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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Looking back in my high school years I would do many things differently. For starters I would have paid allot more attention in my classes, particularly math. It's hard to grasp the importance of some subjects being a fist generation college student, life came fist for me! My parents never even asked if I was going to attend college! Like me they thought college was just out of our reach. Personally I never had a high school senior year, after talking to my dean I enrolled in sufficient courses to graduate in three years. Like I said I never saw high school as a source of life enrichment, so I just got a diploma as a backup plan, rather than a degree. Looking back I don’t regret the decision because working labor intensive positions prior to attending college woke me up to the demands of a management positions. From that experience I was able to enroll in a community college to acquire those talents increasing personal value and productivity, to better fit the modern work force.


If I could go back in time I would tell my high school senior self that I have a lot of growing up to do before I will be ready for college. I would advise myself to get some life experience and join the military or join a volunteer program before going to college. I went to college right out of high school and had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. Unfortunately I did not do well and failed most of my classes. I then gave school a break and worked for several years. After being mature enough to realize how important education is in order to advance in the workforce I decided to give school another try. I have been back in school for three years now and am a consistent 4.0 student, but my transcript from when I originally went to college right out of high school still haunts me.


I would advise myself to get more excited about school again because the work load in college requires the drive to do well. I would suggest that I take more time in making new friends or getting involved in more organizations. Having lived in the same town my whole life and continuing to attend college here, it would have been helpful to meet more new people, rather than sticking with the people I already knew. I might have also advised myself to strive to move out of state or at least away from home. The transition from high school to college was very easy for me and I honestly wish I would have challenged myself a little more to branch out and grow. I would advise myself further to realize that everything in life changes including your friends, yourself and the way you see the world, and to be more ready for that. Lastly, I would advise myself to constantly remember why I want to attend college because it will be worth it all in the end. Positivity, and hard work in college is the key to success.


Life happens, and it happens in the most incredible of ways, but also in the most unlikely and devastating of ways. No matter what, you have to embrace it and understand opposition is just reassurance that you are exactly where you are suppose to be. Had I known senior year that it would be my last year to have my mom in my life, I would have dedicated more time to spend with her and hearing about things like childhood memories and advice on things to save for the future about marriage and raising kids. Seek wisdom and help when you need it as well as fruitful relationships. I encourage the building of relationships with the people that surround you, whether it is your hall mates or professors; the relationships that surround you daily and the people who will help you carry the things that life brings. Seize any opportunity that comes your way and do not be afraid to challenge yourself with new experiences because failure does not define you by a letter grade, but by self-disappointment in what you did not attempt. Remember that light does not shine in light, but illuminates in darkness.


The only advice that I can give to a know-it-all 17 year old is to follow your heart. Right now you can't decide on which degree to earn and you aren't sure which career will make you happiest. You may think a job is just to pay the bills but you won't be satisfied unless your career meets your ideals. High school does not teach you how to capture your dreams, it only gives you a foundation from which you can stand. In college you will learn about yourself, your dreams, and your abilities. You might think you know all you need to succeed; however, an education is what you really need.


I know you have spent the last four years with the same friends and in the same crowded place. I know that you're a bit terrified of all of the changes that are going to come with this transition and how out of place and alone you might feel. You don't need to be afraid! Change is a constant part of life, and getting used to it is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. You will make friends and you will find your classes and you'll have a great time. Don't be afraid of this opportunity because it is going to be one of the best experiences of your life.


Hey Salena!! Look I know you really don’t want to go to college but guess what? If you don’t the next five years will be a constant battle for you! You will be working 60hr. weeks ,trying to maintain bills and fell like your stuck in a dead end job.After about your fifth year you will then decide it’s time and felt as you let time pass you by. Now I know how much you don’t like to waste time and I also know if a good opportunity comes along you will take it because you have never been afraid of a challenge or change.You will meet amazing people,I know your a people person too which makes it that much more convincing.You will be a happier person with your life and enjoy it to the fullest,so instead of working that dead end job for the rest of you life go to college and a get a degree in Criminal Justice like you always wanted.I Gotta run! But I know you will make the right decision. Love always, Your self 5 years later


Stop giving all of your money to your alcoholic mother. Place it in a money market or stock and save it for college. Also, apply for OLAP and take the SAT.


Never neglect your studies and take part in as much volunteer activities as you can. If you ask any questions always ask from someone who knows the answer.


