagreed with. The unique opportunity to meet people of all different cultures has made a profound impact on who I have become and am becoming. Complaints: That sorority girls should stop wearing Ugg boots, they went out of fashion a few years ago!


The best thing about OU is definitely football game days. Specifically OU/TX weekend. It is amazing to be a part of a group of fans that huge and that in love with a team. If I had to change something it would be the size of the Greek system. The Greek society at OU is massive and it is very difficult to get involved and meet friends without being a part. This is also a good thing in some ways, as it is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience to in a sorority/fraternity. I think the size of OU is just right. I met new people in every class during college, but I also never walked to class without seeing a familiar face. On campus I spent most of my time at the beautiful library. The architecture at OU is this amazing red brick/gothic style and the library is one of the best examples. Even though I didn't much care for all the studying...the building was a gorgeous setting. Definite college town. OU rules the Norman community and everyone in town owns at least one OU car flag.


At times my school seems too small, but I think that's just because the group I usually hang out with is the greek system here at OU, which makes the university seem smaller than it really is. Since I am from Texas, I get dogged on alot when I tell Texans that I go to OU, especially my dad. I spend most of my time at the Pi Phi house on campus or at the library when I need to get some intense studying done. Definately a college town; Norman is because of OU. OU has a huge amount of school pride; a boomer sooner is proud to be one and definately shows it when we wear our OU gear to class everyday. Just shout "Boomer" walking down the south oval and you will definately get a louder "Sooner" back. Unfortunately, the most frequently heard complaint is something that can't be helped: Oklahoma weather.


The best thing is my boyfriend Jake is here. The worst thing is that he's been neutered so I have to initiate everything if you know what I mean.


Well the best thing used to be the Organ Grinder right across the street from my doghouse before they made it into a parking lot and then the Grinder went out of business. The worst thing is they won't let me into Memorial Stadium on game days because they are racist. They used to have Snoop Dog but they even got rid of him. I'm thinking about transfering somewhere that appreciates me more...


I feel OU is just about right. Once you get into your major, you know everyone who is in that school of study. People definitely view OU in a positive light. I spend most of my time on campus at the Library. I think Norman isn't a very fun town. The bars suck at OU unless you want to be real fake at seven47. OU has a great administration. David Boren is the man. The biggest controversy on campus is the Alcohol policy even though fraternity parties are making a big come back (ones that happen in the house). The school pride is high just for OU football. Nothing too unusual about OU. It's your basic University.


I have realy enjoyed my time here at OU. I came from a small high school compared to most and was a little scared at being thrown into a huge college like this. My fears were put at rest the moment I got here, it might be a big school but the close knit campus and the people really make it feel like home. I don't feel like I am lost in the crowd and there are so many ways you can get involved and enjoy your time here. I love living in Norman. It does feel like a college town but it also feels like an average city. If you stay right around campus you will feel like Norman was built around the school, there is great shopping, places to eat, and things to do. If you venture farther out though its just like a regular town,which is nice. I enjoy being able to have both parts. The pride here is unbelievable, students love this school so much and it shows everytime there is a game, event or just in everyday life. As you drive around Norman almost every car you pass will have an OU sticker of some sort on it and you can't even count all of the OU flags proudly flying in people's yards. When I graduate I will look back and realize what a great decision going to OU was. I have enjoyed every part of it and grown and learned so much about myself as a person here. I am proud to call this school my own.


