University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I honestly think that anyone can find their place at the University of Oklahoma, but I do acknowledge that my college experience would have been a lot more difficult if I did not have the financial support to back my education and personal endeavors.


I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to attend this school. Saying that, those who have trouble balancing their social life and their academic studies should not enroll in many hours or look for other options. Once you have a good mindset about putting your academics first, you should concider this school.


Though the university is open to a diverse group of individuals, there are some who might not adapt well to the university life. Generally, people who come from small towns to this campus struggle to assimilate into the community because they are used to a smaller environment. When choosing to come here one should be prepared for the culture shock.


For a school that strives on excellence, a student that fails to challenge him/herself continuously should not attend this school. A person that simply does not have the spirit to be happy has no place in this school. What a stereotypical state school is and isn't does not matter; the will to find opportunities and to take advantage of them matters. This, and in addition to any institution, is no place for a student who fail to find and pursue happiness.


Transfer student who is looking to make friends, particularly if focusing on a science based major.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one who is not wanting a big University. University of Oklahoma is very big campus. Although it is a big campus it is very easy to get around and find your way. All of the people are very friendly and willing to help.


Someone who likes a small campus and smaller class sizes.


Anyone who does not like a large campus.


I wouldn't recommed this university for someone who isn't totally serious or fully committed to their studies and their future. We are hard working students who come from all walks of life. We are diverse and we all share an interest in helping others, preserving history, our native cultures, and the environment. We truly care about our futures and want nothing but the best education possible. The students are at the best interest of the professors. We want to do well and succeed and we won't let anyone get in the way.


OU is geared towards students and is very competetive. A student that does not want a close knit community or a strong school identity should not attend this college.


I think any person should attend OU. Any person is capable of an education, and therefore I think that any person of any age or ethnicity should definetly pursure an education at a state university such as OU.


People who have horrible study habits should avoid the University of Oklahoma.


I think the only people who get the most out of this school are those looking for the degrees that OU specializes in such as meteorology, law, and health sciences.


A person who is extremely intent on being a part of a number of organizations should not attend this school. There are more organizations on this campus than even imaginable, and someone who is looking to be a member of every organization possible can be spread too thin and lose interest in their school work, as a consequence of being too involved in extracurricular activities. This person would need to learn how to create a balance to fully develop into a well rounded individual.


I think this school is big enough to have a place for everyone. Extremely liberal people might feel uncomfortable at first, but they will find a group of like-minded people like I did.


A person that is wanting a small, intimate campus experience or that is overwhelmed by a large campus environment.


The only people unsuited for the University of Oklahoma are those not willing to put forth any effort. Those who would violate the dry campus policies and choose never to go to class. This is true of any university. If you are not here to learn, you have no business here.


A person should not come to this school unless they are serious about wanting to learn and work hard. I was a straight A student and very organized and motivated in high school, but honestly I have had to work very hard to keep my A status. Granted, I took some advanced classes such as Calculus 2, but it has been hard work. Also, a person who needs a small close environment and small classes should not come here. Although I have some classes that are small (my English class has 19 people ) there are also classes with 350 people.


I think that it is possible for individuals to succeed in any setting, given determination and drive to do so. The University of Oklahoma was a wonderful educational experience, and it offers diverse extracurricular activities. It has student services for a diverse student populations, therefore enabling students from different backgrounds to succeed.


The University of Oklahoma is a perfect fit for anyone. There are clubs, organizations, classes, sororities, and fraternities for every type of person or interest. Someone who would have a hard time apprectiating diversity might be overwhelmed at OU. There are students and faculty from all over the world on campus, who have contrasting views and backgrounds of others. The diversity on campus is beautiful and someone who is not able to see that might feel uncomfortable.


People who should not attend the University of Oklahoma are people who can not manage their time wisely or who are not willing to work hard in every class.


A person who does not like to be busy would not like the University of Oklahoma. I have first hand experiance with this attribute. My roommate was the type of person who was very introverted and did not like to get out there and be involved. She prefered the solitude of our dorm room to the thriving campus life that the University of Oklahoma has to offer. Sure enough, at the end of our first semester, she packed up and headed back home to Plano, Texas because she didn't like the busy feel of campus.


Oklahoma University is a great school. You can learn a lot of different disciplines at it. Some ones intelligence level is not necessarily why they are a poor fit for OU though. During my first semester I met a girl, who I became friends with. This girl was intelligent, but she is from a small town and a small school. She told me as a child she always wanted to go to OU but now that she was there it was just to big compared to what she is use to. She decided to transfer.


If you aren't going to keep up with studying and put effort into your classes it may not be the school for you. If you don't have any school spirit you might feel out of place.


This school is actually quite diverse with pockets of many different nationalities, religions, and cultures; many organizations exist in an attempt to encourage students to seek a sense of belonging. However, this fact can and often does lead to the formation of separate groups whose members feel so attached to their own group that they look upon others outside the group with less respect. In addition, The University of Oklahoma is a school with over 20,000 students, so small class sizes are not always possible.


The University of Oklahoma is open to all students who meets the requirement. People who are not prideful about their school should not go to the University of Oklahoma. Everyone that I have met here are down to earth with OU.


Any person should attend this school.


Everyone! OU offers something for every kind of person. Greek for the social butterfly. Clubs geared towards majors to learn from individuals in the field. There is somethign for one.


Someone who doesn't like a big school. Someone who isn't serious about studying.


The kind of person would be someone who is lazy and and not willing to work hard for their dream. I say this because they will not last long because it takes someone who is willing to fight hard and work very hard on thier education.


Someone who's not prepared to work hard in school. I found out that college is significantly more difficult than high school and requires alot more time for studying.


One who needs a lot of one on one attention with teachers and expects a small class size.


a person who is not interested in the tradition of the school and hard work.


A person who has school spirit and is committed to learning and working hard!!


Someone who just isn't ready for college.


sorry, i have no idea how to answer this


A person who feels they belong in a small town with not many people...this is not the place for that! Also a person who is not willing to be open-minded about new ideas and other beliefs. We may live in the Bible belt, but that doesn't mean we can't accept other idealisms.


The kind of person who doesn't plan on studying or doesn't like the "big university" feel of a campus would likely do better at a smaller college.


I think that everyone could attend this school. There is not a "type" of person that shouldn't. Everyone can fit in, no matter who they are. I even found a place and I am usually very out of place.




A person that wants opportunity, a good education and cheap tuition.


Greek life is a big part of the University of Oklahoma. I could see someone who wasn't involved in Greek life possibly having a hard time fitting in at first. That doesn't mean they shouldn't go here, though.


Some who loves traditions!


Everyone should attend this school


If you are frightened by large amounts of people or don't make friends easily.


someone who needs to be a big fish in a little pond, needs a lot of individual attention


No one. This school is for everyone.


I hope that each and every person would be able to attend and feel welcomed!!