As a senior I wish I had known how important it is to get involved with your school from the beginning. Even now, I remember downplaying it in my head - my friends were attending the social events and information sessions on campus, and I can remember thinking that I would be just fine without attending. Sometimes I can be a little socially awkward, and I let that control my actions at the time. In reality, getting involved in college is not only easy and fun, but necessary from the get-go. Campus life is truly a unique and living creature, and it is important to be immersed in it as soon as possible; it is not nearly as terrifying as people like myself seem to believe. These days I adventure out of my room more often than I ever thought I would, just for the sake of seeing new faces and exchanging words with all manner of people. In college it is important to never allow fear to limit your interactions, whether they are purely social or educational, too. Whatever camps and seminars are available, grab them for all they are worth: transition is one hundred percent easier with friends.


Other than attending a few camps during the summer, I never ventured far from home. If I could change anything, I would have attended more College camps out of the state of Texas. The National Youth Leadership Forum On Medicine in Houston, Texas was a great experience as well as The Texas Honors Leadership Program at Lamar University but ; neither prepared me to be away from home for a lengthy period of time. I am eight hours away from my family and I miss them beyond what I ever imagined. I admire my Mom because she has always been open and honest with me about life lessons. With all that drama of the divorce, health issues and financial struggles, Mom survived. She overcame all the obstacles that tried to drag her down. She has consistently instilled in my sister and I, that life is what you make it. You must let go and let God. Because my Mom chose to be strong and never gave up no matter how bad the circumstances, I ascertain that although I am lonesome for “home” I can and will conquer any obstacles that come my way including the distance that exist between us.


Start at a community college and just focus on getting your basics out of the way first. It is so much cheaper and also gives you enough time to make sure you know exactly what you want to do. Knowing what you want to do can also save you a lot of money as well as time because most college students do change their degrees at least once. Focus, go the extra mile for the A, don't procrastinate so much, and finish as soon as you can.


I would have told myself to devote more time to studying instead of having too much fun, and I would have told myself to be more social. It's so easy to find friends in college, but they're not going to just walk into your lap, you have to go out and look. Along with that, you can't have too much of a social life in college. You need to have a delicate balance between having fun and working. Not work in the sense of having a job, but working to keep your grades up. You have to do your homework, and you have to study for tests. Those late-night outings with your friends will seriously affect your sleep and you need a lot of sleep. Also, I would tell my senior self not to worry so much. Worrying only creates stress. You need to live life, not worry about how to live it. A little spontaniety is good for the soul.


The advice I would give myself about the transition is that it is hard. You miss your home, friends, and family alot. However, you cannot just stay in your room and wallow by yourself. You have to get out and make friends and do stuff. College is all about new experiences and most of them are really great ones. Try new things, talk to new people! You will regret it if you do not.


If I could give myself any advice on making the transition from high school to college easier, I would tell myself to hit the ground walking briskly, not sprinting. It is easy for me to want to jump into things and sell my soul to them, but after making D's on my first two college exams, I quickly learned that college is an entirely different league in terms of academic rigor. I would tell my high school self to not go into college with the mindset that life is one big party; instead, allocate a set amount of time to study, and use social activities and campus involvement as a reward for completing those study hours. The entire point of college is to earn a degree, and I wish I would have gone into the college with that focus at the forefront of my mind, instead of somewhere in the middle. Luckily, I learned quickly. However, I would have had to overcome far fewer odds if I would have made the decision to put my studies first from the beginning.


Go into college open minded--about your major, future career, classes you may like, people you might get along with. You will learn more from the people you meet than the classes you take during your freshman year, so be friendly to everyone--you never know who or what you may discover. People are going to be really different from you. Learn from that, but never assume that you have to be more like them or change who or what you are to fit in. Stand true to who you are and what you think. Ask for advice, but take it all with a grain of salt. This the the part of life where you make choices that shape the rest of your life. Think through the consequences of all your choices. And don't be afraid of stretching beyond your comfort zone.


Be excited! There are so many opportunites knocking at your door, take advantage of as many as you possibly can. Join clubs and get involved in campus activities. Try new things and take classes that suit you. Keep an open mind. Make and keep good relationships with your professors and peers. Participate in psychological experiments, you'll have to at some point. Attend guest speaker lectures. Attend class every day and don't be late. Keep up with your schedule, making time for work, school, and your social life. Don't forget about your family, they miss you, so keep in touch with them. Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy. Get plenty of exercise by using the campus fitness center. Tour the library and learn where academic resources are located. Don't procrastinate. Have fun!