My time at OU was great. I enjoyed my scholastic experience, however, towards the end of my education I began to notice some glaring oversights and misplaced priorities. I began to realize that OU was being managed as a business rather than a place of higher education. Many of the benefits and programs were not aimed towards students like me, who were searching more for a liberal education that was both interesting and challenging. I got the feeling that most of the younger students were coming to OU to "make it through" rather than enjoying a college experience. That was a huge difference compared to the first couple of years I spent at OU. I think the pride is there and a great deal of interest, but the blight of campus is that there is too much to lose politically if the school doesn't fit into the right mold. I would have appreciated my time at OU much more if there was more of a vision for the future of the school more than being a political tool for the president of the university. We all loved football at OU, but there is something to be said for a school that can raise hundreds of millions of dollars within a year, yet tuition continues to rise and professors are still underpaid, the exception being one of the schools most popular and overrated professors, who was more interested in spreading political ideology rather than instructing and allowing students to make up their own minds. All in all, OU was an amazing experience. Through all the crap, there really is a core of interesting and amazing people. You can't allow yourself to get caught up in the hype and just enjoy the freedom of being on a college campus. There is a lot of pressure to join clubs in the first year, but resisting initiation into an organized club was one of the best decisions I made.


OU is a big school, but it often has a close-knit, small school feel. Parking is now a complaint, but until last year it wasn't a problem.


The University of Oklahoma has become my home. I have branched out from Houston, TX and created a new life of my own, on my own. This school has so much to offer for students wanting to get involved in the community and the university. At OU no one gets lost in the crowd, because it has the ability to cater to any person's needs or interests. I could not have asked for a better college experience and I would not change one thing about OU. OU is. . . medium sized with a small town feel, overflowing with gorgeous flowers and fountains on the campus, a college town, proud of its althetic programs, and rich in history and tradition.


The best thing about OU is Game Day!! If I were to change something, it would be that we had more greek functions. I love how small the campus is compared to the amount of students that attend OU! I spend most of my time in the library, love the biz. Definately a college town. OU's administration is very well out together, I feel like everything runs very smoothly. The school runs off of its pride!! BOOMER SONER! I will never forget my times in Dallas for OU/Texas. The most complaints are definately about the campus being dry.


I'll make it simple. Best thing about OU: what you make it. One thing I'd change: more coffee local shops around campus Size: 300-student intro classes are RIDICULOUS. You feel like a cog in the giant machine, or a tiny, useless mouse. Otherwise, you generally run into the same people during your daily routines and through activities. "Yeah, I go to OU." Oklahoman response: "Boomer Sooner!" or "Sick. OSU all the way, man." Non-Oklahoma response: "Oh." I spend the majority of my time on benches under beautiful trees, at Cafe Plaid, a three minute bike ride from the Journalism building (which is completely Appled-out--Macs everywhere, best building on campus by far. If not for the campus, Norman wouldn't be on the map in your glove compartment. You should see game days--population doubles and the streets are so deserted I swear tumbleweeds blow by. Administration: I've chatted with President David Boren and his wife on occasion. Both very cool. Mrs. Boren hugs trees as tight as I do and President Boren does cool stuff for his kiddos--in my time here, he's brought Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Joe Klein, and the guy who the movie Hotel Rwanda is based on. Most recent controversy: Some of the dorms lost hot water for a day or two. Something Unusual: We used to have a mascot at basketball games called Top Dawg--this brown dog with a jersey on who'd let little kids pull on his ears. He mysteriously disappeared. I miss that pup. School Pride: OU may define the phrase. Frequent complaints: Ironically, the architecture building needs serious renovation. Dorms are a bit cramped--but what do you expect when you're housing thousands? Personally, I hate the mornings after a football game--the place looks like it sprouted a field of Budweiser cans overnight. :