If I were to go back to my highschool years and do things over, although not the only thing but the main one would be to take the ACT and take concurrent classes. I think it would have helped if I had accepted things like being in Who's Who, but I was unable to meet the dues at the time. I would tell my former self to have gotten involved with even one thing like volunteering or an organization and run with it. I am well pleased with how things have panned out however. I worked hard and got my Associates right after highschool then spent a year traveling Europe and working and am now going back to get my Bachelors. The only thing is that is is hard to remember accomplishments that I did in highschool.


I would advise myself to take certain classes, try harder, and to just work more. I could have easily done better in high school than I did. I became apathetic, as many students do, and did not apply myself. If I could talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to achieve as much as possible so that I could be happier down the road. Though I appreciate learning from mistakes, to be able to reverse a few I have made could make all the difference in the world. I would also tell myself to apply to more schools and follow my heart through a college search.


If I could go back I would tell myself that I should always be confident and strong in my decisions. I would remind myself to take every moment with my family that I can and, appreciate the time you get to spend with them. I would also like to be able to tell myself that I will be ok on my own and, that I can be responsible for myself and my grades. One thing I would remind myself over and over again is to reach out make many versatile friends and to remember I am at school to learn and my studies take priority. I would lastly tell myself to not be afraid to do things alone and enjoy them because it’s healthy and you will later find it enjoyable.


My college experience has not been very long, but I have learned a lot so far. I have learned to get along with other people, some of whom have very different views and lifestyles in both a school and living environments. Another thing I have gained is independence. I am now making decisions on my own and having to manage my time well. Luckily, I came into college with good organizational and time management skills and as I have been here they have grown rapidly. I am enjoying college and gaining more knowledge with each new experience it throws my way.


Some people say a college degree is an expensive piece of paper that says you can handle learning. To some extent it is. For me though, what I've gotten out of my college experience that seems most important isn't related to the classroom. I'm a six hour drive from my home, my parents and my old friends. All sense of familiarity disappeared when my parents left me here. I thought I was an independent individual and that I could handle being on my own. I had no idea what I was in for, what indepence truly felt like. I've had struggles, the same as any student. I've had to find my own meals, find a job, find a plan for the day, the week, the month and find the motivation to wake up and go to class - all without the support of my family or the friends I've grown up with. I've learned about independence and how much resposibilty comes with it, but I've also learned about the strength of my own determination. The value in attending college for me? That would be the wakeup call about life and the self-insight.


Being away from school, I have grown up more than I ever thought I would. I have learned how to manage my time, money, and friends. You meet tons of people and all are great. It is a great place to be and something that I will love the rest of my life. The University of Oklahoma is the place for me and wouldn't change a thing I did.


Within the last semester, I have grown tremendously as a person. I have developed a sense of independence, responsibility, and a productive means of studying. Living away from home has given me the opportunity to reflect on myself as a person. In this way, I can rely on myself with more confidence to make important decisions such as what I should major in or what career paths are valid and desirable options for me. Not only have I grown as a person, I have also grown as a student. Never in my life have I worked so hard in a class while achieving gratifying grades, particularly attaining the 4.0 I have longed for. Overall, my college experience has enabled me to develop my current and new personality characteristics as well as proficient study habits.


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is independence. Living on my own and being in charge of every aspect of my life is truly eye opening. I feel that through this I have become much more responsible and aware of my choices and actions. From budgeting to time management, I have begun to realize how dependent I once was. Since coming to school and getting away from all the people that willingly took care of me and at times coddled, I have been able to spread my wings and have started becoming my own person. I can decide what I eat, when I fall asleep, study schedules, and even whether or not to go to class. Sometimes this new found freedom is a little terrifying, it is a quick eye opener to the real world and what lies ahead only in larger doses. However, despite these fears and concerns I am fully prepared to continue to grow as a person by being able to be in charge of myself. College has done wonders for my confidence, responsibility, and escpeially my willingness to try new things, like joining a new club.


I have gained a great amount of knowledge during my first semester as a college student. Some of this knowledge has been academic in nature, some has been emotional, yet all of it has grown me as a person. I believe the most important thing that I have learned is to dream big. College is a place to forget who you had to be in high school and discover who you want to be for the rest of your life. It is a place where skills are uncovered and dreams are discovered, a place where you can choose to be whatever you want to be when you grow up. I start this semester with inspiration from the last, and a new found understanding of myself. I have dreams of who I want to be and what I want to do, and I am striving to attain the skills I need to do just that. I don't believe I could have become the person I am today without attending college. It has truly been the greatest step of my life.


I have gotten experience out of college. So far, I know exactly what to do and not do in pursuit of my career. I know to always ask questions, always attend class, and always study extra. Never drink before a test, never drink before class, and never drink alone. Don't isolate yourself or your friends. These are all general school or life lessons, but the point is I learned them at my college. I will use these lessons in life well. For example, I won't be afraid to ask questions about a project in my career, I will never use my sick days when I'm not sick, and I will always try my hardest at work. I will never drink on the job or alone. I might have learned these lessons anywhere else, but I didn't. I learned these lessons at my college.


I recently returned to college after an eighteen year hiatus to have my seven beautiful children. I have enjoyed the rewards of achievement, completed two online courses with A, and disappointment, dropped two courses due to medical issues. I have pushed through the stress and conquered my own defeatism, enabling me to continue my educational journey. OU has been extremely flexible and has encouraged me to reach my dreams of a college degree. My advisors and instructors have spurred me on to explore my potential and to broaden my horizons. I have always enjoyed learning, but had forgotten just how invigorating it could be. I had to tame my voracious appetite for information just to concentrate on my course work. It has brought new light and energy to my life. I have also been able to inspire my children to attend college and gained a new perspective as they approach this same journey. I feel I can better assist them in maneuvering through the maze of college and academic choices ahead. I have become better prepared to advocate for them in the coming years. Overall, my recent college experience has widened my personal perspective and cemented my confidence in myself.


I am just getting started. I have chose the path of an online schooling. It is most convenient for me. I am the first in my family and the only girl out of five brothers, so I have alot to push for. I am very competitive and I believe the only way to survive in the world any more is to get your self a degree. I need help in financing my funds to get me through this journey. It won't be easy to get through. However it's a must, like breathing. I want to be able to give my children things that i never had. Maybe when they grow up I will have knowledge on how to get started in finding your career. I want to feel like I have a path to continue on instead of crossing over the mountains. Personal training will get me my path! Thank you!


Thus far in my college experience I have benefited from being in college in so many ways. Being in college has lit a passion for learning in me. I have become even more passionate about my field of study than when I began classes. I have also found new passions and interests such as philosophy that as a science major, I never thought I would enjoy. It has been so incredibly valuable for me to attend college becuase it has given me a direction and a goal to work towards. It has created in me a new sense of responsiblity and an even greater work ethic. Being in college has made me realize how much I love school and learning and has encouraged me to do my best and work hard not only in school but in every aspect of my life. My college experience has given me the priceless gift of the love of learning.


I have become more wise by attending college. I've learned that in order to survive in the "real world" you have to have strong communication skills and most importantly an education. Attending college has allowed me to learn more about not only my futrure plans of becoming a Pediatrician but what it is like to really become an adult. My difficult courses has taught to better manage my time and figure out what tasks should be my priority. Being a college student is quite expensive so i have also learned how to manage my money and search for other resources that can help me reach my goals finacially. I would recommend that every young person attend college. Yes it is stressful and challenging but it is truly worth it!


I have learned SO much during my journey through college, and its not over yet! I have learned that I can go far in life with a good attitude and a passion for what I am doing. I learned that oftentimes all it takes is a little extra effort and I can succed beyond my own expectations. I learned that trying to be perfect is a waste of time, obsessing over every mistake and problem only drags you deeper into failure. Life will always throw hills and valleys in my way. It's my desicion whether I rise above or stay down. College has taught me that I need to be self reliant, but to never forget that true friends are a real treasure! I have learned so much already in my adventure through college, and I haven't finished yet!


College has taught me more about myself than any book or professor ever could. College requires hard work and determination from people who do not always have it. If they motivate themself to put forth the hard work and determination in order to succeed in college, than he/she will adapt to their new way and become successful throughout life. The value that college has is unimaginable until one experiences it for themself. How can anyone complain about a time in their life when they meet a variety of new friends all while becoming not only a better student but a better person as well. College has given me rebirth to my future. My study habits from high school to college changed dramatically as well the difficulty of my major because of the fact that college taught me that when I put forth all my effort, I can achieve anything that I want.