My ultimate favorite thing about OU is how easily adaptable the campus is. When I first cam to OU I did not know a single soul. When I was dropped off by the parental and saying goodbyes I realized I would be nine hours away from anything I was familiar with. I was scared about this new venture called college for about a minute before the campus opened its arms to me. Offering me all of its friendly people, an assortment of clubs to join, and free activities every weekend it wasn’t hard to fall in love with OU. Friendly people were not hard to find. Some could call it “southern charm” but I feel OU has its own unique hospitality. Perhaps it is the environment. From the beautiful red brick campus to across the street for the eclectic shops on campus corner it is hard not be in a superior mood. If I could I would change how technically advanced the entire school is. Some buildings are equipped but, most are not. OU is is just right in terms of size. The campus is large, but it's all closely nit. Same for the number of students enrolled. It's definitely larger and a step up from high school but not so many people it is impossible to run into a friend. Since I am from Texas... people are generally "What the eff?" when I tell 'em I am going to OU. I would say I spend most of my time on campus at the Bookmark which is a little coffee house downstairs in the library. OU is the ULTIMATE college town everything is built around the university in Norman and the city is only fifteen minutes away. I have been able to get to know administration on campus by being involved in various campus activities and they are superb. They are extremely helpful and always take the time to really listen to students. The biggest recent controversy on campus was probably last year when one of our football players was illegally accepting gifts and was kicked off the team. School pride is eminent here. It's neat to go to a respected and well-known school. Something unusual about OU is there is supposedly some secret tunnels underground.. Creepy. An experience I'll always remember is how I have slowly become somewhat of a football fan since I went to my first game. I never thought anything could make me a football fan. Lack of parking space is perhaps the most frequent complaint from not only the students but the faculty as well.


If I could change something : more place where we could eat "on campus". There is just the union where there are 5 fast food restaurants. Or you have to go back to the dorms where there is the cafeteria. I would also have more places with healthy food because I get bored of Wendy's salads! I spend most of my time at the library because there are study rooms where you can study with friends and talk at the same time. It makes it more fun! But also in the union because there is a big room in which people are playing the piano, which is very nice to hear to while studying.


Being a kid that grew up breathing crimson and cream, going to OU was all about sports. Sure academics are great and all, but I knew I could get the same pretty much everywhere else. I have loved sports my entire life and no university on the planet can give you the total college sports package like OU. Saturday's in the fall might as well just be a state holiday. Over 100,000 people flood Norman and everywhere you look you see crimson and cream. Fans pack the stadium to see the most successful modern era football team compete. And for four hours, you're part of that. You're part of what happens on the field - living and dying with every single play. Football at OU isn't just about what takes place between the lines. It's so much more than that. It's what you talk about when you go to class Monday. It's why you wear that interlocking OU shirt so proudly. You'd never really find yourself in South Dakota and someone says to you, "Hey, I see you go to OU. How about that journalism school?" No way. It's all about football and school pride. I'd argue with anyone that no one takes more pride in its football and athletics as a whole as OU students. When you're part of this university, you're part of the team. And that's what makes it so great.


One of the best things about OU is the opportunity given to every student to be active in their student community. I loved being involved on campus and also in my sorority. It was a large student body, but also tight-knit at the same time. I came knowing a few people and left with tons of friends and acquaintances. I would change the stoplights on Lindsay street (they are annoying). The school was the perfect size. OU has a great reputation, unless you are talking to someone who goes to OSU. When I was on campus, I practically lived in the Gaylord School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Norman is totally a college town. The administration is great at OU. There is a lot of school pride, especially during football season. I will never forget my experiences as a student ambassador- especially at the opening of the National Weather Center (I took around the head anchor and VP of The Weather Channel). Dorms are usually a complaint, but they have gotten better.


What's the best thing about OU? The food in town is amazing. We have the best restaurants in the state. Name one thing you'd change. The poor water drainage and the shitty roads. Is your school too large, too small, or just right? It's just fine. How do people react when you tell them you go to OU? Now that I live in NYC they are mostly like, "Oklahoma? weird." Where do you spend most of your time on campus? I didn't spend much time on campus. probably the rock climbing gym or the Journalism building. College town, or "what college town?" What kind of a question is this? college town? duh. What's your opinion of OU's administration? Oh it's fine. no complaints no major praises. Our president was a politician. He runs it like one. He has a nice little group of favorite students each year. Honestly I could care less. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? Well when I was there it was the alcohol policy dry campus and all the bitching and moaning that went on during that whole debacle. A bunch of little babies cried about how they couldn't drink on campus anymore. Most of whom were underage and lived in the dorms anyway. The "strikes" policy was what got on everyone's nerves. Is there a lot of school pride? Does a bear shit in the woods? Is there anything unusual about OU? The weird secret society of Engineers. What's one experience you'll always remember? Anything that happened after 2 a.m. at the duck pond. What are the most frequent student complaints? Probably the roads.