Attending Prince Georges Community College has being such an incredible experience in my life. Attending Prince Georges Community College has taught me to educate, empower, and embrace other people as they work hard to become someone successful in life. With its very diverse population, PGCC has provided me with an opportunity to work and interact with students and faculty members from different walks of life. PGCC has provided me with skills not only valuable to becoming a dignified lawyer, but also skills that would help me in any situation life presents to me. The exceptional curriculum and extracurricular activities Prince Georges has and offers respectively, has enabled me to be active in school and to chose from a variety of courses and activities. Prince Georges has made paying for college very easy for me. It offers great financial opportunities; so I don’t have to worry about paying for school. Additionally, this various opportunities and lifelong lessons will help me achieve my goals and future career in life. All told, at Prince Georges Community College, I have learnt that, college is not all about education, but also about the people you meet on your journey to being successful in life


Since I am an incoming freshman in college, I have yet to have a full grasp on the college life. But so far, I have been able to change my study skills for the better and balance out my academics along with my social life. I think college has also really helped me find and narrow down the kind of career or job field that would be most suitable for me. By being exposed to different areas of studies along with school organizations, I have not only been able to decide of a career but I have also been able to establish myself as a person. If college has been groundbreaking for me in the first semester, I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in these next upcoming years.


I have gotten so much information and experience! I have learned a lot and am on my way to becoming a great professional


I have recieved many friends of many ethnic backgrounds. I have also gained a complex knowledge of the college life in general. I have learned from many lessons, good and bad. Without attending colege I feel I would not have matured as fast as I did. Attending college has made me understand myself and my surroundings even more. I study better, and actually enjoy learning now. I am still in my early stages of my academic career, and expect to learn much much more in the future.


My college experience has started off to be a great one. I have been given a second chance to prove that I am able to achieve greatness, or close to it. In high school I was never noticed to be anything better than average, but once attending college, I was told to be inspirational. I finally for the first time in my life felt like I had a purpose to achieve what I planned to achieve. I was given recognition to by all my teachers for being one of their top students. It's been a very valuable experience to attend college since I am achieving my goals and being the best that I can be. There are also many offers available on campus that I plan on taking advantage of. Many people think that the community college is the second option, but for me it was the first. Community colleges have many to offer and I am happy I attended one, because it has given me a chance to shine.


I did it! I am graduating very soon. The most valuable thing I have gotten out of my time here at OU is learning time, money, and stress management. Attending the university has affected all three of these areas of my life. There were times where I didn’t think I would make it to graduation, and it was those times that when I dug a little deeper into my well of willpower I found that I had enough strength to continue after all. The real value, I think, comes from being able to push myself beyond what was comfortable for me, and beyond what I thought my capabilities were. I determined myself that failure was simply not an option. I may not have gotten the highest grades by far, but I feel I did do my best and worked very hard to get to this point. I can’t say I deserve this scholarship more than anyone else, but I strongly believe I am not undeserving either. I am grateful for my college experience and the opportunity to voice it here. Thank you!


What I have gotten out of college is that your are in the real world now. Students do not have their parents to wake them up for school or to tell them what they need to do before the next day. College shows you many things that can stop a person from achieving a goal as in procrastination, hanging with friends, a job, etc. , however, there are also good things out of it. Individuals finally living on there own, having responsibility, joining clubs and sports, being part of an active community, and making new friends. Most importantly, one gets the value of education and obtains knowledge that is very valuable to the world.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that you have to push yourself hard to achieve what you are working for. I think that going to a college is a very big stepping stone in your life. You are at the point in your life where you are making a decision that will merely decide if you are going to make it in the real world outside of your comfort zone. College allows for additional growth and development. It has been valuable for me to attend because I have learned numerous things already that will help me in the long run in the future. I will be prepared for what I strive to do and what I want to be.


I graduated a year early from high school to head off to college. My college experience has been eye-opening in that I have learned better study habits and the importance of organization far beyond my preparation in high school. I have learned that I am one of many students at a large campus and have learned to be responsible for myself and how to function in a large sub community with many multi-cultural individuals. I have also learned how to communicate with professors at a professional level and how to solve issues with a large administration when dealing with financial aid and the business office. I feel that all these experieces are yet another stepping stone to my future. My goal is to study medicine and I feel these life experiences are all great preparation for what any individual experiences in a job, family and when dealing with a crisis. My university puts a heavy emphasis on community service and I have explored and participated in many community projects thus making me a more well-rounded individual and giving me a better understanding of the trial that other face in life.


Although , I am still a first semester freshman, being in college is teaching me the value of an education. Every day, I am surrounded by intelligent, educated people who come from far and near, and I am introduced to different cultures and lifestyles. With an education, I am able to look past my upbringing, and try my best to learn, and understand other people's cultures. As a person with a strong ethnic background, I am included in the many people with different cultures. Therefore, I perfectly understand how important it is for one's culture to be understood, if not accepted. Being in college enables me to share my culture with others, as well as learn new things from them. It also allows me to work with them, regardless of any differences that might exist between us. I am able to view the similarities between a large number of people, and use it to my advantage, especially when it comes to helping out the campus community. With an education, any ignorance or intolerance of different races and cultures I might have is eliminated due to my increased education of the people around me.


The most valuable thing I've gotten out of college so far is a deeper understanding of the world outside academia, ironically. I used to exist in what felt like a small bubble all throughout high school. I didn't realize how competitive the world really is. I thought I would become a rock star and live happily ever after. When I arrived in college, it was a rude awakening because I was surrounded by students that were just as academically achieved as I was. I realized I needed to improvise a practical plan instead of just hoping success would fall into place. This experience in college has made me realized you have to actively plan your own future and then go after what you want. I've also obtained a greater awareness of the world outside of Oklahoma City. Through the international speakers and foreign exchange students I've encountered while at college, I feel like I can relate more to people from other countries. They've exposed me to opinions that I never would've considered had I not went to college. Engaging with them has given me a desire to go overseas to study.


I have gotten the chance to pursue my dream to be in the medical field. I would like to continue schooling to become a registered nurse once i am done with this medical assistant program. I have gotten to meet great people and learn so many things that i did not know before i came here. Now when someone in my family gets hurt they immideatly call me to ask my opinion on what to do. I will be the first college graduate once i am done here and that means more to me than anything. It has been more than valuable to attend because not only have i come one step closer to my dream career but I have expanded my knowledge.


My college experience allows me to meet so many new people and make great connections. I have learned so much about myself by just being around other people who have different views than I do and haviong discussions. College has shown me that I can complete difficult tasks and manage my time very effectively while also having a lot of fun being involved in different activities and organizations, such as American Institute of Architecture Students that goes along with my major in architecure. It has been exceptionally valuable to attend because I have learned how to be independent in taking care of myself and testing my abilities in a wide range of studies. I have learned so much about so many different disciplines that it has expanded my understanding of the world to a whole new level. College has also encouraged me to go out and meet new people and also to strive to study abroad in order to obtain a more global view. This is the kind of experience a person cannot get anywhere else and I feel it has been vitally important in helping me have a better understanding of myself and the world in which I live.


In my first quarter of my freshman year of college at the University of Oklahoma I have gained discipline to dedicate my time and effort to my classes. I failed a few quizes and exmas before I realized that the myth that college is not like high school and you actually have to study, was true. College is a wake up call. I discipline myself because I want to be what I am capable of doing. I am truly greatful for the opportunity I have to be coming here.


I have lerned to comunicate more effectively, how to lead student organizations, how to work well with others, as well as increacing my skills and knowledge in areas in and out of my chosen degree field.


As a full time student and a full time federal employee it goes without saying that I have endured numerous headaches, sleepless "study" nights, and my fair share of nauseating stomach pains associated with too much coffee. In all actuality it has equipped me with priceless, sometimes redundant, knowledge that I will certainly need for my future academic and professional goals. I have also learned that after six years in military service I have matured beyond my years, often finding myself wondering how some students my age even manage to get their shoes on in the morning. Despite all the headaches, sleepless nights, and nausea, I know that I will one day be glad that I have endured, and will be ecstatic when that graduation day comes. I will be the first person in my immediate family to have graduated from college, so the most excitement will come when mailing my parents the invitations to attend my graduation and knowing how proud they are. It is a privilege and an honor to attend college and you cannot place a monetary value on the knowledge obtained, so I can safely say that my attendance has been invaluable.


Attending college has given me, a 26-year-old mother of three, the chance to pursue my dreams. I currently work as an instructional designer designing e-learning and traditional workplace training and educational materials. I am interested in economics and I am attending college in order to get a bachelors degree, and eventually a doctorate, in economics. After graduating I am planning on combining both my interest in economics and my interest in education together into one career by either going into academia or into private-sector financial training. I started my undergraduate coursework at the Community College of Baltimore County and I am looking forward to continuing on to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in the spring. Starting at a community college has given me a convenient and low-cost start to my education. Overall the professors at the college have been excellent and I have enjoyed learning both from them and the other students. I am hoping that my transition to the University of Maryland will lead to higher-level learning and more great experiences from interacting with both faculty and students.