The best thing about OU is the people. They are all pretty friendly and most of them would give you the shirt off their back if you asked for it. The school is the perfect size. It’s big enough so that everyone doesn’t know your business, but small enough that you’ll see someone you know any time you’re on campus. It isn’t intimidating and if you put out the effort, it’s easy to climb to the top of the campus hierarchy. If I tell someone from Oklahoma that I go to OU, I usually get some sort of “Boomer Sooner!” reaction. People in this state are really proud of OU. When I’m on campus I spend most of my time in “The Gay” (The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications). It’s a brand new building with state of the art equipment and relaxing study areas so journalism students never want to leave. They are actually expanding the building in the next few years and it’s going to have an outdoor courtyard, a third-floor terrace, a coffee shop and all sorts of swanky additions. Norman is definitely a college town. There’s always a party going on and the entire state gets into the sports scene. Local Normanites have a pretty healthy relationship with the university. Papa B (President David L. Boren) is a great guy. He’s done so much for OU during his tenure and he’s incredibly friendly. He has this big Santa belly and the jolliest face, it’s hard not to love him. There is a lot of school spirit here. You’ll always see kids wearing Sooner paraphernalia and when our football team goes to bowl games the statues get decorated accordingly. (Before the Orange Bowl, the statues donned orange “pearl” necklaces and before the Sugar Bowl any statue carrying a basket got a sack of sugar.) The most frequent complaints have to be about the drainage issues on campus. No matter the amount of precipitation, campus floods and you basically have to canoe to class. And forget walking through the grass in the North or South Ovals, they turn into marshlands.


The best thing about OU is the strive to grow and suceed to become one of the best universities in the U.S. Every year we are receiving more and more donations to improve each of our schools and are currently building six new buildings on campus. I believe the growth makes OU more attractive. OU is a great sized campus for any individual. It provides a good atmosphere for incoming freshman and is highly recognized in that particular area. It has a very homely and small feel for a campus that is this big. When I always say I go to OU it is always a suprise. Many people ask why? I think OU is a great school on the way up and is starting to get highly recognized professors in many departments. Norman is a college town. During the summer, many people leave and it is a very small town. During school though the city is bustling and has a very good nightlife especially with Oklahoma City so close. Our administration is A class. We have David Boren a former 30 year senator that provide great opportunities and leadership for our campus. Our biggest controversy on campus is how to achieve a green friendly campus. We are try to lead the way in energy management and hope to set an example for universities worldwide. School pride is through the roof and we have tons of pride in our many sports teams and show it every way possible throughout Norman.


Administration is very good, and OU is on the up and up. With that said, OU has some significant hurdles to overcome. As a general rule, the quality of students is fairly low. The university has way too many "gimme-degrees." Football is huge, just don't say anything if the team loses. The best thing about OU is the price; it is cheap as hell and they love to give out scholarships....very segmented student body. Good number of National Merit/full ride students at top, with lots of people at the bottom, and seemingly, no one in between.


Best thing about OU is the deep tradition & the excellence that the university bestows on the value of education. One thing I would change is the parking, parking attendants are really anal. OU is just the right size. People don't react in a negative way when I tell them I am from OU, more in a neutral way. College town for sure, just right out of the big city, but not too far away to be too far. I love OU's administration, David Boren is the best college president in the nation!! Biggest controversy is iSwim, this program that was trying to build a new swimming complex where student parking is. It would have raised tuition and the student body was split half/half on the issue. Tons of school pride! Tradition is a huge thing here, especially among athletics. Nothing really unusual about this campus. I'll remember my time in Delta Delta Delta the most. Greek life is huge here & I really took alot away from it. Frequent student complaints are probably about studying.


The best thing about OU is Saturday's in the Fall. OU's size is great, people in Oklahoma think it's great when I say I go to OU. I spend most of my time in the education building on campus. For a football game there is an insane amount of school pride.